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How to replaceRemove the Powerclutch from the deckCarefully unscrew fasteners Aom side fairing BRemove one sidefairing leaving components located onNote how parts are assembled before removing faultyparts Reassemble with new partsCheck top pin Choles It should not be able to move from side to sideCheck function of clutch before resealing to Comment le bloqueur du pontRetirer les fixations ARemarquer comment est assur le monces internes et changer la assembler le bloqueur dans les trous borgnes il ne doit pas y avoir de queur avant de le refixer sur le pont sans assurer un bonne en utilisant un If the Powerclutch fails to stay full open in use it is likelye du bloqueur ne reste pas en position comtement ouverte cela est probablement d une products are made from the best quality harsh marine environmentFor best results flush regularly with fresh water and lubricate handle cam bearing with silicone grease or spray The wrong lubricants will degrade and weaken reinforced plastic components possibly causing sudden structural failure They will also degrade the of composite les produits Spinlock sont fabriqu et dentretien minimum un environnement agressifrement base de cela aurait pour effet de daffaiblir les piplastique renforcsubite rupture structurelle De plus ce type de duit les propriFax after sales service is available worldwide through ourspare parts or advice with repairs your local Spinlock expert canprovide a fast and professional serviceLe service aprsvente Spinlock est garanti travers le mondetactez votre distributeur local qui vous apportera un service rapiT 49 8936 5075More Marine bvT 31 172 506 820CROATIA T 385 23 394 800T 45 46 1911 66Oy Vestek ABT 358 9 887 0120T 33 2 99 19 54 54T 49 8936 5075GIBRALTARH Sheppard Co LtdT 350 75148T 30 1412 YachtSkipperT 361 466 TopsailT 39 01852001MALTAT 356 335 591NORWAYT 47 33 041 591T 48 89 ComercioT 351 226 179 936T 386 45 302 444 slT 34 93 221 9219T46 70 893 9102Bucher Walt SAT 41 32 755 9500Tursan AST 90 212 696 99 15Marathon Leisure LtdT 44 23 9263 7711Transat Marine LtdT 1 705 721 0143Maritime TradingT 1 860 767 0468Trimer SAT5411 4580 0444 T55 11 3030 3400T612 9905 RiggingT284 494 2739Sky International T852 2827 5876T687 27 58 48T6499 145 555T27 21 424 8026SPINLOCK LTDT 44 1983 XTS XCS upgrade for 68mm line CAM0814Cam upgrade for 814mm line CAM1216Cam upgrade for 1216mm lineXHDL Aluminium handle for XTSXCS XTSSIDE Plastic side fairing for XTSXCS pairXLBLHandle Labels English French German standard XTS for side standard XCS for side CAM0814LCam upgrade lockup upgrade lockup version

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