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' Force 10 Water Heater Manual'

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Electric Water MANUAL
23080 HAMILTON ROAD RICHMOND BC CANADA V6V 1C9 TEL 604 5220233 FAX 604 your water Heater is Damaged or you have questions regarding installation
performance or operation please contact Force 10 Marine Customer Service at or you for selecting a Force 10 Marine Electric Water Heater Your unit
was carefully inspected and tested at our factory We take pride in producing one of the finest Water Heaters for marine use Please take the time to
read this manual carefully many of its instructions are essential to the safe operation of your unit Because of the continuing refinement of our
product designs your Water Heater may possess features not discussed in the manual We have tried to supply all the information you might need so
please take time to read this manual before using your Water Heater Force 10 advises strongly against unauthorized modification of this product but we
do encourage you to correct problems which may arise Please make note of the model and serial number of your Water Heater for future reference Model
Serial or advice by Force 10 Marine Company or any of its employees is given with the understanding that it is solely as an accommodation to the
customer and should not be relied upon by the customer without an independent verification of its applicability to the customers particular SAFETY
using electrical appliances basic safety precautions to reduce the risk of fire electric shock or injury to persons should be followed including
Read all Instructions before Operating This water heater must be grounded Connect only to properly grounded circuit Install or locate this water
heater only in accordance with the provided installation instructions Use this water heater only for its intended use as described in this manual Do
not use an extension cord set with this water heater
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Do not operate this water heater if it has a damaged power line if it is not working properly or if it has been damaged or dropped This water heater
should be serviced only by qualified service personnel Contact nearest authorized service facility for examination repair or This is an electrical
appliance that requires a specific energy source Each unit is manufactured to run on either 120 OR 240 volt circuitry Be sure you have purchased the
correct unit based on your power source This heater is equipped with a heat exchanger so that the water may be heated by the coolant from your engine
This may cause the water temperature to get excessively hot unless your unit is equipped with a Temperature Control Valve which holds the temperature
at approximately 140 deg F Do not operate this water heater if there is damage to the heater or if not performing properly Contact Force 10 for
assistance The tank and heat exchanger are aluminum Do not use any chemicals in the heat exchanger that may cause damage to it Use only the engine
recommended coolant Do not use raw water in heat exchanger circuit Damage caused by a damaging chemical or salt reaction is not covered under gas is
produced in a hot water system served by this heater that has not been used for a long period of time 2 weeks or more Hydrogen gas is extremely
flammable To reduce the risk of injury under these conditions it is recommended that the hot water faucet be opened for several minutes at the kitchen
sink before using any electrical appliance connected to the hot water system When hydrogen is present there will probably be an unusual sound such as
air escaping through the pipe as the water begins to flow There should be no smoking or open flame near the faucet at the time it is open NOTE Small
DC electric currents move between boat and shore through the safety ground wire in the shore cord causing galvanic damage to your water heater To
prevent galvanic damage this product should be used in conjunction with a galvanic isolator These devices are inexpensive and easily installed
Galvanic corrosion is not covered by 2 of 10 To reduce the risk of excessive pressures and temperatures in this water heater install temperature and
pressure protective equipment required by local codes and no less than a combination temperature and pressure relief valve certified by a nationally
recognized testing laboratory that maintains periodic inspection of production of listed equipment or materials as meeting the requirements for Relief
Valves and Automatic Gas Shutoff Devices for Hot Water Supply Systems ANSI Z21221986 This valve must be marked with a maximum set pressure not to
exceed the marked maximum working pressure of the water heater Install the valve into an opening provided and marked for this purpose in the water
heater and orient it or provide tubing so that any discharge from the valve exits only within 6 inches above or at any distance below the structural
floor and does not contact any live electrical part The discharge opening must not be blocked or reduced in size under any For your convenience this
device has already been installed on you unit MOUNTING 1 If you are using the heat exchange feature locate the water heater as close to the engine as
possible The heat exchanger port or TCV inlet if equipped must be lower that the coolant output port of the engine 2 Your unit is equipped with
mounting brackets located either on the sides of the tank or the front and back of the tank Use stainless steel screws to securely fasten the heater
PLUMBING 1 Connect cold water supply and hot water outlet to the heater as indicated on the front of the tank The tank is supplied with 12 NPT Female
fitting Force 10 recommends the installation of a check valve on the cold water inlet Seal all pipe fittings with Teflon tape or Loctite thread
sealant Thermal Expansion When a Water Heater is installed in a closed watersupply system such as one having a back flow preventer in the cold water
supply means shall be provided to control thermal expansion 2 The heat exchanger inlet or TVC inlet if equipped and the outlet is a 58 hose barb
fitting Connect hoses to the hose barb fitting using stainless steel hose clamps 3 If your unit is equipped with a TCV Temperature Compensation Valve
the coolant loop to the water heater exchanger must be an auxiliary loop in the engine coolant circulation system The TCV can not be installed inline
with the engine coolant system Figure 1 on page 5
Page 3 of 10 CONNECTIONS Standard model without TCV
4 2 3 1
1 2 3 4
Cold Water In Drain Valve Heat Exchanger Inlet Heat Exchanger Return 5 SRV 6 Hot Water Out
Model with TCV
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Cold Water In Drain Valve Heat Exchanger Inlet Heat Exchanger Return SRV Hot Water out TCV TCV Adjustment Nut
4 A Temperature Pressure relief valve SRV is factory installed A drain hose should be installed to comply with ABYC standards Section H23 23742 in
the Installation of Potable Water Systems chapter Due to thermal expansion the SRV may weep slightly This is normal 1 Remove the AC wiring access
cover by unscrewing the screw at the top of the cover The bottom is held in by a tab The tab should be between the front case and the insulation 2
Connect the electrical supply by a qualified electrician The electrical supply shall be armored cable or conduit per NEC code ANSINFPA 701993 See
figure 2 on page 7 for Wiring Diagrams Note Wiring diagram is located on the inside of the removable access panel
Page 5 of 10 Connect Line Hot to the pigtail wire coming from the High Temperature Limiter Connect the Neutral to the unused screw terminal on the
heating element marked with a white N 4 A strain relief should be installed in the hole on the front of the access panel to secure the AC wire 5
Ground the water heater using the ground connection screw on the inside of the access cover Do not use a switch in the grounding circuit ELECTRICAL
POWER NUETRAL HEATER ELEMENT 6 11 20 Gallon 120VAC 1500W PN 14121 240VAC 1500W PN 14122 5 Gallon 120VAC 1500W PN 141215 240VAC 1500W PN 141225
Page 6 of 10 WIRE
DO NOT CONNECT LINE HOT DIRECTLY TO THE When the Water Heater is operating from the AC Power water temperature in the tank is regulated at 140 deg F
60 deg C The thermostat is HEAT EXCHANGER When the Water Heater is operating from the Heat Exchanger water temperature in the tank will approach the
temperature of the engine coolant If the Heater is equipped with a Temperature Control Valve TCV the water temperature in the tank will be regulated
at approximately 140 deg F 60 deg C The Temperature Control Valve TCV regulates the flow of coolant through the Heat Exchanger by sensing the output
temperature of the water in the tank As the output water temperature rises the thermal actuator closes the valve and restricts the coolant flow
through the Heat Exchanger limiting the water temperature to approximately 140 deg F 60 deg F When the output water temperature cools the valve opens
and allows engine coolant to flow through the heat 7 of 10 1 Completely fill the tank and entire water system Flush water through the tank to
eliminate any trapped air 2 Check all connections for leaks 3 Apply power to the Water Heater and check to ensure the water is hot The water will meet
maximum temperature within 2 hour Caution Do not operate water heater without the heating element submerged in water MAINTENANCE 1 Disconnect AC Power
prior to draining the water system 2 Flush Tank periodically 3 If the temperature in the tank environment is going to drop below 32 deg F 0 C drain
the tank to prevent freezing and possible SHOOTING output from the tank Water does not get hot when plugged into AC Lock in the system High Limiter
switch has tripped Failed Thermostat Element has burned all the water lines Cycle AC Power Replace Thermostat Replace Element Install Expansion tank
Lift leaver to flush valve and reseat Tighten the collar hex nut on the TCV Replace O Ring Replace TCV Replace TCV
Water Dripping from SRV
Thermal Expansion Valve poppet not seated from TCV Connection Bad seal
Leak from TCV vent hole
Failed temperature sensor seal Leaking shaft seal
Page 8 of 10 Capacity Tank Material Case Material Weight Dry 5 Gallon Aluminum Stainless Steel 22 lb
406XXX 6 Gallon Aluminum Stainless Steel 25 lb
411XXX 11 Gallon Aluminum Stainless Steel 30 lb
418XXX 20 Gallon Aluminum Stainless Steel 47 lb
Overall Size including mounting plate WDH
Front Back Mount Front Back Mount w TCV Side Mount Side Mount w TCV Cross Mount
NA NA 155 165 136 155 1675 136 NA
136 20 136 136 205 136 155 195 136 155 20 136 NA
16 225 16 16 23 16 1875 215 16 1875 22 16 NA
NA NA NA NA 1875 1875 Heat Exchanger Location Electrical Rating
120 V 240 V
Front 1500 Watts 125A 1500 Watts 625A Yes
120 V UL 174 Including Marine Supplement CSA C222 No 11094
Front 1500 Watts 125A 1500 Watts 625A Yes
Front 1500 Watts 125A 1500 Watts 625A Yes
Front 1500 Watts 125A 1500 Watts 625A Yes
Ignition Protection 174 Including Marine UL 174 Including Marine UL 174 Including Marine Supplement CSA C222 Supplement CSA C222 Supplement CSA C222
No No 11094 No 11094 11094
240 V
CE 12 NPT F 12 NPT F 58 Hose Barb 34 NPT F 2 Years
CE 12 NPT F 12 NPT F 58 Hose Barb 34 NPT F 2 Years
CE 12 NPT F 12 NPT F 58 Hose Barb 34 NPT F 2 Years
CE 12 NPT F 12 NPT F 58 Hose Barb 34 NPT F 2 Inlet Water Outlet Heat Exchanger sugject to change without notice
Page 9 of 10 10 Marine Company warranties the Hot Water tank to the original consumer to be free from defective materials and workmanship while
under normal use and service for a period of 2 year During the warranty period Force 10 Marine Company will at its option and without charge repair
andor replace but not remove or reinstall the faulty product The purchaser will return defective products to the address stated below No product will
be accepted by Force 10 Marine Company without a Return Authorization Number Return of defective products must be accompanied by written details of
the problems and proof of purchase The buyer shall be responsible for shipping and insurance charges if any on the products returned for repair under
the terms of this warranty Force 10 Marine Company will pay shipping of products returned to the buyer This limited warranty applies only to products
that have been installed and used in accordance to printed instructions of Force 10 Marine Company and does not cover improper use vandalism
negligence or 10 MARINE COMPANY 23080 HAMILTON ROAD RICHMOND BC CANADA V6V 1C9 TEL 604 5220233 FAX 604 5229608 WEB 10 of 10 REGISTRATION Name
Address City Country Zip Postal Code Telephone Email address MODEL SERIAL Purchase of Boat Model of Boat Purchased from Dealer Name Signature
Mail to Date Force 10 Marine Company 23080 Hamilton Rd Richmond BC Canada V6V 1C9 604 5229608
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