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sAO1suh16u 0uyg8SS0 1OuzSS sF SM1GQSfG 68 Gj6f S1O2oV 1 Kd 1RO 1 8spCopyright 251 BEP Marine Limited All rights reserved INBKDCNMV3 251007 Page 2 This page has been deliberately left blank Copyright 251 BEP Marine Limited All rights reserved INBKDCNMV3 251007 Page 3 Table of Contents 1 CIRCUIT BREAKERS4 2 LABELLING AND REPLACING CIRCUIT BREAKERS5 3 INSTALLATION PANEL MOUNTING6 4 DC BUS BARS8 5 BACK LIGHTING10 6 DROPPING RESISTORS10 7 PANEL WIRING DIAGRAM11 8 LABEL SETS12 THANK YOU FOR PURCHASING A BEP MARINE DC CONTROL PANEL BEP Marine uses the highest quality materials in its range of Control Panels from the marine grade aluminium base plates to the Airpax magnetic hydraulic circuit breakers Copyright 251 BEP Marine Limited All rights reserved INBKDCNMV3 251007 Page 4 1 CIRCUIT BREAKERS It is very important to note that the primary function of the circuit breaker is to prevent the cabling from overloading and therefore catching fire In the event of an electrical short fault or overload the circuit breaker is designed to protect the boat222s electrical system not necessarily the appliance Different appliances require different circuit breakers with the manufacturer of the appliance certifying the load and therefore the size of the circuit breaker required All BEP panels are supplied complete with a standard set of circuit breaker sizes and labels Owners or electrical installers therefore need to choose the most appropriate panel for each application Should you require a custom made current rating or label layout these are available for an additional charge Contact your BEP Marine representative for more details Note breakers must be sized in accordance with cable size BEP Marine uses Airpax IEG Magnetic circuit breakers Single poleDouble poleTriple poleCBS25ASP 25AmpsCBS25ADP 25AmpsCBS30ATP 30AmpsCBS5ASP 5AmpsCBS5ADP 5AmpsCBS50ATP 50AmpsCBS10ASP 10AmpsCBS10ADP 10AmpsDpole Trip CoilCBS15ASP 15AmpsCBS15ADP 230VACCBS20ASP 20AmpsCBS20ADP 230VACCBS25ASP 25AmpsCBS25ADP 110VACCBS30ASP 30AmpsCBS30ADP 230VACCBS40ASP 40AmpsCBS40ADP 50AmpsCBS50ADP 110VACSingle poleDouble poleTriple poleCBL50ASP 50AmpsCBL50ADP 50AmpsCBL50ATP 50AmpsCBL60ASP 60AmpsCBL60ADP 60AmpsCBL80ATP 80AmpsCBL75ASP 75AmpsCBL80ADP TOGGLE 12 3 POLE SMALL FRAME CBSSINGLE TOGGLE 12 3 POLE LARGE FRAME CBSLarge Frame Small Frame Copyright 251 BEP Marine Limited All rights reserved INBKDCNMV3 251007 Page 5 2 LABELLING AND REPLACING CIRCUIT BREAKERS All BEP panels come with a comprehensive set of selfadhesive labels To refit or replace a label unclip the front panel as shown and replace the appropriate label To replace a circuit breaker the front cover of the BEP panel must be removed This is done by unclipping the front panel and unscrewing the two screws that hold the circuit breaker CBs can be changed easily by removing cover and buss barRemove Plastic Moulding install labelCB Retaining screws 632 threadLifting 251 BEP Marine Limited All rights reserved INBKDCNMV3 251007 Page 6 3 INSTALLATION PANEL MOUNTING All BEP panels require a 10mm inset on all external edges Panels are also supplied with negative bus bars to allow the tidy connection of negative cables at the back of the panel Copyright 251 BEP Marine Limited All rights reserved INBKDCNMV3 251007 Page 7 Be sure to allow plenty of space behind the panel for wiring connections and looms A minimum of 55mm of extra space is strongly recommended For example If the distance to the back of the panel brackets is 70mm be sure to allow at least 125mm 70 55 125 Copyright 251 BEP Marine Limited All rights reserved INBKDCNMV3 251007 Page 8 4 DC BUS BARS At various times it may be necessary to bring either a 24volt supply or a mixture of 12volt 24volt and 24hour supplies to parts of the panel back To accommodate this BEP uses a copper bus connection bar along the inputs of the circuit breakers The different voltages can therefore be simply separated by cutting the bar to separate the different supplies on the panel back Copyright 251 BEP Marine Limited All rights reserved INBKDCNMV3 251007 Page 9 Please note If negative bus bars are not safely enclosed it is advisable to use a BBC1 or BBC2 cover to ensure that any stray objects cannot fall onto the electrical system This is also advised by ABYC NEGATIVE BUS BARS AVAILABLE FROM BEP Part No BB6W 6 way Part No BB12W 12 way Part No BB24W2S 24 way Copyright 251 BEP Marine Limited All rights reserved INBKDCNMV3 251007 Page 10 5 BACK LIGHTING All BEP AC and DC panels come with 12 volt DC back lighting On 24volt systems a dropping resistor will be required for the back lighting Note The Red Systems On indicators will work on both 12 and 24 volts so therefore do not require a dropping resistor 6 DROPPING RESISTORS Dropping resistors are used for changing back lighting on 12V panels to 24V Note Use 275 watt resistors select as close to the above sizes as possible Panel sizeResistor size4 way1K8W8 way1KW12 way680W16 way470W20 way390W24 way330W28 way270W32 way220W36 251 BEP Marine Limited All rights reserved INBKDCNMV3 251007 Page 11 7 PANEL WIRING DIAGRAM Note The circuit below is an example only its purpose is to show the connection method Copyright 251 BEP Marine Limited All rights reserved INBKDCNMV3 251007 Page 12 8 LABEL SETS SET 1NSET 2NSET 3NSET 4NSET 5NSET 6NSET Tank Pump12V OutletsAft LightsAC MainsAC MainsAft Peak LightAnchor LightBilge Pump Aft24V Flood Lights AftAuto PilotBilge Pump ForwardAft Deck LightDavit WinchAC OutletsAnchor WashDeck Flood Lights FwdBilge PumpBilge Pump MidBilge Auto ManEngine AlteratorAir LightsCabin LightsBilge Pump PortBow LightsFire SystemBattery Lights AftCabin LightsBilge Pump LightsFish FinderCook Lights ForwardCockpit Auto ManualDeck Lights PortCompass LightsBoarding LightEngine CompBilge LightsDeck Lights StarboardDC OutletsCabin Lights AftEngine BlowersHeater FansDryerBoom FurlFish Room Lights FwdExtraction FanHouse LightsFish Room Lights MidFlood AlarmFishing PumpCabin Lights PortFore Deck FanFishing Lights GreenGPSCabin Lights LtLocker LightHotwater CylinderCB RadioFishing Lights Wash PumpGenerator LightsMid LightsIce MakerCell PhoneFishing Lights WhiteLPG ToiletHolding Tank PumpMid Deck LightMast LightEngine Room LightsHouse Spreader LightInverter OutletsDC MainsFoscle TransferMast Flood Lights AftSaltwater FanMast Flood Lights FwdShower DrainNav Lt222s PortRadio ControlsNet Lt222s LightSole LightReverse Under WiperShips PowerLoud HailerNUC LightsSpreader BatteriesSub MainShore LightSaloon LightsStep LightSump PumpTrash Flood Lights LightTank Room LightsTVNight LightsShower LightsTrim LtToilet LightsStbd Flood LightsVHFStern LightWeather FaxTowing LightWashing MachineSolar PanelToilet LightWiperTri LightWindow MakerTV AnetnnaWinch Flood 251 BEP Marine Limited All rights reserved INBKDCNMV3 251007 Page 13 SET 8NSET 9NSET 10NSET 11NSET 12NSET 13NSET 14NAnchor LightBoiler HeaterAir Tank Pump2412V ReducerAft Bilge Alarm210Khz TXBaragraph PowerBow ThrusterAir Con GalleyBlock Heater AeratorBilge Alarm33Khz TXCabin FansDCDC ConverterAir Con Guest RoomBlock Heater PortBallast AftBilge Alarm TestAft Hold LightCabin Fans AftDeck Lights ForwardAir Con Master StateBlock Heater ControlBilge AutoCockpit FreezerCabin Fans FwdDecklights AftAir Con Pilot HouseCentral VacuumBallast FwdBilge LightsEngine LtsDecklights MidAir Con Tank AftBilge ManualFire PumpCourtesy Lts AftDecklights UpperAir Con SaloonCupboard HeatersBlack Tank FwdBilge Pump Lts Con State RoomEngine HeaterBlack Water PumpFwd Bilge AlarmFlybridge Lts MidGalley LightsAir Con Centre Boom LightHigh Water HeaterGrey Water PumpAir Water PumpBridge LightsMid Bilge AlarmFuel GaugeFire SystemGuest State LightsAir Conditioning SupplyPort Aft Bilge AlarmFuel Transfer PortFuel PumpHead Pump 1Air Conditioning 2Generator 1Dining LightsPort Aft Bilge AutoFuel Transfer StbdHailerHead Pump 2Air Conditioning 3Generator 2Fire AlarmPort Aft Bilge ManualFwd Hold State LightsCentral AlarmPort Fwd Bilge AlarmGantry FwdNav LightsCharger GeneratorHot Circ PumpInterior LightsPort Fwd Bilge AutoHolding Tank PortLectrasan StbdOil PumpCharger HouseIce Maker LowerLuff LightPort Fwd Bilge ManualHolding Tank StbdPort Engine ControlsPilot House LightsCharger InverterIce Maker UpperModemPort Mid Bilge AlarmMasthead LightPort IgnitionSaloon Area FanPort Mid Bilge AutoPilot Light RedSat ComSearch LightEngine Room FansInverter 1Outlets AftPort Mid Bilge ManualPilot Light WhiteShower LightSpareHot Circ PumpInverter 2Outlets FwdStbd Aft Bilge AlarmPort Fuel Maker LowerLazer PlotterOutlets Mid Stbd Aft Bilge AutoRudder Maker UpperLighting PortStbd Aft Bilge ManualStbd Fuel Tab ControlOutlets Engine RoomRange Sub PanelOutlets StbdStbd Fwd Bilge LightsOutlets EngineStbd Fwd Bilge AutoToilet AftStbd Engine ControlsVHF LowerOutlets SystemRiding LightStbd Fwd Bilge ManualToilet FwdStbd IgnitionVHF UpperOutlets Lower EngineStbd Mid Bilge AlarmTowing Light AmberToilet LightWash Down PumpOutlets Upper DeckWater Circ PumpStep LightsStbd Mid Bilge AutoTowing Light WhiteWaste HeaterZone Mid Bilge ManualTuna TubesCopyright 251 BEP Marine Limited All rights reserved INBKDCNMV3 251007 Page 14 SET 15NSET 16NSET 17NSET 18NSET 19NSET 20NSET 22N 12v Outlet FlybridgeAC Outlets Aft24 Hour Circuits27 Meg12V Battery Charger12v Aux HornAlarms24v DC MainsAC Outlets Aft CabinAft Bilge Pump Auto ManAft Holding Tank12V Battery ChargerAft FridgeCCTVArch LightsAC Outlets CockpitAft HeadAft Water Heater24hr Bilge FridgeBilge Pump ClutchAC Outlets DeckAlarm MuteCabin Outlets24V Battery ChargerAnchor Bilge High WaterAC Outlets FwdDepth SpeedCockpit FridgeBilge Pump Port FwdBathroom FanControl Max 20Cabin HeaterAC Outlets Fwd Mains 1Bilge Pump Port MidBathroom OutletsDeck Outlets GalleyEngine AlarmDC Mains 2Bilge Pump Stbd AftBridge SupplyEarth Leakage Outlets Guest Pump Stbd FwdDocking ParallelDry Head PumpAC Outlets MidFwd Bilge Pump Auto ManDVDBilge Pump Stbd MidEngine Room Bilge AlarmEngine Room MainEngine Clutch PumpAC Outlets PortFwd HeadEngine BlowerBoarding RoomFlybridge HatchAC Outlets SalonGalley Head VentEngine Room OutletsBulwark LightsFish WipersAC Outlets SaloonGalley LightsHolding Tank GaugeFresh Water Pump PortFreezer ClutchAC Outlets StateroomsGas StoveFlybridge MainCable Master IcemakerFresh Water Pump StbdFwd Stateroom LightsAC Outlets StbdGaugesFWD Holding StartGreywater Pump 1AC Outlets WheelhouseHead PumpFWD Water Water Genset StopGreywater Pump 2Aircon Aft DeckLevel WindowsMaster HeadGrillGuest Cabin StereoAircon AftLightsGas SolenoidEngine CabinMid Bilge Pump Auto LightsAircon FwdNav Inst LightsGFCI OutletOil PumpSalon LightsIgnition Fwd DeckOil PressureHatch LifterPitch ControlShaver OutletsMid Hold HelmPt EngineHelm MainPort Air LightMaster Head LightsAircon Port Pt Engine Start StopHour MeterPort Area LightsAircon Pump Stb Engine Start LightsAircon StbdStbd PortReverse Polarity TestOverhead Saloon Fwd StateroomSum Air ConToilet StbdUHF RadioSaloon Mstr RadioSecurity TempTV DVDStoreroom LightsTV liftWheelhouse 251 BEP Marine Limited All rights reserved INBKDCNMV3 251007 Page 15 SET 23NSET 24NSET25NSET 26NAir Con PortBedroom Lights12V DOORDC FridgeAir Con StbdCeiling Lights12V SPAREDeck Courtesy LightsBerth LightsDeck Flood LightsAFT overhead HeaterAFT TOILET LIGHTSEngine Room Lazarette LightsCabin Lights MainDischarge PumpBLACK WATER Room Sump PumpCooling Pump 1Extract FanENGINE ROOM EXHAUSTGenset ChargerCooling Pump 2Flybridge ClutchENGINE ROOM INTAKEHead StereoFWD FANSHigh Exhaust Temp Cabin StereoFWD TOILET LIGHTSHigh Exhaust Temp Spot LightHELM DECK LIGHTSLower 12V Heater HELM FRIDGELower 24V MainsEmergency WATER BILGE PUMPPort Electric HeadGallery PumpPORT BILGE PUMP AUTOMANUALPort Engine FaultHelm ENGINE IGNITIONPort Engine LightsPORT ENGINE STARTPort Engine Cabin LightsPort Cabin StereoPORT HEADPort Stbd Cabin LightsPort Engine ControlsPort MaceratorPORT TOILET LIGHTSStbd Electric HeadPort Engine LightsPORT VENTStbd Engine FaultPort Engine Enigne LightsSalon StereoSLOW VESSEL MODEStbd Engine StartStopStbd Engine ControlsStbd Cabin StereoSTBD BILGE PUMP InverterStbd Engine ControlsStbd MaceratorSTBD ENGINE IGNITIONUpper 12V MainsStbd Engine LightsSTBD ENGINE STARTUpper 24V MainsStereo MemoryWardrobe LightsSTBD HEADVacuum FlushStorage Bin PumpWater GaugeSTBD TOILET LIGHTSVacuum VENTWait To Start PortAir Con To Start StbdAir Con FwdAft Spot LightTOILET LiftCopyright 251 BEP Marine Limited All rights reserved INBKDCNMV3 251007 Page 16 BEP MARINE 13 Tarndale Grove Albany Auckland NZ Ph 64 9 415 7261 Fax 64 9 415 9327 Email Please visit our website for the latest International Distributor List sAO1suh16u 0uyg8SS0 1OuzSS sF SM1GQSfG 68 Gj6f S1O2oV 1 Kd 1RO 1 8sp

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