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Yanmar Yse Service Manual

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crol 4cl
32 Poer Takeoff Shaft Pulleys 5
5 t FuelOils 7
1 1 Propert requirements 7
522 8
by viscosity
523 R e c o m m e n d eDdl a n o s I
6 10
6 1 E n g i nD e oes o1Start 10
62 D i f f i c u l tS r a f i u p 1l
63 B a dE x h a u s Ct o l o r I2
64 M o m e n t a r lH i g h s p e e d Relolution 12
65 Hunting 1 2
6 6 O u t p uD t e c r e a s e 13
6 Knocking during Operation 13
6 8 S u d d eE nn g i n S etop 14 l
69 Lubricatin Ogi l L e a k 14 I
6 1 0F u O l i ll e a k 14
6 1 1 W a t e rL e a k 15
6 1 2 C o o l i n g W a t e rF a i l u r e 15
6 1 3C l u t cS hl i p 1 5
8 A N D s E R V r c r N do F M A I N p R T S r i h
8l Fuel Injection Pump anclNozzle 17
8 1 1 F u e li n j e c t i o p
nump 77
812 813 Air venting 21
8 2 C o o l i nW
g ater Pump 22
83 Cylinde Hre a d
84 Piston and Connec t i n gR o d A s s e m b l y 26
85 Cylinder Liner 30
86 Crankshaft and Main Beafing Metal 32
87 ElectdcaI Equipment
871 Stater 36
872 Generator 37
91 Governor Lever 38
91 1 38
912 Readjustment
Fuel Injection Timing
932 Adjustment procedure 40
101 Preparation
102 4T
102 1 General tools
1022 Specialtools 42
1023 Measuring instruments 42
1024 Others 43
103 Precautions 43
104 Cl Prucedure 43
11 1 Precautions 4
Eye nur for ho si only for electil startng
shaft uprinq
2 Its light weight and large output permit engine room to be
Wet tlpe singledisc clutch and gear offer very light forward
backward change easy and positive operation and outstanding Selection of shaft ratios 2 1 and 3 1
4 Selection ol starting systems electric starting coupled also available with handle
starting and handle stafiing with speedup chain gearing available to install on
eitherbow or Allspeed governor insterlocked tith durable YanmarDickel type
fuel injection pump assures minimum load fluctuations and excellent lowspeed oper
6 Rotary type cooling water pump featrring ample circulating water and simple construc
tion makes the engine Flywheel enclosed in the cllrtch housing provides safety to the Full sealed forced lubrication system saves oiling labor
dudng operational mode
and thereby increases working simplicity of component parts makes the engine very easy to operate
maintaitr and inspect
Each of Yanmar diesel engines models YSE8 and YSE12 comes equipped with
clutch reduction gear which togethei with a flywheel is totally enclosed in the flywheel
housing and the clutch housing The propeller shaft is run from the flywheel side
The starter for electrical starting is directly mounted to the flyrheel housing to
drive the ring gear of the nylheel For chain starting the power takeolf shaft is
to the starting shaft located immediately above the cjlinder The engine
is started bclockwise rotation on the stern side and by rotation on the
boi side
31 Part Description 1 CrI bodr llonoblock casting of water jacket
crankcase and
oil pan
2 Cyl liner Wet tlpe made of special cast iron and coated with
special anticorrosive paint
3 Main bearing Side cover side precision kelmet metal with thin
back metal
Flwheel side Thick metaI
4 Cyl Gasket tfpe part of monoblock including valve guides
5 valve Mushroom ttpe
6 Intake pipe madof stel
7 Exhaust silencer Round expansion tpe or water injection type
8 Valve drive system Tappet valve push rod type Parabolic suction
exhaust cam with approach ramp
9 C rankshaft Stamp forged with induction hardened journal pin
and oil seal portions
10 Flywheel Mounted to clutch enclosed in flywheel housing
11 Piston Made of aluminum alloj oval shaped
12 Piston rings Three compression rings one oil scraper ring
13 Piston pin Float type
Part Description 14 Connecting rod Isection stamp forged
15 Crankpin metal Drum type
16 Lube oil pump Trochoid pump driven by camshaft
17 Lube oil strainers Iniet side perforated steel te
Outlet side autoclean tlpe fullflow passing tlTe
18 Indicators Electric starting hydraulic lamp
Manual startingr oil light
1 9 Lube oil circulation
nlet side strainer
rochoid pump
Outlet side strainer
Main bearing metal flywheel side
Valve rocker arm chamber
Main bearing side
Crankpin metal
20 Cooling water pump Rotary type beltdriven from power takeoff shaft
21 Fuel itrjectio pump YanmarDickel type pump
22 Fuel injection nozzle Pintle nozzle
Fuel strainer FiIter paper
24 Fuel tank Steel plate
25 Governor Centritugal allspeed tJpe
Part Description 26 Governor remote Remote control wiTe steel lever
control device
27 Remote control wire steel lever
28 Electric starting Starter iog gear tlpe
Output 10 KW at 12 v I Battery 400AH
i 29 Manual starting Speedup chain on stern or bow side
Speedup ratio 2 0 7 Y S E 8 2 9 1 Y S E 1 2
30 Rever8ing clutch Wet t e siDgle plate disc clutch
31 Reduction gear Constant mesh spur gear type
Reduction latio 2 3 1
32 Power takeoff shaft Spur geardriven from crank gear with pulleys lor
pulley alternator and for cooling water pump
32 PowerTakeoff The outside pulley is for the alternator and the inside pulley for the cooling water If the
alteinator is not attached the outside pulley can be used as desied to drive a bilge pump
Remark The flexible mounting being on engine not using PTO shaft
Model YSE8 YSE12
PTO shaft rotation speedengine speed 41003200rpm rpm
Outside diameter oI pulley 90 mm 1 1 0m m
V belts Single HM type Single HM tYP
PTO max permissible output power rts32o0 HPrpt

Hours of opemtion
No verY
100 250 500
I Fuel Oil 1 C h e c kt l e l o i l l e v e l a n d
supply luel if necessary a
2 Discharge drainage rom
Clern fuel str3iners
Renes the fuel stliner
filter elements a
2 1 Check lube oil levels in
cftnkcase and reduction
Sear case ano supprJ
lube oil if necessary
2 Lubricate the sarting shaft
chaih and other Darts a
3 Tun tbe lube oil shaine
L Oehl tn Itbil
R e n e Nc r a n k c a s el u b e o i l
6 Clnrchaanb
Renan I a
l D i s h a r g e c o o i i n gq a r e r
3 alte ottrarion in cold a
2 Chec the recirculated
condition of cling wate a
4 l Check fuel injeciion
iniection noise
2 Adjust th govemor
3 Check fuel injection timing a
t aln theIe a
5 cylinder Eead l RetightcD the cvlinder a
2 Adjust ih a
3 clean the intemal surfaces
of combustion chamber a
l Clean the a
5 Checkth a
6 Cbeck valve rocker alrn and
6 1 Wash the breather valve a
2 Check the belt tensions
cooling saler pump a
3 Renew the a
Check the piston and the
ing a
To the engine fuel oil is food and lubricating oil is blood Mishandling might cause
unexpected engine trouble The efficiency of the Yanmar engine will dependupon strict
adherence to these instructions and recommendati ons
It is the salesmans or servicemans duty and mission to urge the user to follow them
51 FuelOils
51 il IIidhafanp Tqfind
fl loor ignitability of fuel oil results in a ignition lag causing difficult starting or
l knockine
2 Low sulphur content
Sulphur contained iD fuel oil when burned is combined witi water to produce
sulphuric acid metallic parts
3 No dust or moisture content
Dust and moisture contained in fuel oil can cause faster wear or sticking of the
plunger of fuel injection pump and injection nozzle
4 Appropdate viscosity
Fuel viscosity has a relation to the condition of injection It should be such that the
pluoger and the nozzle valve will be properly lubricated n
5r2 Rmmend bands
ie BraIto
SHELL Shell Diesoline or local equivalent
CALTEX Caltex Diesel Oil
MOBIL Mobil Diesel oil
ESSO Esso Diesel Oil
B P British Petroleum B P Diesel OiI
521 Functions
1 friction and wear ou sliding surfaces
2 away combustion and riction heat
3 the cylinder airtight prevents escape of compressed
air and operating gas
4 away carbon combustion product and intelnal dust
5 Rust parts from rust
Today improved engines call for Nghquality lubdcating oils Oil companies
are now using a umber of additives to improve the properties of their lubricaung oils
522 by viscositv
Lube oil viscosity should be so selected as to suit the ambient SAEViscosity Table
oF 178C I l0oFta8 aoc
t No Sayboli univesal Kinematic
ybotl uoiYersar
I 5W below 4000 below 869
F loc
r 2000b48000
4558 513962
30 5870 962t293
40 7G85 t2921671
300c 85110 16172268
523 Rocommended t9r crankce andger
brands box
below 10C 10 20c 20 35C over 35C
10w 2020w
Shll Rotella oil
202ow 40
SHELL Shell Talona Oil 10w 2Q 50
Shell Rimula oil 2020v 2020w 40
RPM Delo Marine Oil 10w 20
10w 30
RPM DeIo MultiService Oil 20
2020W 40
Delvac Special 10w 20
Delvac 20W40 20w40 20w40
2020w 30
Delvac 1100Series 2020w
10w 40
2020w 30
DeIvac 1200Series 2020w 50
10w 40
Estor HD r0w 20
ESSO Esso Lube HD 20 50
Standard Diesel Oil 10w 20
BP B P Energol
British B P Venellus 30
20w30 20w30 50
Petroleuno B P Diesel 53 40
B P venellus
API gradeCB
API gxade CD
6 The best engine will come to malfunction i not properly handled day after day or
after a prolonged period of service
Locating the trouble is the first Pinpointing the trouble cause is to
be done next Then comes a proper remedy therefore If careless handling is the case
the operator may be instructed not to cause the same trouble
The following lists the troubles check points possible causes and EngineDoesNot Start
Check point Possible cause
1 Intakexhaust 1 No valve clearance Adjust to 0 2 mm
2 Calbod or wear on valve Fit valve with quick
seat 3 Worn valve guide Renewcylinder head 24
4 stuck
2 Fuel injection Loose or uns mmetricalll
nozzle tightened nozzle guard
2 FaultJ or lost packing Repair or renew
Cylinder liner 1 oil Change oil
r piston
2 Gasoline overcharged at
3 Stuckor worn piston ring
4 Seized or worn piston and 27
cylinder Iiner 30
4 Gasket 1 Gasket damaged loose or Renew or retighten
ti ghtened
1 Fuel failure Supply fuel
2 Tank cock in closed position
6 Fuel injection 1 Air in pump
2 Difiy scratched or worn Clean or renew
delivery valve
3 Dirty scratchedor worn Clean or renew
regulator needle
Clean or renew
Check poit Possible cause Remecty
Fuel injection 1 Stuckor worn nozzle Clean or renev I9
2 Hight or low injection pres Adjust to 160 kglcm2 20
8 Main bearing 1 Stuck or seized C l e a no r r e n e r r
9 Crankpin metal 1 Stuck or seized Clean or rene 26
10 Starter operatior 1 Battery discharge Rechargeup to 126 SC
at 20C
2 Kev switch fault Renew
3 Magnetswitch fault Correct or renew
1 llotor brush fault Renew
5 llotor unit fault Renew
11 Batterv I Batter discharge Rechargeup to 1 26 SG
at 20C
2 Voltage drop under no load Renewii below 12V
12 Govelllor lever 1 Not properly adjusted Readjust 38 F l
Dilficult Startup
Check point Possible cause Remedy
l Temperature 1 Loa Select suitable lube oiL
Use startup Fuel oil l Unsuitable qualit Change fuel oil 7
3 Injection 1 Stuck or worn nozzle valve Clean or renew 19 4
2 Low injection pressure Adiust to 160 kgcmz 20
3 Worn plunger Renew
4 Intakexhaust 1 Misadjusted Reactjust
5 Electric
7 Heavy manual 1 Stuck or seized piston liner Correct or renew 3t
2 Stuck or seized main beadng Correct oI renew 33
3 Stuck or seized crankpin Correct or renew 26
4 Unsuitable lube oil Change oil 8
63 Bad Exhaust
Check point Possible cause Remedy
1 Operating 1 Overloaded operation Reduceload
2 Output decrease 13
3 Fuel oil 1 Unsuitable quality Change fuel oil 7
4 Injection 1 Stuck ot rlorn nozzle Correct or renew 19
2 Low injection preaaure Adjust to 160 kgcm2 20
5 Injection timing 1 lnjection lag Set to 10 2 before TDc
listeoing to injection noise
6 Carbon deposit 1 Stuck or worn piston ring or Correct or renew
Sticky oil ring
2 WoIII cylinder liner or piston Renew 27
Burning oil 30
r 64 Revolution
Check point Possible cause Re6edy
1 Regulator handle l Sudden operatioD Do not move it suddnly
F 38
Governor syatem 1 Misadjusted lever 2 Stuck regulator spindle Cleao and correct
65 Hunting
I Check point Possible cause Remedy
1 Govemor 1 Misadj usted levr Readjust 38
2 Stuck regulator spiodle Clean and correct
3 Malfuction of No I lever Correct
2 Injection 1 Stuck or worn nozzle Correct or renew
2 High or low preasure Adjust to 160 kgcm2 20
3 r uel oll L Inferior quality Change fuel oil
4 Idjectiod timing 1 Injection advance or lag Set to 10 2 before TDC
listening to injection noise
5 C rankshaft side 1 Large gap worn main Renew
gap bearing
66 Output Decrease
Check point Possible cause Remedy
1 Compression
2 1 overunder clearance Adjust to 02 mm 39
3 Injectiod 1 Stuck or worn nozzle Colrect or renew 19
2 Pressure drop Adjust to 160 kglcm2 20
3 forn plunger Renew 18
I 4 Scratchedor worn delivery Correct or renew
5 Uisadjusted govemor lever Readjust 38
4 Fuel oil l L n s u i t a b l eq u 3 l i t Change fuel oil 7
5 CombustioD 1 Carbon deposit Remove
6 Moving parts l Stuck or seized cylinder liner Correct orarenert 27
and piston 30
2 Stuck or seized crankpin Correct or renew 26
3 Stuckor seized main bearing Correct or renew
4 Stuckor seized piston pin Correct or renew
and pin metal
67 Check point Possible cause Remedy
1 Tightening 1 Loose end nut Retighten
2 Irose connecting rod bolts Retighten
and nuts
3 Other tightening parts loose Retighten
2 Moving parts 1 Worn or seized crankpin Renew 26
2 worn or seized mai bearing Renew
3 worn or seized piston pin and Renew 27
pin metal
3 1 Large cleaiance A d j u s tt o 0 2 m m 39
Cbeck point Posaible cause Remedy
4 Fuel oil 1 Unsuitable quality Change fuel oil 7
5 Injection 1 Stuckor worn nozzle Correct or renew 19
2 High or low pressure Adjust to 160 kglcm2 20
68 Check point Possible cause Remedy
1 Heavy manual 1 Seizedmain bearing metal Renew
rurrung 26
2 Seized crankpin metal Renew
3 Seized pistod and cylinder Renew 27
Iiner 30
2 Injection
3 Compression
1 Fuel failure Supply fuel oil
F 2 Changefuel oil
5 Load 1 Overload Reduce load
t 69 Luboil Leak
Check point Possible cause Remedy
1 Contact surfaces 1 Loose bolts and nuts Retighten
of parts
2 Scratched packings Renew
2 Sliding parts 1 Scratched or worn oil seals Renew
or shafts
3 Lube oil tube 1 Loose bolts or scratched Retighten or renew
610 FuelOil Leak
Check point Possible cause Remedy
1 Firel tank cock 1 Loose bolts and nuts ot Retighten or rener
reutlner scratched packings
2 Fuel oil pipe 1 Loose or Retighten or renew
3 Oil reaervoir 1 Defective plunger tightning Retighten or renew
nuts loose setbolts damaged 23
packings or scratched
codtact l4
611 WaterLeak
Check point Possible cause Remedy
1 Rocker cover 1 Loose bolts and nuts Retighten
2 Rener
2 Cylinder head 1 Crack causedby fteezing Renew
2 Loose bolts Retighten 24
3 Renew
3 Cylinder body 1 Crack causedby freezing Renew
4 Inside of crank 1 Scractched liner packing Renew
612 CoolingWaer Failure
Check point Posaible cause Remedy
1 Kidgston cock 1 Dirty mouth Clean
2 Cock in closed position Open cock
2 Cooling water 1 Renew 22
pipe flange
2 Loose Retighten
3 Pump drive 1 Slack belt Tighten Adjust finger
belt depressed deflexion to
5 mm
4 Cooling water 1 Scratched or worn imDeller Renew
pump 22
a 613 ClutchSliD
Check point Poasible cause Remedy
1 Friction disc 1 Worrl disc Renew if total wear on bott
sides erceeds2 mm
2 Spring 1 Weakened ot broken Renew
Description wear limit
std dim wear limit std dim
mm mm
Clearance between cylinder 038 0208 043
liner and piston
Clearance between piston pin 00375 030 00375 030
and piston pin metal
Clearance between crankpin 0036 014 0036 017
and cranlpin metal rl
l Clearance betweeo 0057 0 1 0059 018
crankshaft journal
007 018 0068 0 2 1
and crank metal
00525 03 00525 03
exhaust valve and valve guide
Piston ring end clearance 03 0 1 15
Cylinder liner top I D 030 85 034
Piston skirt OD 75 023 85 026
t 010 28 0 11
Piston pin O D 23
Piston pin metal I D 010 2a 011
Crankshaftpin OD 013 0
CrankshaJt journal O D 44 0 13 016
Crankpin metal I D 42 011 0 1 2
Main bearing metal I D 11 013
Breadth 2O 015 0 15
Top piston ring
Thick 0 33 37 0 37
s 0 15
Breadth 20 0 15 25
2nd srd piston
rings Thick 033 37 0 3
Breadth go 40 0 15
Oil ring
Thick 0 33 0 3
33 37
Free 15to 15to
valve sping length 2O 20
Models YSE8 YSE12
Max permissible Pin 4 r 5Q 455A
diameter of ground
Journal 435 4 a150
81 Pumpand
Both the fuel injection pump and the fuel injection valve nozzle are superhigh
precision finished to atomize fuel oil at an elevated pressute so it can be intimately
mixed witl air
Care should therefoie be taken that they do not get dirty or scratched during
disassembly and reassembly And it is important that the are washed in clear cleaning
oil before 81r Fuel pump
iniection t
Resuraio body Disassembly
1 Remove the pump adjusting lever
2 Remove the delivery valve holder taking care dot to drop the delivery valve ball
3 Remove the regulator body taking care not to drop the regulator needle
4 Remove the fuel injection pump body taking care not to drop the spdng and the
spring washer
5 Remove the plunger and the plunger barrel
Attach copper sheet to the vise o wind waste
cloth on the body and vise then remove the a
balrel tightening screws using an offset
wrench dolrblehead Cloeking Servicing
Check point Remedy Part code
iust scratches wear 1 Clean if dusty Delivery
on delivery lalve seat valve and ball 2 Renew if scratched assembly
or wotn
Remark Common to all models
Dust scratchea wear 1 Clean if dusty
on regdator oeedle 2 Renew if scratched YSE8 YSE12
Remark Common to all models
Scratches or wear on 1 Renewif scratched YSE8 YSE12
plunger plunger
barrel Plunger 104200 102700
aeaembly 51100 51100
Remark AIso for Also for
tl Gasket 17210051290
Commonto all models
1 Tighten the plunger assembly
Check that the plunger moves lightly while
tightening it gmduauy by use of an offset
2l Place the spring and the spritrg washer
Attach the pump bodj to the engine
4l Tighten the regulator with the regulator body turned to the
degree within which it does not come off Check that the regulator spindle moves
5 Tighten the delivery valve
Note This completes the reassembly however air venting of fuel injection pump and
adjustment of governor lever are still necessary for engne startup
812 Fuel nozzle
o Foel varve spring horder
Fuelv6lv spnng horde Pakng
Nozzle sprin9 adjung plate
rl I
1 Detach the fuel iujection valve
2 Remove the fuel injection valve lock nut
3 Remove the nozzle valve assembly
If it is difficult to take out the nozzle body
drive it out by hammering the pipe Beefig
Do not strike with a dliver or the like for the
valve tip might be damaged
4 Take off the fuel injection valve spring holder taking care not to drop the nozzle spring
adjusting Servicing
Check point Remed Part I Clean if dusty YSES YSE12
Dusty stuck 2 Clean or renew if
worn stuck 1721005i000
Renew if
scratched Remark Common to all models t
Renewif Attach tbe inter spildae stiing seat nozzle spring packing and
nozzle spdng holderto the fuel injection valve body Be sure of the spring side of
the spdng seat and do not drop the spring Attach the nozzle valve and the nozzle bod to the fuel injection valve bodJ
Vise the fuel injection valve and tighten various After completion of the reassembly verify that the injection pressure and the spray
from are nonnal or as rated A nozzle tester simplifies the verification but if itrs fit the tuel injection valve and swing the V pulley of the power
takeoff shalt
to left and right
venting is Check point Judging criterion remedy
Injection 1 Juclgement
using nozzle tester YSES YSE12
2 using nozzle Nozzle
not normal I
tester spnng
Low pressure large fuel plate
particle size or bad exhaust
Sold in sets
High pressure small fuel particle
aize or knocking
Adjust to 160 kgcmz
Adjusting plate thickness and
0 1 mm approximately t K g c f i
02mm 14 kgcm2
03mm 21kgcrrl2
05mm 35 kgcm2
Normal spray angle
Abnormal spray fon
Check tle iniection pressure and
clean or retrew nozzle valve
813 AiI ventang
The tuel injection system includes the fuel talk the fuel injection pump the fuel
injection pipe and the fuel injection nozzle
Air contained in this fuel iniection system prevents fuel injection
In case of Juel failure and phen the fuel injection pump is disassembled air ente
the fuel injection system
Purge the system of air
Air Venting Procedure
1 Place the fuel cock in
the open 21
q i
2l Loosen the nipples at
both ends of the in
jection pipe remove
the injection pipe
ard place the speed
charge lever in LOw
3 Loosen the delivery
valve holder by about
two turlrs and
when bubblefree
fuel comes out
securely tighten tte
delivery valve holder
and then after
attaching the iniection
pipe securely tighten
the tuel trrmp side
ConJirm if tuel leak
out of the nut of the
fuel injectio valve
side ard then tightsn
securely the nut
42 The YSE type cooling water pump of the rotary tlpe contains a rubber impeller it car
feed a sufficient quantity of cooling water to all the parts at high speod as well as at low
Disaasembled Cooling Water Pump
Pump Pump
1 Detach the pump assembly from the engine
2 Remove the pump drive V pulley and key
3 R e m o el h e b e a r i n gs n a p r i n g
4 Take off the pump cover
5 Drive out the drile shaft b hammering ith copper hammer from the impeller side
to the pulley side It comes off with the bealing
U Remove the rubber impeller
7 Draw out the seal from the pump bodl
8 Remove two beadngs one nylon packing and one rubber seal from the dlive shaft
Checking Servicing
Check point Remedy Patt code
Scratches or Renew if scratched
6E8 YSE12
Renew il the gap between
impeller and pump body Impeller r04211 42070
side exceeds05 mm
Scratches or
weai on plpp
body and cover
Renew if scratched oi
Pump body 10421142010
surfaces ove
which impeller Pump body
Scratches or Renew if scratched or
weat on pump YSES YSEl2
Pump seal Wea or rust Renew if worn or rusty
on bearing YSE8 YSE12
24t07 062004
1 lnsert tle cooling water seal into the pump body and apply grease to the seal
2 Place two bearings distance peace nylon packing and rubber seal upon the drive
shaft place the assembly into the pump body and then place the snap ring
3 With it set in the gtoove on the drive shaft insert the impeller into the pump body
The ddve shaft rotates when viewed from the pulley side Be
sure the impeller is inserted correctly
4 Place the pump body cover
5 Attach the key and the V pulley place the lock washer and tighten the nut
6 Bend the lock washer
7 Attach the pump assembly to the engine and tighten the V belt
Adjust the deflection to 5 mm
the pump assembly to the engine and operate it to verify that its discharge ls as
specified betow
YSE8 Eoolit hr Pump shaft speed 2000 rpm
Crankshaft speed 3200 rpm
YSE12 460 lithr Pump shalt speed 1900 rpm
Crankshaft speed 3000 rpm
If operated ithogt water the rubber impeller with burn Never operate without
83 CYlinder Head
The cylinddr head is a gasket type the valve guides and the cylindet head are in one
piece and a la4e diameter intake valve is used fot eater suction fficiency The intake
and exhaust valves are of th totally enclosed and supplied lube oil with svstem
Disassembled Cylinder Head
intake intake
N rne
o o6
lif tfjl L
1 Detach the cylinder head from the engine remove thoroughly carbon from com
bustion surfaces of the cylinder heed aDd from the internal surlaces of the pre
combustion chamber and then inspect arld service the vaves
2 Remove the split tapper collets by pressing each spring holder with spanner They
will come off torard the combustion chanber
Checking Servicing
Check point
Scmtchesor wear Renew if stepped wear
on or deep scratches
valve seating Fit if poor fitting ot Intake 1042t1 104511
sudace shallow scratches 11100 11100
Refer to next column Exhaust L042ll 104511
valve 11100 11110
Note Seat width should
be less than 2 mm
Scratches or Lap if scratched or worn to a broader ridth than Specified
wear on cylinder
Lapping method
head valve seat If heavily worn or scratched correct with a seat cutter
a 1 Lap till scratches are gone
with coarse compound then
with fine compound
For finishing use oil
wash off the lapping compound
Apply red lead to the seat and check fitting aterthe lappin
After that be sure to apply oil to seat
wear on valve Rene cylinder head or YSE8 YSEl2
guides and valye if worn
valves Intake 104211 104511
11100 11100
Exhaust 104211 104511
valve 11110 11110
Cylindei to42tL 104507
heacl 11010
lnsert tll intake and exhaust valves into the cylinder head and secure each valve spring
I Jnt
placcd upon lhc valvPspring holder
2l Check and renew if necessaiy the gasket
Clarnpthe cylinder head evenly in the diagonal direction
Cylinder head lock nut tightening torque
Tightening torque 88 24
Rod Assembly
Pistonand Connecting
r8ton of hidr silicon featuring a low expansion coeflicient and outstanding resistance
jaw road ii ouar shaped externally The starnp forged connecting rod has piston pin
ital at its smaller end and crankpin metal at its lalger end The piston rings are com
posed of three pressure rings and one oil ring
Piston and Coinecting Rod Assembly
As y
Connect nq rol assmb
Connecting rod lock nut tightening
Iightening torque 3
1 Ring removal
11 Make bilo4 cmdia rings of tag wire
12 Slightly pull each ring and open with the wires
placed al its ends and remove
Excessive opening will cause ring breakage
13 After remolaI of all the rings clean the
ring glooves
2l Disassembly o piston and connecting rod
The piston and the connecting rod are connected to each other through the piston pin
The piston pin hole has a little tigitening allo4ance lhen cold It is thelefore neces
sary to heat the piston when it is lo be talien out or inserteci
2l Remove t1ropiston pin stop rings
2Z Heat ttlrepiston pin for 15 min in oil at oil
temperalure of 8tr C
23 Take out the piston pin using the exclu
sive tool
Checking Sewicing
Note 1t is recommended that parts be renewed at max allowable values
Checkpoint Remedy
104200 104500
No I ring 221l0 221
No I ring B 20 0 t5 2 5 015 l0
plated T 33 01J 37 037 N o 2 N o 3 104200 loi438
rings 22100 27l0o
using a
B 20 0 1 5 25 0l5
No2 104200 r03438
No3 rings T ll 033 3 1 o37 Oil ring 22200 22200
B 40 0 1 5 40 015
Oil dng
T 1 033 3 1 037
max RenewiI wear exceeds
ringand 104211 t04511
Piston 22020 0037 030 0037 030 For rin8s
rinS ma nominal values
Nom and max in lhe abovetable represent in nm and naximum Inn
YSE8 02 to 04 nm
YSEI2 03to 05mm
Rnewifthe gapexceds
std std
7s6 o23 8sd 026
Renew if weal xceedsthe maJdmum YSE8 YSE12 YSE8 YSEI2
piston pin
std l M200 OD
22300 234 o10 286 11
Renewif wearexceds
the 28
C h e c p o i n l Rernedy
pIon pm
Piston r04200 103438
23100 23100
cylinder 42S 0l0 18d 01
Rnewifwear exceeds
the mlinum YSES YSEI YSE8 YSE12
Crankpin 104200 103338
diam 23340 23300 ij
cylinder 421 01I 466 o12
Renewif wear exceeds
th views of piston rings
No 1 ring Barrelfaced te that fits exactly in liner allow
ing minidrutr gs escape
No 2 ring
Tapered tjpe that also serves to scrape oil down
No 3 ring
lE ou
Beveled tlpe that prevents oil from coming up as
well as scrape it down
1 Reaasembly of piston dngs
11 Clean piston Iing grooves before ring
placement preferably with ar old ring
12 Place rings upon piston ring marks head
13 Check rings move lightly in the grooves
14 Be sure that ends oJ one ring are 9f apart from those of neighboring ring or
other rings
2 Reassembly of piston connecting rod
2I Place a piston pin snap ring upon the piston only one side
22 Check that the piston pin enters lightly into tbe piston pin metal of the connecting
23 Heat the piston pin for 15 min in oil at oil temperature of about 8f C Use either
light oil or heavy oil
24 Insert the connecting rod into the piston then insert the piston pin from the
ide without piston pin snap ring
25 Place the other piston pin stop ring
2 A Check Iat both the pistoq and the connectiDg rod move lightly If they do not
I lrove lightly seizure will result
85 The cylinder liner is a wet type made of special cast iron and coated with ing paint
Cylinder Liner As
Note It is recoEmended that parts be renewed at max allowable values listed in the
followine table
Check Remedy
or wearon cylinder
Max Max Cylinder t 0 4 2 1 1 1 0 4 5 1 I
l Masure usinga cytrider Noninal Noininal 01100
liner 0t 100
101204 103388
01300 1300
156 030 8sd o34
Renewif suchwear or the
maxinuln 2 Another Renewifrhe gap exceedsl 0 mnl on bolh
YSE8 and YSEI2 modeis
Insrta newringinto Nol rinS
positionof linertlEn measur
th ring endgapusinga clea
ance guage
Note The ring inserted
should be to
3 Renewif obsened
1 Attach lock nuts to two cylinder head set
bolts positioned slmmetrically to each
other and pull out the liner with the liner
Drive the nuts till four to five threads
come into sight
2l Remove the liner rubber packing
3 Remove thoroughly paint and dust from
liner setting surfaces the rubber pack
ing gioove etc
1 PIace the liner rubber packing correctly
Apply white paint to liner setting surfaces
front and rear aa evenll as possible
Insert the cylinder liner and tap with
the cylinder head r
4 Attach head Iock nuts to two 4ead set
bolts v to each
other then tighten
5 Check that the lier top is about 02 mm
projecting from the cylinder body
6 Measurethe inside diaroeter of the liner
to check lhat it is oI the in bth a anL6 l 86 and Main Bearing
Crankshaft Metal
The crankshaft is induction hardened and superhigh precision finished The main bear
ing metal uses thin back metal on the gear case side and gilled kelmet back metal on the
flvwheel side
Check Remedy
7 0151
70421121r00 l21100
alow allow assembly
dim able dim able
Cranlpin l3 0l4
0 1 3 52 t6
Renewifwear exceeds
the maximum alowa
able dim abl
a cylinder Flywheel
10420002120 10333802100
Main Remark Alsofor Ts60 Also for TSl05
bearing 0 1 I 52 013
Renewilwear exceeds
1M200021l0 10450G02110
dim able
Remark Alsofor T560
f TSl05
Thrust 3 25 0J
Renew if wear exceedsthe maximum allowa
ble value
Bearing metal puller
Renewal of Main Bearing Metal
1 Drawingout of gear case side main
bearing metal
11 Draw out the crankshaft and the
12 Mount the bearing metal puller
13 Insert the bearing metal puller into
the bearing metal draw out bear
ing metal by tightening the puller
2 Insertion of gear case side main bear Bearing metal insertion tool
ing metal
21 Clean the bearing metal fitting sudace
of the cylinder body
ti22 Reassemble the bearing metal puller t
for metal 23 Place a new bearing metaIupon the
bearing metal insertion tool with
the chamfered side of the bearing
metal contour facing the cylinder
24 Insert both the bearihg metal in
sertion tool and tbe beadng metal
into the bearing metal hole from the
AtWith tbe oil holes or
ttr yrioub
Hy and of theb rnetal
agfeerng exac the nut till
the bearing m
26 Remove
3 Drawingout of flWheel side main bearrtrg
31 Removethe oil seal
32 Draw out the bearing metal in the
same way as for draringout of
gear case side main bea ng
metal using the beadng metal
Insertion of flatrheel slde main bearing
41 Clean the bearing metal fitting
surface of the cylinder body
42 Mark off a line on wbicb knock pin
is to be located
43 Let the markedoff line oD the bear
ing metal meet exactly vith tbe fly
wheel housing lock groove aad
inderJ the wooden insertion tool ioto
the bearing metal fully with the use
f of a hammer
3 44 Remove the insertion tool and
check that tbe knock pin and the lock
groove as weU a3oil holes agree
45 Attach tlle oiL seal
87 Electfical EquiDment
The electric starter for the YSE coupled to bhflvwheel
housing starts the engine in engagement with the ring gear of the flwheel The generalor
is driven by the V belt on the power takeoff pulley
1 The instrument panel can located withir teai ol iire re L1rness
2 Fully tighten the terrninals anclapply grease
3 Recheck after wiring
Note Do not operate the engine with the starter cable removed from the battery
for overheated generator might cause trouble
871 Starter
Model s114134 sl14134
Voltage 72y 72V I
Output 1oKW 1 OKW
tr49 r26s
Gear ratio
72 65 1 4 0
Bad cover Gear
1 Removethe starter from the engine
2 Take off the band cover and clean the four carbon brushes
Checking Servicing
Check point Remedy Part code
Brush wear Nominal min allowabl
F Measure with
vernier Total length
length mm length mm
Renew if the total leneth is below 9 5 mm
Weakened or
broken brush Renew if weakened or broken
1 Set the carbon brush and place the band cover
Note Check the and sides of the carbon brush
Also secure the brush spring
2 After reassembly conduct a verification test and then check that its performance
is as specified
Whatever quesfion you may have about the starter reassembly please let us
Tirrill type
Nominal output iit
Earth polarity side grounded
Checking Servicing
Check point Remedy Part code
1 Limit voltage 14 05V
2 Charging current 25A or more at
14Vl5 000 rpm
Voltage aDd
Measure the charging current vhen the
terminal voltage of the battery is 14V witi
the resistance load connected irl parallel
witi the battery a
3 Renew the assembly if the above specifica
t tions are not satisfied
9 Govenor Lever
911 Place the regulator remote clontrol lever
2 Turn the punch mark on the connecting
screw toward the cylinder to the pump Connn s stould or dn
Note Drive in the connecting screw till its bottom comes to the top level of the
pump adJusting lever
3 Lightly screw in the regulator spindle
Tighten the head screw
for ttre pump adiusting lever ad tighten a
the lock nut on the other side
s Irrn the corulecting screw punch mart
by 90 then tighten the
lock nut
Note If the pump adiusting lever moves outside when the connecting screw is hrned by
9f go back to step 3 After that if the governor 2nd lever moves inside the
adiustment is perfect
6 a Check tbat when the prmp adjustiDg lever is pushed to the cylinder side the
regulator spindle moves boo
Temporary highspeed rotation will result if the entsineis started while the
sDindle does not move
b After reassembly is completed check 6u hrnind fha hrndlo thr fho frol
injection noise is nonnal
912 Although the above steps 1 to 6 will do of course the steps sLlted below may be
followed for simplicity3 sake
1 Inosen the connecting screw lock nut
12 Turn the connecting screw puch mark
by 90 from left toward you
3 Tighten the connecting screw lock nut
92 921 1 Brtng the TD mark on the flwheel to the
maredoff Iine on the flywheel housing
Note Set to the top dead center of compres
sion stroke TD mark
2 Inosen the valve clearance adjusting screw
lock nut
3 Adjust the clearance to 02 mm by means
of the valve clearance adjustitrg screvr
Note Adjust both suction valve and exhaust l
valve clearances to 0 2 mm whe the Fi
engine is cool
4 Fix the adjusting screw using a driver
then tighten the lock nut
93 Fuel Iniection Timing
on models YSES and YSE12 fuel injection is started at lf plus or minus t before T D C
931 1 Remove the cover of the starter mountiog hole
Remove the starter for electdc starting
2 Set the TD mark of compression stroke on the flywheel to the mark on the flfrheel housing
3 Place the accelerator lever in theOPERATEiI position
4 Read out the start position of tuet injection noise by swinging the power takeoff
pulley to left atrd right
5 Judge correctly by repeating the step 4 three or four 1 Detach the fuel injection pump and the
pump mount
2 Increase or decrease the number of the
fuel injection timing adjushnent plates
If the timing is advanced increase the
number of the adiustment plates delayed
decraease the number
01 mm of plate thicknessis
equivalent to 2 of time difference
3 Mount the luel pump mount and the fuel
Note Check theuel injectioD timing
1O Choose a clean workshop put in order
2 Prepare a worktable on which to place the disassembled parts
3 Prepare wash oil and an cleaningoil drum
4 Prepare right tools
102 Kit
13 r
1 4
e fl
Pl 1 5
i a I
8 0 r l
Tool Remads Tool Remarks
1 Spanner 10x3 9 Pinchers
2 Spanner 17x9 10 Pliers
3 Spanner 22 x24 11 offs et wrench l set
4 driver 12 Box spanner I set
5 driver 13 Scraper
6 Iron hammer 74 Lead bar
7 Copper hammer l set
8 wooden bammer 16 Wrech for
head screw
1 Gear puller
Tool YSEs
4 2 Bearing puller Commercial
3 Liner puller Also for T560 Also for TS105
Fllrheel puller Also tur T560 AIso for TS105
1 train bearing puller Also for T560 Also for TS105
5 jrr G 0 Piston pin puller Also for T560 Also for TS105
7 Piston pin metal puller Also for TS60 Also for TS105
8 Piston insertion tool Also for T560 Also for TS105
9 Main besring insertioo tool Also lbr T560 Also for TS105
10 Valve seat cutter AIso for T560 Also for TS105
11 Valve lapping tool Also for T560 Also for TS105
12 36 mmdia spannerfor Special order
i clutch ahead shaft lock nut Commonto YSE8 and YSE 12
Njrb 1
Measuring instrument Accuracy measuring range
1 Vernier calipers 120 mm 0150 mm
2 Micrometer 1100 mm 025 25505075 75100rfin
3 Cylinder gauge 1 I 0 0 m m r 8 3 5 3 5 6 0 5 0 I 0 0m m
4 Clearance gauge 0 0 5 2mm
5 Torque wrench 013 kgm
6 Nozzle tester Emery paper emery cloth White paint Brush lvaste cloth
103 Prior to disassembly refer to the instruction manual and the parts list
2 Use the right tools and take care not to scratch the parts or wound yourself
3 When driving out a shaft or other parts use a protective bar or a copper hammer
4 Place in order the Check 0 marks on coupling carn gear and crank gcar
6 Make proper profision for locking parts hich gie incidental rotation when other
parts are moled
7 Take care not to scratch oil seals and other parts
8 For total disassembly discharge beforehand lube oil cooling ater and fuel from
the crarcase and from the gear Clutch Disassemblv
rocedure TooIs Illustration
1 Remove one cotter pin one Pinchers
slotted Dut and one oodruff Spanner1
key for shifter
2 Remove the two setbolts for Spanner17
clutch housinga A and B
and then two spring
washers by hard
3 Detach one slide shaft
4 Pry separate the housing B Drive
from the housing A
Note Positioning claws and
springs leap out
Remove three claws and
three spridgE
Step Procedure Tools Illustration
5 Drive out two connecting Hammer protective
spectacle link pins fiom the bar
holding friction the holding
friction disc 6 Detach the clutch housing A
assembly t
7 Detach oDe piece of wire and Pinchers
five bolts from the ahead side Spanner 13
8 Remove one ahead friction
disc and one friction disc
keep plate
9 Remove one holding frictlotr
10 Remove one ahead shaft lock Ddve
nut Hammer
Note Completely flatten the Spanner 36
lock washer
Remove one lock washer
11 Pull out one bearing from the Bearidg puller
clutch case rear box side
Pull out one small ahead Gear puller
gear one key
step Procedure Tools Remove one ahead shaft llith
Remove one piece of rire and
five bolts to detach one fric
tion disc assembly and one
bearing from the astem gear
Pull out one ahead shaft bearing Bearing puller
housing A side
Disassembled Clutch
F t
1 Housing A l7 Ball bearing 6005
2 HousingB 1E Shifting shat bush
3 Set piccc for V lerer 19 Feather kel 7 20
Setboltfor V lever set piecc 20 BaIl bearing 6205 ZZ
5 Washer 27 Bolt M10 45
6 lriction disc 22 Setbolt and wire for keep plate
7 Friction clisc cla 23 Bolt M10 30
I 8 Friction disc c1a spring 24 Shifting shaft
9 Friction disc keep plate 2 Spring
10 Keep plate trasher 26 Spring holder
11 Ahead shaft 27 Ket 4 x 13
12 Reversing gear 28 V lever
13 Small ahead gear 29 Link
14 Ahead shaft lock nut 30 Link pin
15 washer 31 V lever holder
16 Ball bearing 6205
111 Precautions
1 Clean parts thoroughlY in oil
t 2l Use the right tools and assemble the engine faultlessly
3 Apply Iube oil to rotary and sliding parts
4 Use new packings cotter pins and lock washers
5 6 correct or renew scratched or worn parts beforehand
Take care to venly ighten bolts and nuts located symmetrically to each other
8 Let the setting marks on the crank gear and the coupling agree exactly
I s Securely attach the cotter pins Iock washers wire etc
10 Proceed with the assembly checking that the rotary and sliding parts move smoothly
The following standard stem arrangements are prepared for use with the Yanmer
diesel Selectthe optimum model for your intendeduse
and Hull
1 Propeller Shaft
Direct sbafts
Select the optimum model fot the engine output and the ship size When coupling it
to the propeller shaft of the engine be sure to center it in correct alignment
the latter
Standard Stern Arrangement
Stern tube
Propeller Propeller shaft B
Model diam pitch diam length diam Iength
rpm rn in mm mm
t l27 l4 I
s 12 22 1 80 0 16 100
YSEs 1332 13
1639 12 7 72
751 1Z
YSE8G 8q8 16 72 11 2o 2000 50 500
I 1093 10
1113 15 10
YSE12 1316 I 25 2000 50 500
1518 13 I r2
18 19
YSET 849 18 13 2t3 2400 56 650
980 l2
Notei Standard propeller is of integrated 3 blades type lt is madc of
manganese bronze having an area ratio of 0 36
t 1
i 4

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