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Force10 Gourmet Galley Range Manual


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NADLQTAD9b5I7  UcPPvsM NADLRB 2IDFWSHBl9Qb 5I71rNRM Q4E1rNRM Q69PbB A9Q pVqSF CP8IQ 4E1rNRMQ 4EqFP8rf3dMB 2VI8 a8I5 2TALsID 1FPxxx3UxxGG3xxxxfxxg7fxxxxxfxg7fhS5JPxZhMW0xj97  Gourmet Galley Range Manual Page 1  Part  93031 ENG0019 RevM Surrey BC CANADA V3S 3M3Any recommendation or advice given by Force 10 Manufacturing Corporation or any of its employees is solely an accommodation to the customer and should not be relied upon by the customer without an cability to the customers particular locamaxp nameIQK0post prepkQ6hheahmtxBlocaSPpmaxp namenhPpostH prep8KEp9KClSCHHjb4kKkMyleC Nae1BNI5Kuz11EDYXERXDYYeBadcEeEEeEvhb  dEeE bch aeeDdD acEeE bch aeceDaDcETXceDaaEaDYCKEeEEeEvhb  CEeE bch aeeDCD KEeE bch 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Water Propane 30 12 056 030 085 047 068 062 064 037 Europe Propane 37 15 052 030 082 047 062 062 060 037 CNG 15 6 071030 118047 097037 097062  Gourmet Galley Range Manual Page 3  Part  93031 ENG0019 RevM Propane and Butane LPGstemFollow these instructions for propane model Galley Ranges only1 Buy your cylinder gauge master so2 Locate the cylinder and regulator 3 Propane is a twophase liquidvapor4 We recommend that a solenoid valve Tighten the solenoid valve to the cylir of pliers  and apply approximately PAGE 4 Gourmet Galley Range Manual ENG0019 Rev M             Part  93031  6 A 0300 psi 020 bar7 Install the regulator downstream frLPG System Installation In some cases the solenoid valve is installed on the low pressure side of the system ie after the LPG regulatoree solenoid manufacturers instructions 1 Starting from the propane tank itself t2 Affix the caution label plate suppli3 If the range is a gimbaled model the gas supply line should be a flexible fire Gourmet Galley Range Manual Page 5  Part  93031 ENG0019 RevM 4 Be sure you do not kink the hose or5 Protect the hose against vibration 6 Fuel lines must be protected by Natural Gas CNGstemgas model Galley Range ONLY1 Buy your cylinder gauge regulator and 2 Choose a location for the CNG cylinder 3 As CNG is always a vapor all CNG4 The CNG cylinders As each CNG cylinder contains less PAGE 6 Gourmet Galley Range Manual ENG0019 Rev M             Part  93031  6 The CNG cylinder valve outlet fitting does not require pipe dope or Teflon 7 Use a crescent wrench to tighten 8 If the CNG cylinders9 If the CNG cylinders10 Affix the caution label supplied wit11 The fuel line must be a type recommended for natural gas This line may be      West CoastCorp Bros Inc    Gas Systems Inc Brook Street    5361 Production Drive Providence RI 02903   Huntington Beach CA 92649 Tel 401   Tel 714 Gourmet Galley Range Manual Page 7  Part  93031 ENG0019 RevM CNG System Installation1 Push approved CNG hose onto the 2 Run the hose from the CNG regulat3 Use only a continuous length of hos4 Keep hose away from heat or abrasion  Installation should be such that it is readily accessible to inspectionPAGE 8 Gourmet Galley Range Manual ENG0019 Rev M             Part  93031  Fuel System Testing LPG  CNG leaks by using an open flameGalley Range Installation  GeneralKeep your model and serial numbers handy as they will be required when ordering parts or requesting assistance2 Do not locate cabinet storage units or3 Force 10 recommends a 30 75 4 Gas consumes oxygen in the process  Gourmet Galley Range Manual Page 9  Part  93031 ENG0019 RevM 5 Your Galley Range is equipped with a thermocouple device that will 6 The hinged burner grill and frame struct7 The whole range including the oven door8 Always keep a Class ABC fire extinguisher mounted close by your Galley 9 A heat disbursement plate is vital to This section applies only to models designed for suspension from gimbal boltsPAGE 10 Gourmet Galley Range Manual ENG0019 Rev M             Part  93031  This section applies only to builtin models Gourmet Galley Range Manual Page 11  Part  93031 ENG0019 RevM 1 Do not operate your oven without the 2 The heat plate has been strapped to y3 Remove the straps and any other packi4 Remove the oven rack 5 Your new heat plate is covered with a th6 Refer to the following diagram and pl7 The plate should be centered from side 8 Replace the oven rack and follow tHEAT PLATE PAGE 12 Gourmet Galley Range Manual ENG0019 Rev M             Part  93031  For safety purposes prior to each use please ensure that the grill frame is  the clasp engaged and firmly in the 1 Rotate the two clasps located on each 2 Once the clasps are disengaged lift the rear of3 The grill frame will now be free of the stove 4 To replace the grill simply reverse the procedure 5 Make sure that the clasps are open then while6 Push down the clasps so that 7 Check the alignment of the grill with the MUST ENGAGE SPOOL Gourmet Galley Range Manual Page 13  Part  93031 ENG0019 RevM 1 Before lighting please ensure burner caps2 Read and comply with all gas safety instructions per this manual 3 Turn all control knobs to the 4 Open the manual cylinder and solenoid 5 Push control knob as far as it will go and turn it counterclockwise to the 6 Sometimes the burner will sputter for a 7 Continue holding the burner control k8 This arrangement also ensures that the 9 If the ignition fails turn the burner 10 You should now be able to set the flame to any desired level between High 11 To turn off the burner turn the control knob clockwise to the  You must shut off both the solenoid and the manual gas cylinder valves PAGE 14 Gourmet Galley Range Manual ENG0019 Rev M             Part  93031  1 It is essential to the proper operation of2 Read and comply with all gas safety instructions per this manual 3 Turn all control knobs to the 4 Open the manual cylinder and solenoi5 Push in the control knob this will st6 Close the oven door carefully to 7 Before lighting the broiler burner 8 Remember that broiliBroil with the Door OpenThermostatically Controlled Oven Operation Gourmet Galley Range Manual Page 15  Part  93031 ENG0019 RevM 1 Do not use any abrasive chemical 2 Use a clean cloth or sponge to apply cleaners 3 Remove stains as quickly as possible before they become set 4 Do not let food spills or burnt foods5 You can use a household oven cleaner for the oven but remember to follow 6 Do not use steel wool or SOStyPAGE 16 Gourmet Galley Range Manual ENG0019 Rev M             Part  93031    Do a soap test on the valve after assembly to ensure there are no 1 Extinguish all open flames and smoking materials 2 Close both manual and solenoid cylinder valves 3 Make sure that all appliance valves are closed  4 Ventilate all interior compartments t5 Maintaining as much ventilation as possible open cylinder valves Making 6 When repair of the leaks Gourmet Galley Range Manual Page 17  Part  93031 ENG0019 RevM Inadequate Heat  Flame Burning Low or Gas Out1 Your system may be low on fuel  2 The gas cylinder valve may not be fully open  make sure the handle is turned 3 The burner orifices4 Sometimes LPG gas will not flow as readIgnition System Fails to Spark or Begins to Spark SlowlyDoes not apply to 2Burner models without1 Check the AA 15 volt battery locat2 Check to see whether there is 3 Check the operation of each switch 4 Sometimes a minor nick in the wire PAGE 18 Gourmet Galley Range Manual ENG0019 Rev M             Part  93031   Gourmet Galley Range Manual Page 19  Part  93031 ENG0019 RevM   Phillips Screwdriver    516 8mm 38 10mm1 Thermocouples are made out of two dissimilar metals One end of each metal 2 Two different styles of thermocouples3 In the other style the 4 When the thermocouple is heated t5 If the thermocouple is not holding the va1 Swing the grill frame into 2 Remove the screws two Phillips screw3 Gently remove the studs that hold 4 Remove the screws at the top front PAGE 20 Gourmet Galley Range Manual ENG0019 Rev M             Part  93031  5 Remove screws on top side edges 6 Now lift the top tray off the  The oven burner and broiler use the c8 Depending on the thermocouple type use a 38 10mm8mm9 Reverse the above procedure for spade type connector simply attach the thread anything10 Make sure all gas lines spark ignition wires and thermocouples are not 11 When it is all back together mix some liquid soap and water and do your  Gourmet Galley Range Manual Page 21  Part  93031 ENG0019 RevM BURNERCONTROL4041PAGE 22 Gourmet Galley Range Manual ENG0019 Rev M             Part  93031   Gourmet Galley Range Manual Page 23  Part  93031 ENG0019 RevM PAGE 24 Gourmet Galley Range Manual ENG0019 Rev M             Part  93031  Number  Description                         Part            Number      Description                        Part    1 Solenoid Valve89255 35 Cross bar assembly   2 Control knob 89248 36 Plastic door slider 89052  3 Valve for small burner 89212 37 Back brass rod    Valve for large burner 89213 38 Side brass rod   4 By pass   39  Front brass rod   5 Valve Clamp 89234 40 Burner cup gasket small 89310  6  Gasket for valve 89205 41 Burner cup gasket large 89311  7 Clamp bolt 89235 42 Thermocouple nut 89202  8 Flame spreader small  43 Sparker hold down clip 89211  Flame spreader large  44 Solenoid cap nut Valve89254  9 Orifice   45 Ignition switch harness  10 Burner sparker 89200 46 Washer 89232 11 Thermocouple  47 Spring 89312 12 Burner housing small 48 E  clip 89233 13 Burner Cap small  49 Broiler 890051 14 Hold down screws 89217 50 ThermocoupleSparker 15 Mounting studs 89201 51 Sparker  Broiler 89066 16 Top Tray  52 Thermocouple  Broiler 89074 17 Top back panel assy  53 Orifice holder 89084 18 Bronze griddle opt 54 Orifice  Broiler 30mbr 89237 19 Pot holder assy  55 Oven Burner 89231 20 Top cooking grill  56 Orifice  Oven burner 21 Control panel  57 Orifice holder 89252 22 Grill Frame  58 Sparker  Oven burner 89064 23 Spark ignition box 4 59 Thermocouple  oven  89282 24   60 Thermostatic valve 89214 25 Battery holder 870011 61 Solenoid Thermostatic89210 26 Back cover  62 Solenoid cap nut 27 Left Stove side  63 Ignition switch  28  Right Stove side  64 By pass  29 Inside oven rack     30 Oven heat plate     31 Stove bottom brace     32 Gimbal wall bracket     33 Door handle     34 Oven door assembly      Specify valve type when ordering         Specify burner stove model and serial number when ordering        For European sizes or CNG please see table pages 2 and 3  Gourmet Galley Range Manual Page 25  Part  93031 ENG0019 RevM Propane  CNG Gourmet Galley Ranges   Two 2Propane  CNG Cooktop Stoves   Two 2This Range has been built to operate with the following pressurePAGE 26 Gourmet Galley Range Manual ENG0019 Rev M             Part  93031  City    StateProvince Country    ZipPostal Code Model No   Serial No City    StateProvince Country    ZipPostal Code Purchasers Signature                                  Date This Warranty Registration must be completed and mailed within ten 10from date of purchase toSurrey BC CANADA V3S 3M3Surrey BC CANADA V3S 3M3on1 on2  Gas Pressures2  Propane and Butane LPGems3  LPG Insta4  Natural Gas CNGystem5  CNG Insta7  Fuel System Test CNG8  Galley Range Insta8  Gimballed Models9  BuiltIn Models10  Instructions for Heat Plate Installation      11  Information for Grill Frame and Clasp              12 ange13  Lighting the Range s13  Lighting the Oven and Brners14  Thermostatically Controation14 tenance15 p15 g16  Gas Smell16  Inadequate Heat  Flame Burns Out17  Ignition System Fails to Spark wly17 Burner Control Valve Fails to Stay Open When Valve Control Knob is 18 e19  Tools Required19  General Information19  Replacement Inons19  To Replace the Elecenoids21 22  Diagrams23 down24 anty25 26 AbqxT3H76UeZbVkbE5rCMlX5paqfbB2d006CFXF0H010UVeriSign Trust Network10UVeriSign Inc10UVeriSign Time Stamping Service Root1402UNO LIABILITY ACCEPTED cc EF HHEFa aHHEF a FHHEFa  a aHHEFa fHHEFa aaHH  E D ZQX 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