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Marine Buoy and Data Station Reports (plus Ships) -- Beta Version

For stations near South San Francisco, CA
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Weather Reporting Stations
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Stations Dist Age Wind Gusts Air TempWater Temp WavesPressureDewPt
AAMC1 - 9414750 - Alameda, CA 9 mi53 min 6 kt at 200° 8 kt 62.6°F 71°F1011 hPa
PXOC1 - 9414311 - San Francisco (Pier 1), CA 11 mi47 min 1.9 kt at 330° 1.9 kt 61.2°F 1010 hPa
LNDC1 11 mi47 min 5.1 kt at 200° 7 kt 62.8°F 1011 hPa
OBXC1 11 mi47 min 62.1°F 57.2°F
OMHC1 - 9414769 - Oakland Middle Harbor Met, CA 11 mi47 min 5.1 kt at 220° 6 kt
RTYC1 - 9414523 - Redwood City, CA 11 mi47 min 1 kt at 130° 2.9 kt 60.1°F 76°F1011 hPa
OKXC1 - 9414776 - Oakland (Berth 34), CA 12 mi47 min 2.9 kt at 230° 5.1 kt 61.5°F 1011 hPa
FTPC1 - 9414290 - San Francisco, CA 13 mi53 min 7 kt at 300° 9.9 kt 59.5°F 60°F1011 hPa
TIBC1 - Tiburon Pier, San Francisco Bay, CA 18 mi30 min 6 kt at 240° 60.4°F 1011 hPa
PPXC1 - 9414847 - Richmond (Point Potrero), CA 18 mi53 min 4.1 kt at 270° 5.1 kt 62.1°F 1011 hPa
46237 - San Francisco Bar, CA (142) 19 mi47 min 59°F4 ft
RCMC1 - 9414863 - Richmond, CA 20 mi47 min 66°F
46026 - SAN FRANCISCO - 18NM West of San Francisco, CA 28 mi27 min 9.7 kt at 180° 11.7 kt 56.7°F 56°F5 ft1011 hPa
DPXC1 - 9415141 - Davis Point, San Pablo Bay, CA 29 mi47 min 8.9 kt at 290° 13 kt 61.5°F 1011 hPa
UPBC1 30 mi47 min 7 kt at 300° 12.1 kt
MZXC1 - 9415102 - Martinez-Amorco CA 30 mi47 min 8.9 kt at 290° 9.9 kt 61°F 71°F1011 hPa
PCOC1 - 9415144 - Port Chicago, CA 33 mi47 min 11.1 kt at 250° 15 kt 62.2°F 72°F1011 hPa
PSBC1 - 9415115 - Pittsburg (Suisun Bay), CA 37 mi47 min 11.1 kt at 290° 17.1 kt 62.2°F 1010 hPa
PRYC1 - 9415020 - Point Reyes, CA 42 mi47 min 61°F1011 hPa
SFXC1 - San Francisco Bay Reserve, CA 42 mi92 min 6 kt at 280° 56.7°F 1010 hPa55.2°F

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