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Dear Sir
Thank you for your inquiry expressing an interest in Hood
Yacht Systems product line
Enclosed you will find literature and pricing information on
our entire line of marine products including sail handling
systems and deck hardware
If after looking through this information you have any
further questions please do not hesitate to contact our
usan M Southworth
B 3 Drive Portsmouth Rhode Island 02871 401 6832900 Fax 401 6832410 telex 51 0601 7839 HYS
Suggested Retail Prices
Model No Deck Aperature Inside 653010 818 x 1334 41900

653020 1212 x 1712 60800 63600
653030 1612 x r1612 67800 70600
653040 1g12x 14l12 67800 70600
653050 1g12x 191211 78500 81300
653060 24 x 24 96500 99200
653070 31 x 31 130200 133400
Inside Hatch opens and closes from below decks only
Hatch can be opened and closed from below decks and on deck
Custom sizes available upon request r
Stainless Steel
Opening Size Straight Angled
5 x 12 31 700 341 OO
7 x 14 37400 40200
7 x 16 42500 s 46700
8 x 16 47000 51700
8 x 18 50400 55600
Standard Spigot sizes 14 1l2 2 22 3
Portlight prices include screens
Custom size portlights Rectangular Oval Round and Eliptical available upon request
Stainless Steel Deck Fills
Model No Size Price
654610 1l12 5000
654620 2 5200
Please specify type C Water C Gas C Diesel C Waste
and Deck Cap Standard Key Owinch Handle
Stainless Steel Doradcs
Model No Deck Cut Out Height Interior Color Price
650010 43a 1358 White or Blue 31500
650020 578 1511116 Stainless 186000
interior color available on request
Prices quoted are FOB Portsmouth RI
prices and subject to change without notice
December Ist 1991
Maritime Drive Portsmouth RI 02871 401 6832900 H YS Fax 40 16832410
188 nonmagnetic stainless steel Hand pol
ished and to protect against
o Each Deck Fill is marked with either DIESEL
s DIESEL Deck Fills come with a stainless steel
tang for easy attachment of grounding wire
s Each Deck Fill has an oring gasket for a tight
o Your choice of Deck Fill cap Standard type
which opens with a key provided or Sailing
Yacht type which opens with any standard
winch handle
1 Marltime Drive Portsmouth R 1 02571
188 nonmagnetic stainless steel frames ports
and hinges Hand polished and to protect against corrosion Frames and ports
are made from machine rolled stock to ensure
strength and low weight
Injection molded Nylon 66 screw type closure
Set screw in each hinge to adjust proper pressure
against gasket
Gaskets are oilresistant Neoprene
Tempered Glass
Exterior stainless steel trim ring standard
Optional fiberglass screens with rubber gasket
to ensure a tight fit on the inside of the opening
Straight or angled spigots available
1 Mantime Drive Portsmouth RI 02871
Tel 401683 2900 Tlx 5106017839 HYS
SIZE FOR C lsg t I frames hatch
hatch nc 31 polished and
elzcr to tect against corrosion
FGn latches e made from machine
rolledrc o ensure rength and low weight
Positi 2 to operate tainless arms allowing
full lrj ee opening u th pullturn knobs to
hold haicb cpen
2 11
ilijection molded Nylon 66 handles
Set scyew adjustment in each hinge to adjust the
proper pressure against the gasket
Tough glare resistant acylic tops
Q Inside opening opening and
double opening available
Q models with 100 Stainless Steel
snag free handle
Double opening models with quick snaprelease
dogs and 100 stainless fast pins for easy and
quick change of hinge location 1 Maritime Drive Portsmouth RI 02871
Gaskets are oil resistant Neoprene Tel 401683 2900 Tlx 5106017839 HYS
8 1334 10 164 6
8i 13 48KG
206mm 349mm 270mm 413mm 8mm
122 172 15 20 2
12 x 172
318mm 444mm 382mm 508mm 12mm
142 19 17 22 2
142 x lg12 85KG
369mm 495mm 433mm 559mm 12mm
16 16 19 19
162 162 75KG
419mm 419mm 483mm 483mm 12mm
19 19 22 22
1g12 x 1g12 93KG
495mm 495mm 559mm 559mm 12mm
24 24 262 26
24 24 126KG
610mm 610mm 674mm 674mm 12mm
31 31 332 33 12
31x 31
788mm 788mm 852mm 852mm 12mm

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