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' Northernlights: L572 Northernlights M643 Power Generator'

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M643K 45 kW
Marine Generator Set
1800 rpm tough EPA Tier One clean Small enough to fit your engine room
The Northern Lights M643K 45kW is the smallest Northern Lights marine set ever built Now boat owners who have had to make do with 3600 rpm sets or
inverters can have legendary Northern Lights 1800 rpm reliability The M643K meets your power requirements and it will meet the EPA Tier One emissions
standards effective 112000 At only 27 inches long and 355 pounds light the M643K is comparable in size and weight with highrev shortlife 3600 rpm sets
This makes it the perfect retrofit set for boats that werent built with a generator set Many owners will have it installed in the corrosive
environments of lazarets and under cockpit soles So Northern Lights engineers gave the new set a stainless steel drip pan base that will resist rust
Junction box contains AC terminal strip and solid state AC automatic voltage service points on this side lets you install the set close to a bulkhead
Features Liquid cooled cast iron exhaust elbow Onepiece cast iron heat exchanger expansion tank and exhaust manifold 12 volt starter and smooth
operation the M643K has a balanced Lugger three cylinder diesel instead of a rough two banger Four plateform isolation mounts reduce vibration
transmission even more The unitized freshwater cooling system and gear driven seawater pump minimize troublesome belts hoses and gaskets The new K
generator end has a broad 110 to 240 voltage capability in both 50 and 60 Hz operation The automatic voltage regulator AVR gives clean power and is
fully automatic in both 50 and 60 hz applications A special AC winding powers the AVR for faster response This will maintain the Northern Lights
reputation for starting motors and air conditioners A 30 amp AC circuit breaker in the junction box gives short circuit protection
Boschtype fuel injection pump
Safety shutdowns for low oil pressure high water temperature and high exhaust temperature are standard All major service points are located on one
side for ease of service even in the optional marine aluminum sound shield The fuel system is self venting The control panel has a 20foot wire harness
that allows additional stations to be plugged in All is protected by white polyurethane paint The new M643K Low emissions small size reliability and
long life The best does come in a small package
Freshwater cooled with onepiece cast iron heat exchanger expansion tank and exhaust manifold Removable heat exchanger end covers for easy cleaning
Cast valve cover with oil fill and washable air Reduces valve train noise
DC circuit breaker 30 amp AC circuit breaker
Gear driven Jabsco seawater pump No drive belt Ceramic seals Battery charging 12 volt Spinon oil and fuel filters Fuel lift pump with hand primer
DC wire harness with plugins protected by plastic loom Northern Lights reconnectable direct coupled generator
Top and side oil fills
Oil drain for quick clean oil changes
Four plateform vibration mounts for smooth operation
Sparkling white polyurethane paint for high Welded stainless steel base with integral drip pan Acts as base for sound Ouptut1
45 kW Hz 1800 RPM 1 Ph 10 PF 120240 V187 A 120 V375 A 35 kW 50 Hz 1500 RPM 1 Ph 10 PF 110220 V159 A 110 V318A Voltage regulation Data
Lugger L643 Engine
Type inline 3 cylinder diesel Cylinders inline 3 Displacement cid 61 ltr BoreStroke in 6464mm HP 1800 RPM 76 Approx fuel rate full gph half
Wet exhaust 15 38mm OD Raw water inlets 075 19mm OD Fuel inlet and return 516 ID wet weight lbs 161 kg
1 Based on SAE J1995 and ISO 3046 2 Actual fuel consumption will vary depending on operating dimensions given in inches mm Dimensions subject to
change without Features and Block
Lugger four cycle 3 cylinder liquid cooled naturally aspirated overhead valve diesel Swirl combustion chambers improve fuel efficiency and reduce
smoke Glow plugs for quick cold starting 112 inch water lift muffler and exhaust water separator are optional Cast iron wet exhaust elbow for
safety Dry exhaust elbow is optional
AC Generator
Northern Lights direct coupled 4 pole revolving field 4 lead reconnectable generator with Class H insulation and prelubricated bearing Conservative
95C50C ambient heat rise rating External automatic voltage regulator gives you 5 voltage regulation This clean power protects sensitive electronic
equipment AVR powered by dedicated AC winding for improved motor starting AVR and mainline circuit breakers protect generator from AC overloads and
shorts 30 Amp circuit breaker for AC system short circuit System
Full flow spinon oil filter with bypass 3 qt oil capacity for better lubrication and 200 hour oil change intervals Oil drain for quick clean oil
changes Closed crankcase vent system keeps engine room System
Freshwater cooling system Onepiece heat exchanger expansion tank and liquid cooled exhaust manifold Fewer troublesome hoses and gaskets Cast iron to
resist corrosion and electrolysis Zinc anode electrolysis protection Heat exchanger cooling is standard Tubetype heat exchanger has removable ends
for easy cleaning Jabsco seawater pump of brass and stainless steel is gear driven no belts to break Keel cooling configuration optional
DC Electrical System
12 volt starter motor and battery charging alternator with integrated regulator Belt guard Standard panel Remote mount S1B has hour meter stopstart
switch with run light and preheat switch Optional Remote mount S3C panel has gauges for oil pressure water temperature hours and DC volts S4 panel
has engine gauges and AC meters 20 foot plugin panel harness lets you mount your panel anywhere onboard Better than inaccessible unit mount panels
that are prone to vibration problems Harness extensions and Ys for multipanel systems are available Low oil pressure high water temperature and high
exhaust temperature safety shutdowns standard Shutdowns and alarms for low oil level low water level and overspeed are Equipment
Stainless steel base frame with drip pan Easy to mount Keeps engine room clean Four plateform mounts isolate vibration White polyurethane paint for
longlife finish and service visibility Operators and parts manuals System
Fuel system is selfventing Injection pump with 5 mechanical governor for close AC frequency control Pintle injectors with replaceable tips
Mechanical lift pump with hand primer No electric pump to fail Large spinon fuel filter Steel fuel lines Stop solenoid controls the fuel rack not
throttle to eliminate speed variance and linkage coated marine aluminum panels lined with barrier foam deaden noise yet allow easy service access
Weight 51 lbs 23 kg L 2852 724 x W 1864 474 x H 2126 and Exhaust
Meets EPA Tier One emission requirements Cleanable air cleaner in cast intake manifold reduces intake by Alaska Diesel Electric Inc
PO Box 70543 Seattle WA 98107 Tel 206 7893880 Fax 206 7825455 Web Email Information materials and dimensions subject to change without notice
1999 All rights reserved Litho in USA L572 899

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