Mercruiser Commander 3000 Controls Manual

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COMMANDER 3000CLASSIC PANEL MOUNTREMOTE CONTROL 74428 11Table of Contents PageCommander 3000 Classic Remote Control Maintenance and Replacement Parts 111Disassembly 112Cleaning and Inspection 115Assembly 11511 COMMANDER110 3000 COMMANDER CLASSIC 3000 PANEL CLASSIC MOUNT PANEL REMOTE MOUNT CONTROL REMOTE CONTROL 3000 Classic Remote Control Maintenance and Replacement Parts Panel Mount Controls 1 17 16 2 18 3 15 4 12 14 13 7 19 21 20 23 10 11 8 6 22 95 1 Handle Cover 817259 2 Trim Switch 8718286A31 OB 3 Trailering Switch MCM Only 8718286A33 4 Spring 2416924 5 ThrottleOnly Button 822212 6 Brass Locking Hex Bolt 108222131 7 Control Handle 8222111 8 Screw 1052376 9 Shift Release 817259 10 Washer 188x428 1228001 11 Screw 103 x25 12 Bezel Cover 37827289 13 Flanged Bushing 23822980 14 Lanyard Stop Switch 8713398 MCM 87133981 OB 15 Screw 250x20x750 1053099 16 Bezel 822216A1 17 Retainer 120441 18 Washer 281x734x063 1269057 19 Nut 281x734x0 11814101 20 Friction Screw 10824831 21 Screw 250x20x1750 10822214 22 Lanyard Cord 15920A54 23 Wood Screw 3 COMMANDER 3000 CLASSIC PANEL MOUNT REMOTE CONTROL 111Disassembly 3 Remove handle and handle bushing1 Remove control handle by first removing throttle a only button Place the control handle in the throttleonly position Push In on button and place control handle forward Throttleonly but ton can now be removed If button cannot be re moved with fingers use a small screwdriver and pry out gentlyPlace Control inThrottleOnly PositionBefore Attempting To 74407Remove Button a a Bushing b 4 Feed trim wires from behind bezel and unplug at connector b a 74410a Handle Assemblyb ThrottleOnly Button c2 Remove 1116 retainer bolt holding handle to module 74406 a a Wiring Harness Connector b Trim and Trailering Switch Wiring Connector c Trim and Trailering Switch Wires b 74409a Handle Assemblyb Retaining Bolt112 COMMANDER 3000 CLASSIC PANEL MOUNT REMOTE CONTROL 90814705R25 Remove bezel cover using a small screwdriver 7 Remove bezel from boat panel by removing and prying on either the top or bottom of bezel to screws and nuts as shown pop tabs out of the bezel notches c c c b d b ab d b 74404 a b 74405 a Screw 250x20x1750 3a Bezel Cover b Washers 3b Cover Tab c Nuts 250x20 3c Notch in Bezel d Mounting Surfaced Bezel 8 Remove lanyard switch by pushing up on lanyard6 Remove module assembly by loosening three retainer located on back of bezel Locate wire 250x20x750 hex screws fastening module as connections for switch and unplug This will be an sembly to bezel assembly electrical connection or soldered connection b a a b c 54587a 250x20x750 Hex Screwsb Bezel 54592 a Lanyard Retainer b Bezel c Lanyard COMMANDER 3000 CLASSIC PANEL MOUNT REMOTE CONTROL 1139 Remove friction set screw using a 18 allen 11 Remove phillip screw securing handle cover to wrench control handle c b c a a b 54589 a Handle Assembly b Screwdrivera Bezel c Phillip Head Screwb Friction Set Screwc 18 Allen Wrench 12 Slide two components apart10 Disassemble handle by first removing phillip screw and washer holding shift release Remove release lever and spring a e d a c c b b 54588a Phillip Screwdriverb Handle Assembly 54590c Phillip Screw a Control Handle Coverd Release Lever b Control Handlee Spring Located inside of Release Lever c Trim Switch114 COMMANDER 3000 CLASSIC PANEL MOUNT REMOTE CONTROL 90814705R213 Remove trim switch If control has a trailer switch Assembly this can be removed with trim switch 1 Install trim switch into handle grip as shown If a control has a trailer switch install both switches into handle grip a b 54591a Control Handle Cover cb Trim Switch14 For module disassembly refer to Section 13 bCleaning and Inspection1 Clean all components thoroughly and check for wear or breakage CAUTION 54590 a Control Handle CoverDo not clean electrical non metallic or compo b Control Handlenents with decals or stickers with any solvent c Trim Switchcleaners or damage to component may occur Route wires through handle as shown Slide con trol handle into handle grip until grip seats against handle completely Install screw to secure grip to handle CAUTION Modules with trailer switch be careful sliding two parts together Trailer wires catch on handle very COMMANDER 3000 CLASSIC PANEL MOUNT REMOTE CONTROL 1152 Divide trim wires over screw boss and route wires 3 Install lanyard switch by placing switch into con around handle shaft as shown trol bezel from the front side Push lanyard retain er over switch on the rear side of bezel to hold switch into place b a c 54592 55133 a Lanyard Retainer b Bezel c Lanyard Switch Install spring into round boss on top of red shift release lever Attach both spring and lever to 4 Install friction set screw using a 18 allen wrench control handle by positioning shift lever spring Do not install allen screw beyond flush with cen over handle grip screw Push Up and In on shift ter bore The friction will be adjusted after control lever until screw boss is located into shift lever installation slot Install screw and washer d e b c c a a b a Bezel b Friction Set Screw c 18 31mm Allen Wrench 54588a Phillip Head Screwb Handle Assemblyc Screwdriverd Springe Red Shift Release Lever116 COMMANDER 3000 CLASSIC PANEL MOUNT REMOTE CONTROL 90814705R25 Feed lanyard switch wires through mounting 7 Install the bezel cover Secure the bezel cover by surface hole and install bezel to mounting sur inserting the cover tabs into the notches in the face using three screws torque to 100 lb in bezel 113 Nm c c c b d b b a d a 74404a Screw 250x20x1750 3 74405b Washers 3c Nuts 250x20 3 a Bezel Coverd Mounting Surface b Cover Tab c Notch in BezelNOTE If mounting hole has not been installed refer d Bezelto Installation and Operations Guide for hole dimensions and templates 8 Route the trim switch and trailering switch leads from the handle assembly thru the bezel opening6 Install control module assembly to bezel using as shown three 250x20x750 hex screws Torque to 25 lb in a c a b c b 54587a 250x20x750 Hex Screwsb Control Module Assemblyc Bezel d If control module is not assembled refer to 74406 Module Assembly in Section 13 For shift a Bezel and throttle cable installation refer to Installa b Trailer Switch c Trim and Trailer Switch Leads tion and Operators Manual 908272901 d COMMANDER 3000 CLASSIC PANEL MOUNT REMOTE CONTROL 117 10 Install the bushing into the Commander 3000 CAUTION Classic bezel Line up the notch in the bezel withVerify trimtrailer wires are not pinched when the rectangular protrusion in the remote control module to panel ofboat Trim wires must be free to move with the a cremote control handle CAUTIONDO NOT stastrap or otherwise secure trim leadswithin 12 in 305 mm of panel exit Allow sufficient slack in leads to permit free movement oftrim leads through the full range of shift handlemotion9 Connect the trim and trailering switch wires to ap propriate wiring harness b 74407 a Notch in Bezel b Rectangular Protrusion c Bushing b a WARNING The control handle 1116 in hex retaining bolt must be torqued to 150 lb in 17 Nm Failure to torque retaining bolt as specified could allow c handle to disengage with subsequent loss of throttleshift control If the remote control handle is removed and reinstalled for any reason place Loctite 271 obtain locally on threads of retain ing bolt and torque to 150 lb in 17 Nm Exces sive tightening torque may result in handle shaft 74406 failurea Wiring Harness Connector 11 Place handle assembly onto the remote controlb Trim and Trailering Switch Wiring Connector module in the neutral detent position and securec Trim and Trailering Switch Wires with 1116 in brass hex bolt Torque bolt to 150 lb in 17 Nm a O b 74409 a Handle Assembly b Retaining Bolt Torque to 150 lb in 17 Nm O Loctite 271 Obtain Locally118 COMMANDER 3000 CLASSIC PANEL MOUNT REMOTE CONTROL 90814705R212 Install ThrottleOnly button 15 Use an allen wrench to adjust the control handle tension to desired tension a b a b 74412 74410a Handle Assemblyb ThrottleOnly Button a 18 31mm Allen Wrench b Control Handle Tension Screw13 Make wiring connections for neutral start safety Clockwise Increase switch lanyard stop switch if equipped and trim Decrease switch if equipped Attach power trim harness connector if equipped Refer to Electrical Connections Section 1414 Move the control handle forward 45 degrees to expose the handle tension adjusting screw a 45 b 74411a Control Handleb Tension Adjusting COMMANDER 3000 CLASSIC PANEL MOUNT REMOTE CONTROL 119

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