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' Freiberger: Practice Bubble Horizon Horizon Artificiel à Bulle Pour L'entrainement. Instruction For Practice Buble Horizon'


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Bubble Horizon for Practice lnstructions

VIE$/ THFOUGH THESCOP NOTREOUIFE A A BUBSLE HORIZON OOES NOIE, USING HEIGHT OF EYECORFECTION. Usinghe PBHis a lwo slp pl@ss. Firt,bin th bubblo!o |he hidine. Thas b.ings |esxtnl ro a neady lvel posilion. a coreclion (Slc) dust b cleconeclionclldSxintInstllaUon temid oc.ount kr wialion in diltrcnt sextanl designsnd iolmncs. T'is @redion is digarssd bl@, nd my vsry lrom a l minursol .c lo  deg@ or two. Scond,bnng dE celstal body to th hnin by moving lh sxlmt micrcmeler drum. Apply  SlC, lc. and Glrcton coneconto th xranl (Ho). highl ading(Hs)!o obiain observd Tle bbblis illuminatdby ambinllighr, rd shouldbe etli_ when bdght sncient lor all nml ob$ 6tions. Occasionally, th lightmyseeml@ bnghl. In lighttal{s d@y on lhe bubbl, pe placdowr e o'rtsids tris css, a small rtac ol mskiDg porlionol lhe bubbleglassmay hslp. D.l6.mlnlng  Slc lh SIC oy b dstemined by eihr ths Know Positionmeh_ od, d rh Nturl Ho.izonmehod oic delrmined,th slc shouldmain conslanlprcvidingt]e scopelits snugglynd posi' li\] on tre sxlal { ie. the fi a! nol sloppy). Btorcdteminin |he SlC, sn6!rc ht |h gulersextanllC i3 sdiustdto zrcKnNn PosiliM Mlhod Simplyk evellobsrvatons lrom  known ggphical posaon, nd compuE a lin ot posilionor [x nomally. You may siblis lh avdag ror lo the scPsinstallalion,and subtact lhis s  coneclio to tu obssi/|ions.

Th Practic. Bubbl. Horiron (PBH) At long lasr, hrc is a way to eflectivelyprcliclking sights wiout having nturd (se) hodzon,and widEul spridinghun. dre ol dolla lor a PrclssionalBubbleHod:o. Wtt is, you cn us D emo soxtantlou will tke lo s, and us it in  norml mnnroiake sithts lrom your baciyard. h ditloB tM lh bubblhqizon in lhat it is not  a moF bensivo orelassional culat, is unlightd, nd hs lss light gahering.lhe Pclic Bubbl Honen fl6 the lollowing modm ml $xrns: Aslra d Tay (lullsi!c,. Cassens & Plalh, lllB,C. Plth, on the lrnd i5 mounted Th sopois ol zro masnificiion, tant in plc o!  reguler tles@pes shownabov. An oKli nry sdrir lv.l is Gllct d by s minor b appd uprightin t' ltl side ot tl s.ope. Ihe oainder ol $e lft sid is oPaquo.h nghl sid admils  visw ol ihe outsiclworld as rcffbd by |e sexhnrs index mino. (whnusinga wnolhorizonniror,  hodTTo nghl sids b dvid.d zonalvi* is also sn supnmPosd). by a horizond naidin. Th $xrdt is held such thal th bubble appe6 longside|hs haidjn(s sho!vn),and '@lslilbody is broughtdoffi io h haiiine by movmdl l lt'e macromster drum. A redingis n laken nd tho dme noled in he noMl manne.. Th probllnol iocusingsimulta@sly n bolh t|s cis sdd by usng  6lil lsl boct and lh mud' nsa bubble pre in lhe oypic. This ats like  lens lc' ko6phe bubbl in lus wihut annngh imageol lhs @leslbocly nd an |h Th PBHis insrallsdin plceof the guld lelescop, whi You shdld s St he sxrnr rm al zero dgres. t@Kng thrcWh h e, tou shdld s th lollowing: geneGlly be sighting hrought@!s. ol should A. Ihe scope mboti th hodzonmir, and th ffctd imgof th inc,ex rcr. ll rh 6copsmsbo clslo e b6dyot |he sexldt, l@sn lhe knob, nd move it oulbod as n@ssry. ll th scoP sms io b imingl high or low (ie. |tle upp.r or lds Po.tion of $ mimr Lams r obsuctng tle ew), h pmblsmmy bs wirh he scop mount oll  setbni. Pul lh guhr scope bck on lh sxiant, nd se il lhe Prcblmexistswiih ii loo. ll so, you may nedto roadjuslthe ngleol the scopmou on le B. The horizo.ial haidineshould appesr ho.iuonial(nt lledlo il a '|obtsrl prsistswith A or B bow, plesrctum tt|e PBH ol lh prcblm ( drawingwill ro Clsiaire,with  dsc.ipon


so as lo blk lhe viwor ths Pl all ol lh horizonsunshades on e mirrcr. Pul th bubbl natultdzonntugh he ho.izon hai line in lh rc.mal Bri4 lh nlural honzonlvrlo drum. Ne)(i, lind lhe by mowmntol th micromeler t)e haidin Oip corecton tlolrl Table A2 ol ih NucalAlmanac,lor your trm yousrc using.Now@rlully bov he horiz@ heightoly t|e drum to inc.slhe srtnt readingby is amount. Th ' sultingading is rho ercr whichyou may subd s s corclid

th spe is unlighldN/hichpwnls its us alFr drk. The lor usdur ro ambi6nr lighl, whicis adsquale bubble is exposd ing dytime,nd tl nomd si bseruingPtiod(twilighl)whs both sia6 and oulsideiestureserc d$smble. The slit aper' rurc slighdyrcducesrhe eys s natuGl light gshedng io he xlenl thai tint srsmv be no difiicult i5 scerlain. Tesl rcsulls with he Prcdce AbblHonzonshowrepalablobervaons!o an uE.y ot 2 minues ol aE undridalcondids. Under noml @ndtions, and untl pracli@ is oblaid, nors ot up lo s.ven manusmsy mt be uncommo. Although this is qoile good,ad nvlsthl ol manynqe expensiw bbblhorizonsiiE ccurscycnnot b lid upo lo( all lighling conditions. Ac_ w t@mhglld this productlor PEctice puQoss only, cordangly, end norlq srious naviotion.


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