McDonald Brummel

Following is an (edited) reprint of a cruisersforum post showing a really nice way to make a Brummel. This is a true Brummel without any fibers being inverted and without having to drag the entire tail of the line through the splice. The splice is very easy to make. This is the way to do it! Credit should go to Brion Toss publishing the splice and to his illustrator, Margie McDonald, for developing it. Obviously you need to taper and tuck the end to finish the splice.

The "normal" way to make a Brummel splice, the double locking tucks were done by bringing the tail of the entire shroud back through. But wait a minute! What if we have a deadeye spliced on the end of the of the shroud now? How to get the thing done using only one end.
The initial set up. Pretty straight fwd. But magic is about to happen. I have found it really help to get this memorized. When the tail is, where the standing part is etc.
Before this shot you take the deadeye and insert again (just like you do to measure the original eye sizing) Snug it all down on this first tuck and make a mark on the tail. This mark will become the locking tuck spot. This is where you are going to blow it. Too tight or too loose...well anyhow. Pull out the deadeye and make the next tuck as shown in this shot.
Now come the fun part. Pull on the tail until the tuck rolls over on itself. You will have created a "football". What you have is a line that is rolled over 180 degrees with a very small hole in it. You need to take something like a good fid and open up this hole. Do not disturb the fibers, just shove something tapered in there and work it around. Make the whole as large as you can. The line is tough, just don't mess up the strands...:-)
...take the eye splice on the right and put it through the football. It is real important that you go in the right. If you follow the layout here you will be fine. If you get a bit lost or frustrated and roll the tail 180 degrees, it will never work. Here is where it will be good to have experience with softer laid stuff. The Dux looks impossible to get the eye through this opening....but it does....:-)
Shows the eye going through the hole (just so you will see I am not doing magic)
This is the magic moment. If you have lined it up right, and kept thing oriented, as you pull the eye through the football and continue to work it down, the foot ball re-inverts back 180 degrees and all the fibers are lying here just like original. And now you have a second tuck done. The arrow shows the location of the original football. First time you do one of these you will be amazed I bet. From here you just proceed to put the deadeye in the eye (and find out just how close you are) and tuck and taper the tail...piece of cake really...:-)

After you complete the brummel, be sure to taper the tail then bury it. You can follow the directions for the taper and bury on THIS document. You do not need to stitch the splice because you have used a Brummel!

Below is a video that shows the splice being done. There is a part 2 that covers the taper and the bury. Part 3 just pulls the bury into the cover so no big deal.

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