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Xantrex Pro Wattsw 1000 Inverter


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Sine Wave InverterOwners GuideREMOTEFAULTPOWERPROwatt SW 600 shownPROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page 1  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PMw6H7VzAWpc3KvhGul3cLHSa6Xvxxm3mwN aa XXvwxXikNcRPROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page 2  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PM97505290101About XantrexXantrex Technology Inc wwwxantrexcomry of Schneider Electric is a world leader in the development manufacturing and marketing of advanced power electronic products and systems for the renewable and mobile power markets The companys products convert and control raw electrical power from any central distributed renewable or backup power source into highquality power required by electronic equipment and the electricity grid Xantrex is headquartered in Vancouver Canada with facilities in the United States Germany Spain and a joint venture in ChinaTrademarksXantrexPROwatt and Smart choice for power are trademarks of Schneider Electric registered in the US and other countries Other trademarks registered trademarks and product names are the property of their respective owners and are used herein for identification purposes onlyNotice of CopyrightXantrex PROwatt SW Sine Wave Inverter Owners Guide  August 2009 Xantrex Technology Inc All rights reserved No part of this document may be reproduced in any form or disclosed to third parties without the express written consent of Xantrex Technology Inc 161G South Vasco Road Livermore California USA 94551 Xantrex Technology Inc reserves the right to revise this document and to periodically make changes to the content hereof without obligation or organization of such revisions or changes unless required to do so by prior arrangementExclusion for DocumentationSPECIFICALLYAGREEDECHNOLOGYWARRANTYACCURACYSUFFICIENCYSUITABILITYTECHNICALOTHERINFORMATIONPROVIDEDMANUALSOTHERDOCUMENTATIONRESPONSIBILITYLIABILITYLOSSESDAMAGESCOSTSINDIRECTCONSEQUENTIALINCIDENTALMIGHTARISEINFORMATIONUSEANYINFORMATIONUSERANDYOUTHATMANUALANYLANGUAGEALTHOUGHHAVETAKENMAINTAINTHEACCURACYTRANSLATIONTHEACCURACYCANNOTGUARANTEEDANTREXCONTENTCONTAINEDNGLISHLANGUAGEVERSIONWHICHWWWXANTREXCOMDate and RevisionAugust 2009 Rev BDocument Part Number97505290101Product NumbersPROwatt SW 600 8061206 PROwatt SW 1000 8061210 PROwatt SW 2000 8061220Contact InformationTelephone1 800 670 0707 toll free North America1 408 987 6030 directFax1 800 994 7828 toll free North AmericaEmailcustomerservicexantrexcomWebwwwxantrexcomPROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page i  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PMiiXantrex PROwatt SW Sine Wave Inverter Owners GuidePurposeThe purpose of this Owners Guide is to provideexplanations and procedures for operating installing maintaining and troubleshooting the PROwatt SW Sine Wave InverterScopeThe Guide provides safety guidelines as well as information about operating installing and troubleshooting the inverter It does not provide details about particular brands of batteries You need to consult individual battery manufacturers  installation should be handled by qualified installers including licensed technicians and electricians Qualified installers have knowledge and experience in installing electrical equipment knowledge of the applicable instaawareness of the hazards involved in performing electrical work and how to reduce those AudienceThe Guide is intended for users and operators of the PROwatt SW Sine Wave Inverter Conventions UsedThe following conventions are used in this guideRelated InformationYou can find more information about Xantrex Technology Inc as well as its products and services at wwwxantrexcomWARNINGWarnings identify conditions that could result in personal injury or loss of lifeCAUTIONCautions identify conditions or practices that could result in damage to the unit or other equipmentImportantThese notes describe things which are important for you to know however they are not as serious as a caution or warningThe product marking on the left yellow background black exclamation pointwhen found imprinted on electrical and electronic units and appliances means that you are to refer to this guide for cautions and warningsPROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page ii  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PM97505290101iiiIMPORTANT RThis chapter contains important safety instructions for the PROwatt SW Sine Wave InverterBefore using the PROwatt SW Sine Wave Inverter READ ALL instructions and cautionary markings on or provided with the PROwatt SW Sine Wave Inverter the batteries and all appropriate sections of this 1Do not expose the PROwatt SW Sine Wave Inverter to rain snow spray or bilge water To reduce risk of fire hazard do not cover or obstruct the ventilation openings Overheating may result2To avoid a risk of fire and electric shock make sure that wiring is in good condition adequately rated and not undersized Do not operate the PROwatt SW Sine Wave Inverter with damaged or substandard wiring3Do not operate the PROwatt SW Sine Wave Inverter if it has received a sharp blow been dropped or otherwise damaged in any way If the PROwatt SW Sine Wave Inverter is daWarranty section4Do not disassemble the PROwatt SW Sine Wave Inverter It contains no userserviceable parts See Warranty for instructions on obtaining service Attempting to service the PROwatt SW Sine Wave Inverter yourself may result in a risk of electrical shock or fire Internal capacitors remain charged after all power is disconnected5To reduce the risk of electrical shock disconnect DC power from the PROwatt SW Sine Wave Inverter before attempting any maintenance or cleaning or working on any circuits connected to the PROwatt SW Sine Wave Inverter Turning off controls will not reduce this riskPrecautions When Working With Batteries1Follow all instructions published by the battery manufacturer and the manufacturer of the equipment in which the battery is installed to reduce the risk of battery explosionWARNING Shock fire and heat hazard Risk of injury to personsWARNING Explosion or fire hazardPROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page iii  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PMivXantrex PROwatt SW Sine Wave Inverter Owners Guide2Working in the vicinity of leadagenerate explosive gases during normal operation Therefore you must read this guide and follow the instructions exactly before installing or using your PROwatt SW Sine Wave Inverter3This equipment contains components which tend to produce arcs or sparks To prevent fire or explosion do not operate the PROwatt SW Sine Wave Inverter in compflammable materials or in locations that require ignitionprotected equipment This includes any space containing gasolinepowered machinery fuel tanks as well as joints fittings or other connections between components of the fuel system4Make sure the area around the 5Never smoke or allow a spark or flame near the engine or batteries6Use caution to reduce the risk or dropping a metal tool on the battery It could spark or short circuit the battery or other electrical parts and could cause an explosion7If you need to remove a battery always remove the ground terminal from the battery first Make sure all accessories are off so you dont cause a spark8Remove all metal items like riworking with leadacid batteries Leadacid batteries produce a short circuit current high enough to weld metal to skin causing a severe burn9Have someone within range of your voice or close enough to come to your aid when you work near a leadacid battery10Have plenty of fresh water and soap nearby in case battery acid contacts skin clothing or eyes11Wear complete eye protection and  Avoid touching your eyes while working near batteries12If battery acid contacts skin or clothing wash immediately with soap and water If acid enters your eye immediately flood it with running cold water for at least twenty minutes and get medical attention immediatelyWARNING Risk of personal injury due to burns PROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page iv  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PM97505290101WARNINGThis device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules Operation is subject to the following two conditions 1This device may not cause harmful interference and 2vice must accept any interference received including interference that might cause undesired operationNOTE This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment This equipment generates uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and if not installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual may cause harmful interference to radio communications Operation of thisarea is likely to cause harmful interference in which case the user will be required to correct the interference at his own PROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page v  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PMPROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page vi  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PMImportant Safety Instructions                                                                           iiiIntroduction                                                                                          1Features                                                                                             3Installation                                                                                           6Operation                                                                                           15Troubleshooting                                                                                      19Specifications                                                                                       21Warranty and Return Information                                                                        22PROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page vii  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PMPROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page viii  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PM97505290101IntroductionThank you for purchasing the PROwatt SW Sine Wave Inverter The PROwatt SW Inverter is a high quality true sine wave output inverter It is designed to operate AC loads as if these loads were operating from gridutility supplied power in household AC outlets To get the most out of your PROwatt SW Sine Wave Inverter carefully read and follow the instructions in this guide  models in the series namelyPROwatt SW 600PROwatt SW 1000 andPROwatt SW 2000This Guide contains information about all three models Unless specified by the model name all features functions and instructions will pertain to all models All the models of the inverter will be referred to collectively as PROwatt SW InverterQuality PowerThe PROwatt SW Inverter is a professionalquality midrange inverter designed to handle a variety of applications including compact microwaves TVs VCRs coffee makers and small power toolsThe PROwatt SW Inverter provides optimal continuous power making it ideal for large single loads intermittent loads or multiple smaller loadsThe inverters high surge capability lets you handle many hardtostart loads including large TVs refrigerators and freezersThe units low standby battery demand means you dont have to worry about excessive drain on your battery if you leave the inverter on for a few days When the inverter is on but no power is being supplied to a load the inverter draws less than 800 mA from the batteryModelContinuousSurge Power PROwatt SW 600540 watts1200 wattsPROwatt SW 1000900 watts2000 wattsPROwatt SW 20001800 watts3000 wattsPROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page 1  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PM2Xantrex PROwatt SW Sine Wave Inverter Owners GuideSuperior features and rugged durability have been combined with ease of useThe unit is compact light weight and easy to installYou can power loads directly from the dual GFCIprotected AC receptacles on the front panelEasytoread digital display on the front panel lets you monitor system performance at a glanceThe optional PROwatt Remote Panel lets you control the inverter from a convenient locationup to 25 feet 76 mawaywhile the inverter itself is mounted out of sight and close to the batteriesA convenient USB port powers most modern electronic productsComprehensive ProtectionThe PROwatt SW Inverter is equipped with the following protection GFCI protectionDeenergizes the AC circuits and thereby protects the user from electric shock if a ground fault occursLow battery voltage alarmAlerts you if the battery has become discharged to 11V or lowerLow battery voltage Automatically shuts the inverter down if the battery voltage drops below 105V This feature protects the battery from being completely discharged Within shutdown the unit recovers automatically once the battery voltage reaches above 115 Vdc After five minutes the unit turns itself offHigh battery voltage Shuts the inverter down automatically if the input voltage rises to more than 155V Within five minutes after shutdown the unit recovers automatically once the battery voltage falls below 155 Vdc After five minutes the unit turns itself offAC output overload Shuts the unit down automatically if a short circuit occurs or if the loads attached to the inverter exceed the operating limitsOver temperature Turns the inverter off if its temperature rises above an acceptable level Within five minutes after shutdown the unit recovers automatically once the temperature of the unit cools down After five minutes of operating in high temperature the unit turns itself offPROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page 2  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PM97505290101FeaturesThe following information descriPROwatt SW Inverter We recommend that you familiarize yourself with these features before installing and operating the unitYour PROwatt SW Inverter pPROwatt SW Inverter unitOwners GuideIf any of these materials are missing or are unsatisfactory in any way please contact Customer Service see Contact Information on page i of this guideThe PROwatt SW Inverter can also be installed with the PROwatt Remote Panel that comes with a 25foot 76m communications cable part number 8089001For ordering information please contact Customer Service see Contact Information on page i of this guidee reference the part number above when orderingFigure 1PROwatt SW Inverter PROwatt SW 600 shownventilation openingsOptional PROwatt Remote Panel not shownOwners GuideDC InputAC Outlets GFCIprotectedDigital DisplayMounting flangesPROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page 3  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PM4Xantrex PROwatt SW Sine Wave Inverter Owners GuideFeaturesFront Panel DetailsFigure 2PROwatt SW Inverter Front Panel PROwatt SW 600 shownFeatureDescriptionIndicator LEDs Green LED indicates that the unit is on and receiving power When a shutdown occurs due to an error condition the Green LED remains onRed LED indicates an error or alarm conditionDigital Display Shows input voltage in voltsoutput power in kilowattsand error code informationREMOTEFAULTPOWERTurns the inverter ON or OFFUse to connect the optional PROwatt Remote Panel via a communications cableUSB Port Powers and charges USBenabled devicesGFCIprotected AC Outlets Equipped with two AC outlets that are protected by a standard Ground Fault Circuit Interruptor GFCIdevice with reset and test buttonsVentilation Holes Allows internal heat to escapeFeatureDescriptionPROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page 4  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PM97505290101FeaturesBack Panel DetailsFigure 3PROwatt SW Inverter Back Panel PROwatt SW 600 shownFeatureDescriptionPositive erminalAccepts lug or ring connectors appropriate to the cable size being used See Table 1  Voltage Drop Per Foot of DC Cable on page 10 for Cooling FanAutomatically turns on when internal temperature reaches more than 122 F 50 CIt turns off when the internal temperature falls below 122 F 50 CSerialNoChassis Ground GNDerminalNegative erminalAccepts lug or ring connectors appropriate to the cable size being used See Table 1  Voltage Drop Per Foot of DC Cable on page 10 for recommendationsFeatureDescriptionPROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page 5  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PMc6Xantrex PROwatt SW Sine Wave Inverter Owners GuideFollow all instructions from this guide and instructions including safety guidelines from the battery manufacturer Installing battery cables require some electrical knowledge and local electrical codes Tools and MaterialsAdjustable wrench for fastening DC terminal boltsTwo battery cables copper appropriately sized according to crimped by the company or store where you purchased the cablesGround cable copper appropriately sizedfor attaching to the ground chassisDCrated fuses and fuse holdersScrewdriver flathead and Philipsower screwdriver or power drill for use in mounting the inverterMounting screws 4ze 101Determine battery capacity2Determine a charging system3Choose a location4Mount the inverter5Connect the chassis ground6Connect the battery cablesWARNINGIf you do not have some electrical knowledge and knowledge of local electrical codes or are not comfortable installing cables yourself use a qualified installer including a licensed technician and electrician Qualified installers have knowledge and experience in installing electrical equipment knowledge of the applicable installation codes and awareness of the hazards involved in performing electrical work and how to reduce those PROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page 6  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PM97505290101Battery type and battery size strongly affect the performance of the PROwatt SW Inverter Therefore you need to identify the type of loads your inverter will be powering and how much you will be using them between charges Once you know how much power you will be using you can determine how much battery capacity you need Xantrex recommends that you purchase as much battery capacity as possibleDetermine A Charging SystemThe charging system must be appropriate for your particular installation A welldesigned charging system will ensure that power is available when you need it and that your batteries remain in top condition Inadequate charging will degrade system performance and the wrong type of charger will reduce battery lifeFor a list of Xantrex Battery Chargers go to wwwxantrexcom or contact Customer Service see Contact Information on page i of this guideCAUTION Risk of inverter damageThe PROwatt SW Inverter must only be connected to a battery that has a nominal output of 12 volts The PROwatt SW Inverter willNot operate if connected to a 6 volt battery andBe damaged if connected to a 24 volt batteryCAUTION Risk of inverter damageThe PROwatt SW Inverter contains components that tend to produce arcs or sparks To prevent fire or explosion do not install the inverter in compartments containing batteries or flammable materials or in locations that require ignitionprotected equipmentWARNING Risk of electrical shockDo not install the PROwatt SW Inverter in a wet environment or in any other environment where moisture can occur and enter the inverter enclosure through the ventilation openings This unit is not intended for marine WARNINGTo reduce the risk of fire do not cover or obstruct the ventilation openings Do not install the PROwatt SW compartment Overheating may resultPROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page 7  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PM8Xantrex PROwatt SW Sine Wave Inverter Owners Guide1Select an appropriate mounting location and orientation The unit can be oriented in any way such asHorizontally on a vertical surface orOn or under a horizontal surface2Hold the inverter against the mounting surface and mark the positions using the mounting flanges as guide3Pilotdrill the four mounting holes4Fasten the inverter to the mounting surface using corrosionresistant hardware sized 10DryDo not allow water or other liquids to drop or splash on the inverterCoolAmbient air temperature should be between 32F and 104F 0C and 40Cthe cooler the better within this rangeVentilatedAllow at least 2 inches 5 cmclearance around the inverter for air flow Ensure that ventilation openings on the DC end and the bottom of the unit are not obstructedSafeDo not install the inverter in the same compartment as batteries or in any compartment capable of storing flammable liquids like gasolineClose to batteryDo not use excessive DC cable lengths they increase wire resistance and reduce input powerbattery gasesDo not mount the inverter where it will be exposed to gases produced by the batteries These gases are very corrosive and prolonged exposure will damage the inverterDC connections should NOT point up or downREMOFAULTPOWERREMOFAULTPOWPROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page 8  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PM97505290101Connect the Chassis GroundThe PROwatt SW Inverter has a screw terminal labeled CHASSIS GND on the outside of the rear panel as shown in Figure 3 PROwatt SW Inverter Back Panel PROwatt SW 600 shownn Follow the guidelines below to connect the inverters chassis to the groundGrounding LocationsThe chassis ground terminal must be connected to a grounding point The grounding point varies depending on where you install the PROwatt SW Inverter Follow the guidelines that correspond to your type of installationTo operate safely and effectively the PROwatt SW Inverter needs proper DC cables and DCrated fusesthe PROwatt SW Inverter has lowvoltage and highcurrent input lowresistance wiring between the battery and the inverter is essential to deliver the maximum amount of usable energy to your load WARNING Risk of electrical shockNever operate the PROwatt SW Inverter without connecting it to the ground Electrical shock hazard could resultRecreational VehicleConnect the CHASSIS GND screw to the vehicles chassis using a minimum 8 AWG copper wire preferably with greenyellow insulationFixed LocationConnect the CHASSIS GND screw to your systems DC grounding point using a minimum 6 AWG wire The systems grounding point is usually the AC service entrance grounding point or a separate ground rod For a solar PV photovoltaicinstallation this is usually the same rod used to ground the PV arrayaXantrex recommends that the grounding conductor grounding wireshould be the same wiresize as the DC cablesImportantUse of a qualified installer strongly recommendedPROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page 9  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PM10Xantrex PROwatt SW Sine Wave Inverter Owners GuideCabling GuidelinesFollow these guidelines and refer to Table 1  Voltage Drop Per Foot of DC Cable on page 10 to determine battery cable lengthsUse 4 AWG copper 90 C insulation ratingas the smallest battery cable size This will minimize the voltage drop between the battery and the inverter If the cables cause an excessive voltage drop the inverter may shut down when drawing higher currents because the voltage at the inverter in105 voltsKeep all cables as short as possible and ensure that each cable between the inverter and the battery is no longer than 6feet 18mHave all wires and cables teappropriatelysized connectors and have the connectors crimped at the place of purchaseDo not use aluminum It has about 13 more resistance than copper cable of the same size and it is difficult to make good lowresistance connections to aluminum wire Xantrex recommends a size 0 cable with a maximum cable length of 6feet 18mFor exampleVoltage Drop per foot  Current value  Resistance valueSo for a 600W inverter output with a DC cable of size 0 multiply the maximum current of 60A with 0000100 The result is 000600 voltage drop per feet If the cable is 6feet long the total voltage drop is 000600  6   2 0072 Cable length multiplied by 2So for a battery operating at 126V at battery terminal the voltage at the inverter terminal drops to 1253VTable 1 Voltage Drop Per Foot of DC CableInverter Output W100015003000Current A100150300Wire SizeAWGResistance ohmsft 25 CVoltage Drop per Foot 4000025300152002530038000759300002010012100201003020060320000159000960015900239004771000012600076001260018900378000010000060001000015000300200000079000480007900119002373000000630003800063000950018940000005000030000500007500150PROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page 10  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PM97505290101FuseCircuit Breaker Sizing GuidelinesBecause batteries can produce thouto install DCrated fuses or circuit breakerscan safely withstand the shortcircuit cuTo select the correct fuse type and size1Determine the total cold cranking amp rating for your batterys The cold cranking amp rating of each battery is displayed on the battery case If it is not contact the battery manufacturer to find outFor exampleIf you are using one battery to power your inverter and its rating is 500 the total cold cranking amp rating is 500If you are powering your inverter with two batteries in parallel and each has a rating of 500 thcranking amp rating is 10002Once you have determined the total cold cranking amp rating of your batteries identify the corresponding Ampere Interrupting Capacity AIC the fuse or breaker required for your system by referring to Table 2 The AIC is the amount of battery shortcircuit amperage that the fuse can safely withstandIf the Total Cold Cranking Amps indicate that the AIC is 2700 amps or less see Table 3 for the correct ANL fuseIf the Total Cold Cranking Amps indicate that the AIC is up to 200000 amps or if you require a code fuse see Table 3 for the correct Class T fuseTable 2Cold Cranking Amps  AICTotal Cold Cranking AmpsAmpere Interrupting Capacity 650 or less150065111003000over 11005000Table 3Fuse RatingsModelANL FuseClass TPROwatt SW 60080A80APROwatt SW 1000150A150APROwatt SW 2000250A250APROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page 11  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PM12Xantrex PROwatt SW Sine Wave Inverter Owners GuideCabling ProcedureConsult the following configurations and determine a match specific to your installation and follow the installation procedure To connect the battery cables that comes nextTo connect the battery cables1Make sure the inverter is off and assemble the terminated cables cables with connectors you bought2Line up the connectors that will join the cables to the battery battery selector switch and fuse or circuit breakerFigure 4Configuration for Normal LoadsTO OTHERDC LOADSFUSE ORCIRCUITBREAKERFUSE ORCIRCUITBREAKERGROUND TOVEHICLECHASSISGROUND TOVEHICLECHASSISVEHICLESTARTINGBATTERYFROMALTERNATOROR CHARGERGROUND TOVEHICLECHASSISDEEPCYCLEAUXILIARYBATTERYISOLATORTO VEHICLEFigure 5Configuration for Heavy LoadsALLOFF2ALLOFF2TO OTHERDC LOADSGROUND TOVEHICLECHASSISGROUND TOVEHICLECHASSISBATTERYSELECTORSWITCHBATTERYSELECTORSWITCHVEHICLESTARTINGBATTERYFROMALTERNATOROR CHARGERDEEPCYCLEBATTERYDEEPCYCLEBATTERYDEEPCYCLEBATTERYDEEPCYCLEBATTERYISOLATORTO VEHICLEGROUND TOVEHICLECHASSISFUSE ORCIRCUITFUSE ORCIRCUITBREAKERFUSE ORCIRCUITBREAKERFUSE ORCIRCUITPROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page 12  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PM975052901013Install a DCrated fuse on the positive battery terminal Alternatively install a DCrated circuit breaker that connects to the positive battery terminalThe fuse or circuit breaker must have an Ampere Interrupting Capacity AICthe shortcircuit cufrom the battery For guidance see Cold Cranking Amps  AIC on page 114When configuring for heavy loads see Figure 5battery selector switch and connect it to the DCrated fuse or circuit breaker5On the inverter side attach the connectors of the positive and negative cables into the cabling terminals of the inverterMake a secure connection Loose connectors cause excessive voltage drop and may cause overheated wires and melted insulationThe red terminal is positive and the black terminal is negative Power connections to the PROwatt SW Inverter must be positive to positive and negative to negative6Attach the connector on the positive cable to the DCrated fuse or circuit breakerh is connected to the positive terminal of the battery When configuring for heavy loads see Figure 5attach the connector on the positive cable to the battery selector switch that is already connected to the DCrated fuse or circuit Make a secure connection Loose connectors cause excessive voltage drop and may cause overheated wires and melted insulationWARNING Risk of electrical shock or fireThe PROwatt SW Inverter does not come with a DCrated fuse or circuit breakersafely withstand the shortcircuit current batteries can produce To avoid the risk of electrical shock or fire install a DCrated fuse and fuse holdersitive battery terminalCAUTION Risk of inverter damage due to reverse polarityA reverse polarity connection positive to negativewill blow a fuse in the inverter and may permanently damage the unit Damage caused by a reverse polarity connection is not covered by your warrantyWARNING Risk of explosion or fireDo not complete the next step if flammable fumes are present Explosion or fire may result Thoroughly ventilate the battery compartment before making this connectionPROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page 13  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PM14Xantrex PROwatt SW Sine Wave Inverter Owners Guide7Attach the connector on the negative cable to the negative battery terminalThis is the last cable connection You may observe a spark when making this last connection Make a secure connection Loose connectors cause excessive voltage drop and may cause overheated wires and melted insulation8If you have installed a battery selector switch use it to select one of the batteries or battery banks9Turn on the inverter10Check the front panel of the inverter The digital display should show 1213 volts depending on the voltage of the battery If it does not check your battery and the connection to the inverterThe other indicators should be offPROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page 14  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PM97505290101OperationTurning the Inverter On and OffThe power switch on the inverters front panel turns the control circuit in the PROwatt SW Inverter on and offTo toggle the inverter on and off from its front panel1Press the inverters power switch button for half a secondto turn On the inverter from Off2Press the inverters power switch button for one secondo turn Off the inverter from OnWhen the inverters power switch button is Off the inverter draws no current from the batteryOperating Several Loads at OnceIf you are going to operate several loads from the PROwatt SW Inverter turn them on separately after you have turned the inverter This will ensure that the inverter does not have to deliver the starting current for all the loads at onceTurning the Inverter Off Between ChargesWhen the power switch is on but no power is being supplied to a load the inverter draws less than 800 mA from the battery This is a low current draw It would take a week to discharge a 150Ah battery at this current so you dont have to worry about excessive drain on your battery if you leave the inverter switched on for a few daysIf you are not planning to recharge your battery within a week or so switch the inverter offGFCIProtected AC OutletsThe AC outlets are Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter GFCIutlets This protects you against hazardous electrical shocks that could be caused by dampness faulty mechanism in the appliance worn insulation etc GFCIprotected outlets cut off hazarshocks quickly enough so an adult in normal health is not seriously injured infants and small children may still be affectedWARNING Risk of electrical shockThe units power switch when turned off does not disconnect power from the PROwatt SW InverterImportantTest the GFCI periodically to make sure it is operating correctlyPROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page 15  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PM16Xantrex PROwatt SW Sine Wave Inverter Owners GuideOperationTo test or resetthe GFCI protection1Press the units power switch to turn the inverter On2Plug a test lamp into the AC outlet3Push the TEST buttonThe RESET button should pop out and the power should turn Off the lamp should go outp remains lit or if the RESET button does not pop out the GFCI may not be functioning If the GFCI trips by itself at any time reset it and perform the preceding testReading the Front Panel IndicatorsIndicator LEDsIf the Green LED is On it indicates that the unit is On Under normal operating conditions the AC outlets and USB port have power However even under an error condition such as a shutdown the Green LED may still remain OnIf the Red LED is on it indicates an error or alarm condition and an error code is displayed on the digital display underneath Under normal operating conditions the digital display shows the input voltage in volts the output power in kilowattsUnder error or alarm conditions the digital display shows an error code and the Red LED turns onThe audio alarm will sound for five minutes After five minutes the unit will turn offRestarting After an AC Output Shutdown1Press and hold the units power switch to turn it Off2Remove all AC loads or let the unit cool down for 15 minutes3Press and hold the units power switch to turn it OnLEDDigital DisplayDescriptionExample 135voltsExample 025Kw 250wattsUnder voltage alarm andor Under voltage shutdownOver load shutdownOver temperature shutdownShort circuit or output circuit PROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page 16  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PM97505290101OperationOperating LimitsPower OutputThe PROwatt SW Inverter will deliver the following power continuously depending on input voltage and ambient temperature The inverter will deliver more than 10 of its continuous power rating for approximately five minutes The inverter must cool down for 15 minutes before it can resume operation above its continuous power ratingInput VoltageThe input voltage limits are shown in the following tableModelPoweraApplies to resistive loads such as incandescent lights Output CurrentbApplies to reactive loads such as motorsInput VoltageTemperaturePROwatt SW 600540 W45A13VdcAmbient77 FPROwatt SW 1000900 W75APROwatt SW 20001800 W15AOperating ConditionVoltage RangeCommentNormal105155VnaPeak Performance13145VnaLow Voltage AlarmVoltage is 110V or lessThe audible low battery alarm soundsOperating ConditionVoltage RangeCommentLow Voltage ShutdownVoltage is 105V or lessThe unit shuts down to protect the battery from being overdischargedHigh Voltage ShutdownVoltage is 155V or moreThe unit shuts down to protect itself from excessive input voltage Although the PROwatt SW Inverter incorporates overvoltage protection it can still be damaged if input voltage exceeds 16 VUnit restarts after low voltage shutdown115VThe unit will not restart unless the battery voltage is acceptable for running the loadPROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page 17  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PM18Xantrex PROwatt SW Sine Wave Inverter Owners GuideOperationThe PROwatt SW Inverter will operate many AC loads within its power rating However some appliances and equipment may be difficult to operate Please see Exceptional Loads below carefullyA lot of USBpowered devices such as portable music MP3players mobile phones and video game players can be charged and powered safely via the standard USB port However some devices such as portable GPS receivers and certain cameras may not work and even cause damage even if you use the USB cable that came with the product Be sure that the device only accepts 5volts and can be charged or powered using other sources of power See the devices owners guide under specifications for informationSome induction motors used in freezers pumps and other motoroperated equipment need high surge SW Inverter may not be able to start some of these motors even though their rated current draw is within the inverters limitsIf a motor refuses to start observe the VOLTS indicator while you are trying to start the motor If the indicator drops below 11 volts while the PROwatt SW Inverter is trying to start the motor this may explain why the motor wont start Make sure the length and diameter of the battery cables are appropriate Check that the battery connections are good and that the battery is fully charged If the cables are sized correctly the connections are good and the battery is charged but the voltage still drops below 11 volts you may need to use a larger batteryBattery Charging FrequencyWhen possible recharge your batteries when they are about 50 discharged or earlier This gives them a much longer life cycle than recharging when they are almost completely discharged For information about battery chargers see our web site at wwwxantrexcomRoutine maintenance is required to keep your PROwatt SW Inverter operating properly Periodically you shouldClean the exterior of the unit with a damp cloth to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirtTighten the screws on the DC input terminalsPROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page 18  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PM97505290101TroubleshootingTroubleshooting ReferenceWARNING Electrical shock and burn hazardDo not dismantle the PROwatt SW Inverter It does not contain any userserviceable parts Attempting to service the unit yourself could result in an electrical shock or burnConditionPossible CauseSolutionUnder Voltage low inpututdownRecharge the batteryCheck cables and with persistent low Poor DC wiring andor poor batteryconditionUse proper cable and connections Charge the battery or install a new batteryOver Voltage high inpututdown inverter is connected to a 12V batteryOverload shutdownReduce the load within the inverters continuous power ratingHeavy load is connected then AC output becomes shutdownAllow the inverter to cool off and reduce the load if continuous operation is requiredconnected then AC output becomes shutdownImprove ventilation and make sure the inverters ventilation obstructedReduce the ambientpossibleConditionPossible CauseSolutionPROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page 19  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PM20Xantrex PROwatt SW Sine Wave Inverter Owners GuideTroubleshootingNo output voltageShort circuitVery heavy loadOutput circuit wiring for a short Remove the loadTurn the unit offLet the unit cool down check the fan for any obstructions and clear it or reduce the load Turn the unit back ConditionPossible CauseSolutionNo output voltage no voltage indicationThe unit is offNo power to the inverterInverter fuse openReverse DC polarityTurn the inverter onCheck wiring to the inverterHave a qualified the fuse if necessaryHave a qualified the fuse makingsure to observe correct polarityThe unit is on and running but there is no AC outputtrippedpage16 for instructionsConditionPossible CauseSolutionPROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page 20  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PM97505290101Specifications are subject to change without prior noticePhysical and Environmental SpecificationsLength  Width  HeightPROwatt SW 600PROwatt SW 1000PROwatt SW 20001228735inch 312289cm14935 inch 352285 cm13811839 inch 353010 cmWeightPROwatt SW 600PROwatt SW 1000PROwatt SW 200065 lbs 30kg72 lbs 33 kg106 lbs 48 kgOperating temperature32104 F 040 CDC Input60010002000Input power max at full load720VA1200VA2400VAInput current max at full load60A93A200AInput voltage range105155VdcLow battery alarmAudible 11VLow battery cutout105 VAC  USB Output60010002000Peak power 5 minutes600 W1000 W2000 WContinuous power540 W900 W1800 WSurge power1200 W2000 W3000 WOutput current continuous46A75A15AOutput current max58A96A192ANo load current draw 600mA 600mA 800mAOutput voltage nominal120Vac RMS 5Output voltage range104127VacOutput waveformTrue sine waveOutput frequency60 Hz 05HzEfficiencyApproximately 8590USB Output5Vdc 500mAUL 458 5th editionPower ConvertersInverters and Power ConverterInverter Systems for Land Vehicles and Marine CraftsCSA 107101General Use Power SuppliesFCC Part 15 Class AElectromagnetic Compatibility EMCAC  USB Output60010002000PROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page 21  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PM22Xantrex PROwatt SW Sine Wave Inverter Owners GuideWarranty and Return InformationWarrantyWhat does this warranty cover and how long does it lastLimited Warranty is provided by Xantrex Technology Inc Xantrexers defects in workmanship and materials in your PROwatt SW Sine Wave Inverter This warranty period lasts for 24 Months from the date of purchase at the point of sale to you the original end user customer unless otherwise agreed in writing the Warranty PeriodYou will be required to demonstrate proof of purchase to make warranty claimsThis Limited Warranty is transferable to subsequent owners but only for the unexpired portion of the Warranty Period Subsequent owners also require original proof of purchase as described in What proof of purchase is requiredWhat will Xantrex do During the Warranty Period Xantrex will at its option repair the product if economically feasiblereplace the defective product free of charge provided that you notify Xantrex of the product defect within the Warranty Period and provided that Xantrex through inspection establishes the existence of such a defect and that it is covered by this Limited Warranty Xantrex will at its option use new andor reconditioned parts in nd building replacement products Xantrex reserves the right to use parts or products of original or improved design in the repair or replacement If Xantrex repairs or ontinues for the remaining portion of the original Warranty Period or 90 days from the date of the return shipment to the customer whichever is greater All replaced products and all parts removed from repaired products become the property of XantrexXantrex covers both parts and labor necessary to repair the product and return shipment to the customer via a Xantrexselected nonexpedited surface freight within the contiguous United States and Canada Alaska Hawaii and outside of the United States and Canada are excluded Contact Xantrex Customer Service for details on freight policy for return shipments from excluded areasHow do you get serviceIf your product requires troubleshooting or warranty service contact your merchant If you are unable to contact your merchant or the merchant is unable to provide service contact Xantrex directly atDirect returns may be performed according to the Xantrex Return Material Authorization Policy described in your product manual For some products Xantrex maintains a network of regional Authorized Service Centers Call Xantrex or check our website to see if your product can be repaired at one of these facilitiesTelephone1 800 670 0707 toll free North America1 408 987 6030 directFax1 800 994 7828 toll free North AmericaEmailcustomerservicexantrexcomWebsitewwwxantrexcomPROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page 22  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PM97505290101Warranty and Return InformationWhat proof of purchase is requiredIn any warrandated proof of purchase must accompany the product and the product must not have been disassembled or modified without prior written authorization by Xantrex Proof of purchase may be in any one of the following formsThe dated purchase receipt from the original purchase of the product at point of sale to the end user orThe dated dealer invoice or purchase receipt showing original equipment manufacturer OEMstatus orThe dated invoice or purchase receipt showing the product exchanged under warrantyWhat does this warranty not coverClaims are limited to repair and replacement or if in Xantrexs discretion that is not possible reimbursement up to the purchase price paid for the product Xantrex will be liable to you only for direct damages suffered by you and only up to a maximum amount equal to the purchase price of the productThis Limited Warranty does not warrant uninterrupted or errorfree operation of the product or cover normal wear and tear of the product or costs related to the removal installation or troubleshooting of the customers electrical systems This warranty does not apply to and Xantrex will not be responsible for any defect in or damage toathe product if it has been misused neglected improperly installed physically damaged or altered either internally or externally or damaged from improper use or use in an unsuitable environmentbthe product if it has been subjected to fire water generalized   or input voltage that creates operating conditions beyond the maximum or minimum limits listed in the Xantrex product specifications including but not limited to high input voltage from generators and lightning cthe product if repairs have been done to it other than by Xantrex centers hereafter ASCsdthe product if it is used as a component part of a product expressly warranted by another manufacturerecomponent parts or monitoring systems supplied by you or purchased by Xantrex at your direction for incorporation into the productfthe product if its original identification trademark serial numberaltered or removedgthe product  if it is located outside of the country where it was purchased andhany consequential losses that are attributable to the product losing power whether by product malfunction installation error or misusePROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page 23  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PM24Xantrex PROwatt SW Sine Wave Inverter Owners GuideWarranty and Return InformationProductTHIS LIMITED WARRANTY IS THE SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE WARRANTY PROVIDED BY XANTREX IN CONNECTION WITH YOUR XANTREX PRODUCT AND IS WHERE PERMITTED BY LAW IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES CONDITIONS GUARANTEES REPRESENTATIONS OBLIGATIONS AND LIABILITIES EXPRESS OR IMPLIED STATUTORY OR OTHERWISE IN CONNECTION WITH THE PRODUCT HOWEVER ARISING WHETHER BY CONTRACT TORT NEGLIGENCE PRINCIPLES OF MANUFACTURERS LIABILITY OPERATION OF LAW CONDUCT STATEMENT OR OTHERWISE INCLUDING WITHOUT RESTRICTION ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OR CONDITION OF QUALITY MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE TO THE EXTENT REQUIRED UNDER APPLICABLE LAW TO APPLY TO THE PRODUCT SHALL BE LIMITED IN DURATION TO THE PERIOD STIPULATED UNDER THIS LIMITED WARRANTYIN NO EVENT WILL XANTREX BE LIABLE FOR aY SPECIAL INDIRECT INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES INCLUDING LOST PROFITS LOST REVENUES FAILURE TO REALIZE EXPECTED SAVINGS OR OTHER COMMERCIAL OR ECONOMIC LOSSES OF ANY KIND EVEN IF XANTREX HAS BEEN ADVISED OR HAD REASON TO KNOW OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGE bBILITY ARISING IN TORT WHETHER OR NOT ARISING OUT OF XANTREXS NEGLIGENCE AND ALL LOSSES OR DAMAGES TO ANY PROPERTY OR FOR ANY PERSONAL INJURY OR ECONOMIC LOSS OR DAMAGE CAUSED BY THE CONNECTION OF A PRODUCT TO ANY OTHER DEVICE OR SYSTEM AND c ANY DAMAGE OR INJURY ARISING FROM OR AS A RESULT OF MISUSE OR ABUSE OR THE INCORRECT INSTALLATION INTEGRATION OR OPERATION OF THE PRODUCT BY PERSONS NOT AUTHORIZED BY XANTREXIf this product is a consumer product federal law does not allow an exclusion of implied warranties To the extent you are entitled to implied warranties under federal law to the extent permitted by applicable law they are limited to the duration of this Limited Warranty Some states provinces and jurisdictions do not allow limitations or exclusions on implied warranties or on the duration of an implied warranty or on the limitation or exclusion of incidental or consequential damages so the above limitationssionsmay not apply to you This Limited Warranty gives you specific legal rights You may have other rights which may vary from state to state province to province or jurisdiction to jurisdictionPROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page 24  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PM97505290101Warranty and Return InformationReturn Material Authorization PolicyFor those products that are not being repaired in the field and are being returned to Xantrex before returning a product directly to Xantrex you must obtain a Return Material Authorization RMAnumber and the correct factory Ship To address Products must also be shipped prepaid Product shipments will be refused and returned at your expense if they are unauthorized returned without an RMA number clearly marked on the outside of the shipping box if they are shipped collect or if they are shipped to the wrong When you contact Xantrex to obtain service please have your instruction manual ready for reference and be prepared to supplyThe serial number of your productInformation about the installation and use of the unitInformation about the failure andor reason for the returnA copy of your dated proof of purchaseRecord these details on page26Return ProcedurePackage the unit safely preferably using the original box and packing materials Please ensure that your product is shipped fully insured in the original  This warranty will not apply where the product is damaged due to improper packagingInclude the followingThe RMA number supplied by Xantrex Technology Inc clearly marked on the outside of the boxA return address where the unit can be shipped Post office boxes are not acceptableA contact telephone number where you can be reached during work hoursA brief description of the problemShip the unit prepaid to the address provided by your Xantrex customer service representativeIf you are returning a product from outside of the USA or CanadaIn addition to the above you MUST include return freight funds and are fully responsible for all documents duties tariffs and deposits If you are returning a product to a Xantrex Authorized Service A Xantrex return material authorization RMAnumber is not required However you must contact the ASC prior to returning the product or presenting the unit to verify any return procedures that may apply to that particular facility and that the ASC repairs this particular Xantrex productPROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page 25  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PM26Xantrex PROwatt SW Sine Wave Inverter Owners GuideWarranty and Return InformationInformation About Your SystemAs soon as you open your PROwatt SW Sine Wave Inverter package record the following information and be sure to keep your proof of purchaseIf you need to contact Customer Service please record the following details before calling This information will help our representatives give you better serviceSerial Number 8061206 80612108061220Purchased FromPurchase DateType of installation eg RV truckLength of time inverter has been installedBatterybattery bank sizeBattery type eg flooded sealed gel cell AGMAlarm soundingDescription of indicators on front panelwhen problem occurredDescription of problemPROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page 26  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PMcF70T1UVPROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page i  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PM1 800 670 0707 Tel toll free NA1 408 987 6030 Tel direct1 800 994 7828 Fax toll free NAwwwxantrexcom97505290101Printed in ChinaPROWatt SW Inverter NAbook  Page ii  Wednesday August 5 2009  224 PM9kkjvVwhfECedY vZuQHxjgk6HOAcu0v0QJC6KEss vhhszkogLQqtvvFSX GzOvwNMMvNwNMvDvdxcbNVVRvwlNQNNHHTTHHXvlNlLM9vmtLhwL5Qw63wTteOgyeSbISjqyR3vJ66w66MMLwLMJvNwpupNMNIw5NM6IEqv0q1SgxqMKfBA78JBUpMkXqvcwQqeJbDfEGp3QAp15ETXgqnjtQeXvcwg7hhOuQvwKQ0EXvcwg7h6jOuUVWVvwSBfUVWV64TT90T42UVAdobeCommon10AdobeInDesign40AdobeCreativeSuite20

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