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Magellan to Anywhere T H E M A G E L L A N G S C 1 0 0
The First HandHeld Global Satellite the horizon Out of bounds W H AT I T D O E S dispatch center via phone or the
reach of civilization and have a GlobalGram delivered to a
Y our life takes Global When your GSC 100 ORBWeather allows weather
you to places passion or profession puts you out of information to be delivered to your
that few others reach theres no longer a reason to be GSC 100 based on your GPS
can even out of touch With the GSC 100 you There can now send and receive short
are no phone personal messages called GPS Navigation The GSC 100 also
lines in these GlobalGrams to or from anywhere on features a fully integrated GPS
places No cell Earth Using standard email receiver for reliable couriers protocols
communicating with any determination and mailboxes Only you and your Internet email address or another worldwide Like all
quality Magellan
need to communicate GSC 100 is easy GPS units the GSC 100 uses satellite
navigation to guide you now youve had no practical you want to go and back again
or affordable way to communicate at the push of a button The
from the jungle the outback the GSC 100 will identify your
desert or the open sea With position plot and track new GSC 100 the worlds
course and store up to 200
first handheld global satellite waypoints And it you have the ability
communicate this send and receive important text to any email
address in the
messages to and from anywhere on world
Earth And with its integrated GPS
Global Positioning System receiver HOW IT WORKS
the GSC 100 keeps track of where
you are takes The GSC 100 uses the
you where you ORBCOMM network the worlds
want to go first commercial twoway
and relays global satellite messaging
your system to put worldwide
position communication capability in the
however palm of your hand
remote to
anyone at With ORBCOMM service The GSC 100 communicates with
any email enhancements such as ORB2You and ORBCOMM satellites on a standard
address O RBWeather communication with the narrowband VHF frequency Your
anywhere GSC 100 is more flexible and GlobalGramSM message is relayed via
informative ORBY2You allows you to satellite to a Gateway Earth Station
send a GlobalGram to a dispatch then routed to its final destination
center that relays the message via using conventional phone or facsimile to anyone and methods
To retrieve incoming
similarly anyone can contact the messages just turn on your
With the ORBCOMM
satellite network the
Standard Store Forward Magellan GSC 100 is a
GlobalGram GlobalGram convenient reliable
and affordable way to
communicate and
navigate to and from
anywhere in the
T o learn more visit our Web site at
Or visit
the ORBCOMMWeb site at
for information
on the satellite network and
authorized ORBCOMM service 100 request a message check
complete global coverage
and an ORBCOMM satellite will get providing seamless messages to you messaging
A Standard GlobalGram in which
the ORBCOMM satellite is in
contact with both a Gateway Earth
Station and the GSC 100 gives
you rapid transmission and
reception of messages up to in length
A GlobalGram
in which the ORBCOMM satellite
sees the GSC 100 but not the
Gateway Earth Station is a
shorter message of up to which is the satellite when the Gateway
comes into view to complete
the traditional and paging systems the
ORBCOMM satellite 36 offers
Note Inter national usage is deter mined by inter national agr eement of par ticipating countries
G l o b a l G r a m SM i s a r egister e d S e r vice Mark of ORBCOMM Global LP 1999 Magellan Corporation
You There and Keeping You in Touch
The GSC 100 is the world s first Messaging Features 6 coordinate systems including
handheld global satellite communicator LATLON UTM OSGB
Create forward and reply to email
Plus with its integrated GPS capability NMEA outputs 01800183
Differential ready
it s a global nagivator too It s Easytouse menudriven interface
and lunar calculations
convenient reliable affordable and with softkeys
available only from Magellan Store 100 messages and 150
Optional Accessories
The GSC 100 Ships With Three font sizes Additional NiCad Battery Pack
Message status icons DC Power Cable wCigarette Plug
Telescopic Whip Antenna Insert current GPS position Carrying Case
Rechargeable NiCad Battery Pack information into message Mounting Bracket
Universal AC Converter PC Software Kit
DataPower Extension Cable GPS Features DataPower Cable
Software Update Cable External GPS Antenna
User Manual 6 graphic navigation displays
External VHF Antenna Vehicular
Activation Instructions Fullfeatured track plotter
or Marine
Quick Reference Guide Stores 200 userdefined waypoints
AC Converter International Plug Kit
5 reversible routes with up to 15 legs
Main Menu displays ORBCOMM Status icons let you know if email Integrated GPS constantly updates
satellite availability and message has been received sent your position and navigation
message status read or is a draft
ORBCOMM GPS Performance
Data Rate 2400 bps Inbound
Position Accuracy 15 meters 49 feet 4800 bps Outbound
RMS in 2D without SA Frequencies
Uplink 14800 15005 MHz
Velocity 0 to 825 knots 99 mph Downlink 13700 13800 MHz
Time to First Fix Addressing Internet
Warm Start Approx 20 seconds X400
Cold Start Approx 55 seconds
Message Size Character Maximum
Update Rate 1 second 2D typical
Standard 2000
Navigational 2D 3D
Store Forward 182 Inbound
Accuracy subject to degradation of 100m 229 Outbound
2D RMS under the United States Department
of Defense imposed selective availability Space Segment 4 Near Polar
Spacecraft 32 Inclined 45
Power Source 96 VDC Rechargeable
NiCad Battery Pack 825 kmcircular
1030 VDC External Power
Size 8 x 35 x 175
Weight Approx 32 oz
Temp Range
Operating 14F to 140F
10C to 60C
Storage 40F to 167F
Messages are displayed in 40C to 75C
standard email format in your
choice of three font sizes Case Splashproof
Antennas GPS Internal Patch
ORBCOMM Telescoping
rt 9990095000 RevB
960 Ove
rland Ct San Dimas CA 91773 Phone 909 3945000 Fax909 3947050 Email Web

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