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12 Strand Am Steel Blue Whoopie Sling Splice


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                        whoopie sling 12-strand tenex & Tenex-Tec

NOTE: These instructions are intended for use with Samson's Tenex and                                             cut lengths for slings:
Tenex-TEC (2 end per carrier Tenex). Published Whoopie Sling strengths are                                          Rope        Cut               Sling Adjusts
for Samson's Tenex-TEC when spliced in accordance with these instructions.                                          Size        Length            From/To

                                                                                            All slings use           1/2"         10'               30" to 48"
                                                                                        same measurements
                                                                                                                     5/8"         12'               36" to 60"

                                                                                         with proper size
                                                                                                         fid.        3/4"         15'               42" to 72"
            splicing fixed eye
                                                                                                                            Fid short section

                         A           B

                                                                                                                                        1/2 Fid
                1 Fid        1 Fid

          Using these measurements do the Locked Brummel Splice. Directions are as follows...

1A      Leave tail at full volume. Just cut end at
        an angle, then tape.
                                                                                1B      Pass taped end through center
                                                                                        of rope at Mark B. Do not bury
                                                             Eye                        Mark A, leave on entry side of
                                                                                        standing rope.
                                                                       1 Fid                                                                                     B

                                                         A         B                                                                A
                                                     1 Fid

1C      Pass the opposite end through the center of
        the tail approximately 2 picks from where it
                                                                                1D      Close up Brummel.

        exits the standing rope.

                    1E        To bury the tail into the standing end, make a mark
                              approximately 2 picks from where the standing part                  Mark C
                              passes through the tail (Mark C). This will be the tail             (entry point)
                              entry point. From Mark C, measure down the stand-
                              ing part 1 fid length and make Mark D. Insert fid and
                              tapered tail at C and bring out at D. Remove fid and
                                                                                                  1 Fid
                              smooth the standing part out, which will bury the
                              entire tail.

                                                                                                 Mark D

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                whoopie sling 12-strand tenex & Tenex-Tec

        c r e at i n g a d j u s ta b l e l o o p

              From Mark D measure 1-1/4 fids and make
              Mark E.

              Attach end of rope to a fid and pass the
              fid and tail in at Mark E and out of Mark D.
                                                                                   Fixed Eye

                                                                                                                                  Fids      E

              Pull the tail end through the buried portion             Fixed Eye
              and leave the tail exposed.                                                                                1-1/4
                                                                                          C                              Fids         E

        back splicing the end
       From the unspliced end of the rope, measure 1/2 fid
       then measure a fid short section. Use these marks to do
       a Back Splice as follows:

       3a     Insert the end of the rope in at the 1/2 fid mark
              and out at the short section mark.

                                                                                                        Short section of fid      1/2 Fid

                                             Short section
                                             of fid

                                                             1/2 Fid

       3b     Pull firmly on the tail until the "eye" completely closes.

       3c     Grasp the "butt" of the splice and milk back towards
              exit point.


       3D     Mark the tail at the exit point. Pull the tail out slightly
              and cut off at an angle.

                                      3E       Re-milk to bury tail.

                                                                                         COMPLETED WHOOPIE SLING

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