Gebo Hatches

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Gebo deckhatch Flushline of agreement regarding European Directive 9425EG dated 16 june produktie BVAddressDe Steiger 741351 AE 36 521 12 12Fax31 36 521 12 ECType examination BOA0001 224A1131 299 32 31 23We hereby declare that the Gebo deckhatch and Flushline hatch meet the requirements of the regulations of the 9425EG dated 16 june 1994with regard to the relevant regulations of ISO norm 12216 underEuropean Directive 25 april 1996P DMMwDw B 66 a47wA 66B 00AvfwvAVf 0 0 wwwBcYwN88VThe Gebo deckhatch and Flushline hatch are suitable as ventilation hatches In the event of an accident or fire the bigger sizesThe GEBO deckhatch is Lloyds approved All parts are madefrom high corrosion resistant materials When sailing on open waters all hatches should be closed and securedface with a maximum tolerance of 1 mmThe deck must be sufficiently strong at point if it is not the hole in the deck according tothe aperture size of the hatchMake sure that the surface is complehole If the hatch does not fit exactly orthe surface is not flat adjust the holeIf the lower frame is screwed down onto aupper and lower frames may not create afixing screwsClean and degrease the mounting surthe lowerframe Use a sealant based onbutylrubber silicone or in the futurescrew the frame to the deck using the correct torque depending on fixing screwsseveral hundred times it may be necessary to adjust the frictionhinges Proceed asOpen the hatch to approx 90small screwdriver A small insert can befound in the end capsplied boxspanner Tighten the selflockingnut on both sides of the hinge turningges fitted to the hatchAfter installation remove the protective film from the dataFrame materials AlMg Si 05Surface treatment anodised or RAL powAllowable temperature 25till 60outwards the hatch can be opened by turning the handles The hatch can now alsobe opened from the outside not theFlushline hatch external handle is aninwards the hatch is locked and deckhatch Flushline hatch2assist the washing process then washwith clean waterAlkaline products containing sodiumAcid products like muriatic or those conSteel wool abrasives or for glass can alsocontain alakline which may corrode aluApplication areasare suitable forFitting in Area II on deck and transomUsage for shiptype with designcatagory deckhatch Flushline hatch3any position thereby minimising the riskof unwanted closing For your safety isimportant that the hinges are correctlywater may drip from the handleIf this occurs remove the blue slide bymeans of a paperclip or small srewdriverand tighten the selftapping screw in thehandle then refit the blue slide by pushingit into the handlecoated aluminium has been proven overmany years Altough aluminium is relatively maintenance free it is necessary to reguwash the hatches with lukewarm waterScreens available on numberHandle with lock right 10 mm with lock left 10 mm with lock right 15 mm with lock left 15 mm runner R162 for rubber R102 for flushline side cap LR for 10 mm acrylic 51650770Hinge side cap LR for 15 mm kit for 10 mm kit for 15 mm informationMO6 w0xkSjl98 rxxndn P tPtvfwf Po SjQQjSK5 v

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