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Edson Traditional Catalog T1


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Traditional Steering Wheels
 Steering Wheels
These beautifully crafted wheels are designed to provide years of service and
pleasure to the boat owner who appreciates fine workmanship. For yachts,
work boats or fishing boats, all wheels are individually handmade from
thoroughly seasoned stock and the highest quality marine-grade bronze and
aluminum. Teak is carefully selected for matching grain and color. Rims and
felloes are rigidly secured by stainless fastenings with holly bungs.

Classic Teak Yacht Wheel                                    Teak Yacht Wheel w/ Teak Rim
                                                           Edson's Teak Yacht Wheel combines the
Edson's Classic Teak Yacht Wheel                           beauty of the traditional teak wheel
is the original. In production                             with the functionality of a
for over 125 years, this is a                              destroyer wheel.
wheel that belongs on any                                   Laminated 1" dia. Teak
classic yacht or stately                                     Destroyer-type rim installed
passagemaker.                                                with stainless fasteners and
 Offshore-quality wheel.                                    holly bungs on the solid
 Solid teak spokes and                                      teak spokes.
   felloes rigidly secured                                  Hub is available in highly
   with stainless fasteners                                   polished and chrome
   and holly bungs.                                           plated bronze.
 Hub is available in highly                                Delivered with varnished
   polished and chrome                                       inner rim and spokes.
   plated bronze.                                            Outer rim is unfinished,
 Delivered fully varnished.                                 ready for each individuals
 1"/2.5 cm straight bore only.                              preferred finish.
Order #601                                                  1"/2.5 cm straight bore only.
Specify Bronze(BR) or Chrome(CH) Hub                       Order #603
(See ordering guide for sizes)                             Specify Bronze(BR) or Chrome(CH) Hub
                                                           (See ordering guide for sizes)

Bronze Wheel w/ Teak Handles                               Tan Character Wheel
                                                           Edson's Character Wheels are
 Edson's Bronze Wheel with Teak
                                                           patterned after the traditional
 Handles adds distinction to any
                                                           heavy cast iron wheels.
 traditional boat.
                                                            Manufactured in Edson's
  Manufactured in
                                                             own foundry.
    Edson's own foundry.
                                                            Made of lightweight 356
  Made of solid bronze.
  Hand-machined and
                                                            Heat-treated to T-6 hardness.
                                                            Feature tan baked-on
  Features varnished teak
                                                             urethane powder coating
                                                             and varnished teak handles.
  1"/2.5 cm straight
                                                            1"/2.5 cm straight bore only.
    bore only.
                                                           Order #688
 Order #602BR
                                                           (See ordering guide for sizes)
 (See ordering guide for sizes)
                                                                     n's F
                                                           ee  Edso atalog
                                                                ine C      al
                                                           Mar ddition ls
                                                               r A         e e
                                                            fo         Wh
                                                                e ring
 Commercial Bronze Wheel                                    Ste
                                                                     EDSON TRADITIONAL WHEEL ORDERING GUIDE
Edson's Commercial Bronze Wheel.                           Wheel Size          Teak Wheel           Bronze Wheel        Teak Rim Wheel       Character Wheel
Simplicity is the keynote for this                        Inches ( cm)            Order #              Order #               Order #             Order #
rugged wheel.                                             20" (50.8 cm)             n/a               602BR-20                 n/a                688-20
 Teak handles and a tumbled                              22" (55.8 cm)             n/a               602BR-22                 n/a                 n/a
  bronze finish.                                          24" (60.9 cm)       601CH or BR-24          602BR-24                 n/a                 n/a
 Measures 19"/48 cm tip to tip.                          25" (63.5 cm)             n/a                  n/a                   n/a                688-25
 Provided with 5"/12.7 cm                                26" (66.0 cm)             n/a               602BR-26           603CH or BR-26            n/a
  varnished teak handles.                                 28" (71.1 cm)       601CH or BR-28          602BR-28                 n/a                 n/a
 Available with either a                                 30" (76.2 cm)             n/a               602BR-30           603CH or BR-30           688-30
  standard 3/4"/1.9 cm taper or a                         32" (81.2 cm)       601CH or BR-32             n/a                   n/a                 n/a
  1"/2.54 cm straight bore.                               34" (86.1 cm)             n/a                  n/a             603CH or BR-34            n/a
 Hub thickness is 11/8"/2.9 cm.                           35" (89 cm)              n/a                  n/a                   n/a                688-35
Tapered Bore  Order #971-19-750T                         36" (91.4 cm)       601CH or BR-36             n/a                   n/a                 n/a
Straight Bore  Order #971-19-100S                        38" (99.0 cm)             n/a                  n/a             603CH or BR-38            n/a
                                                           n/a - wheel not available in this size. All Wheel Hubs have 1" Straight Bore 2 3/8" Long, 1/4" Keyway
                                                                                                                       Wheel Accessories
                                                          Brass & Stainless Wheel Nuts
Attention to detail is the keynote of these Edson Wheel Nuts.
Available in highly polished Investment Cast 316 Stainless or
traditional Polished Brass. Measure your steering shaft thread for the
correct size (1"-14 is standard size since 1979).
Stainless Wheel Nut with 1"-14 Shaft Threads - Order #673ST-1-14
Stainless Wheel Nut with 5/8"-18 Shaft Threads - Order #673ST-5/8-18
Stainless Wheel Nut with 3/4"-10 Shaft Threads - Order #673ST-3/4-10
Brass Wheel Nut with 1"-14 Shaft Threads - Order #673BR-1-14
Brass Wheel Nut with 5/8"-18 Shaft Threads - Order #673BR-5/8-18
Brass Wheel Nut with 3/4"-10 Shaft Threads - Order #673BR-3/4-10                                                              Stainless Wheel Nut                   Brass Wheel Nut
                                                                                                                                     #673ST                             #673BR

                                                                                    Wheel Hubs
 Make your own traditional mahogany or teak wheels.
 Available in polished or chrome plated bronze castings. Two-
 piece design allows for easy assembly.
 See Ordering Guide.

                                 WHEEL HUB ORDERING GUIDE
                                                                Hub            No. of      Spoke
    For Wheels Sizes:             Bronze Hub   Chrome Hub       O.D.          Spokes        Size
                                   Order #      Order #
  20" /50.1 cm- 26"/66 cm          667BR-2      667CH-2     4" (10.2 cm)        6       1.25" (3.2 cm)
                                   Order #      Order #                                                   Chrome Hub                            Bronze Hub
   28" /71 cm - 34" /86 cm         667BR-4      667CH-4     51/2" (13.9 cm)     8       1.375" (3.5 cm)     #667CH                                #667BR
                                   Order #      Order #
  36" /91.4 cm - 42" /106.7 cm     667BR-6      667CH-6     6" (16.5 cm)        8       1.375" (3.5 cm)

                                                                                 Teak Handles
  These varnished teak handles can be used on home built
  wheels to replace original handles for a finished look.
  Complete with 3/8"-16 stainless carriage bolts. These are the
  same Handles as those used on Edson's #602, #688 and #971
  Traditional Wheels.
  31/2" Teak Handle w/Stainless Carriage Bolt - Order #882-350
  4" Teak Handle w/Stainless Carriage Bolt - Order #882-400
  41/2" Teak Handle w/Stainless Carriage Bolt - Order #882-450
  5" Teak Handle w/Stainless Carriage Bolt - Order #882-500
                                                                                                                       Teak Handles

                                                                              Wheel Adapters
Edson's Wheel Adapter is a real problem solver. Made of brass
and finished with a stainless locking pin and a 1/4" stainless                                                                                      Part No. 698 Wheel Adapters
                                                                                                                                                    For Wheel Adapters Data Sheet EB-
wheel key, the adapter is ideal for installing Edson wheels on                                                                                      95-214, write or call Edson
other steerers. It's simple and it's strong. Be sure to tell us the                                                                                 Customer Service.
make and model of your steerer. Call Edson Customer Service
and request Engineering Bulletin EB-95-214-2 for information
on the correct adapter for your steerer. Suitable for wheels up
to 30" diameter.
Order Part No. 698 (See Price Page).
  Most Popular Sizes:
  #698-A-306-1       31/2" taper per foot; 5/8-18 thread (Standard Morse Taper)
  #698-A-306-2       3
                      /4" taper per foot; 1/2-20 thread (Standard Teleflex Taper)
  #698-A-338         3
                      /4-16 thread; slight taper
  #698-A-340         3
                      /4" straight shaft
  #698-A-639         3
                      /4" taper; 5/8-18 thread
Rack and Pinion Steerers
 Powerful, compact and sensitive steerers.                                                          Boats with rudderposts located low in the cockpit can use the #782
                                                                                                     Rudderpost Extender and #675 Coupling to raise the steering
 Provides positive rudder feedback.                                                                 assembly to the required height.
 Rugged construction of bronze alloys and                                                           MAINTENANCE: Minimal, once a month maintenance will provide
                                                                                                     years of trouble-free performance. Oil shaft bearings with #30 motor
  stainless steel.                                                                                   oil. Use a light application of #827 Teflon Lubricant on the gear teeth
 1" Stainless Wheel Shaft fits all Edson                                                            and contact point of the adjusting arm. Universal joints should be
                                                                                                     packed in grease and booted. Daily inspection is recommended.
  Steering Wheels.                                                                                   WHEN ORDERING: Please state the Part # and Size of the Rack and
 Available for Transom-Hung or Inboard                                                              Pinion Steerer you are ordering. It is also important to include your
                                                                                                     type of boat and a description. In the case of inboard steerers, the
  Rudders.                                                                                           rudderpost diameter and key size should be included. Also, state the
   Contact Edson for help in designing the right rack and pinion for                                 "A" dimension or wheel shaft length that best fits your installation.
your boat. Just send us the top and side view construction drawings                                  NOTE: The "A "dimension is the distance between the centerline of
of your boat. If they are not available, a simple sketch with                                        the rudderpost to the aft side of the wheel. When determining your
dimensions and a photograph will do.                                                                 wheel shaft length, include the thickness of the face of your wheel
INSTALLATION GUIDELINES: For comfortable, reliable steering the top                                  box, allowing space for an autopilot and/or a brake (#783 Brake
of the wheel should be located about 32" (81.3 cm) up from the                                       requires 21/2").Edson will machine your steerer to fit the rudderpost in
cockpit sole. The seat should be low enough so the helmsman's feet                                   your boat if you supply us with the dimensions of your rudderpost
are firmly planted on the cockpit floor or other brace.                                              and key sizes. NOTE: The rudderpost keyway will be located on the
                                                                                                     quadrant side unless otherwise specified.

                         Rack & Pinion Steerers for Transom Hung Rudders
Edson's Transom Hung Rudder Steerer is designed for boats
up to 38' with outboard rudders. It has 1.6 turns of the wheel
through 70 of rudder travel. When used with a 22" diameter
wheel it has the same mechanical advantage as a 71/2'-long
tiller. Wt. 26 lbs (11.8 kg).
Order #341-9 (See Selection Guide).                                                                                        #341-9

Edson's Heavy Duty Transom Hung Rudder Steerer is for
boats up to 48 'and will fit rudderstocks up to 31/2" thick. It has
2.8 turns of the wheel through 80 of rudder travel and will
approximate a 15' long tiller. Wt. 38 lbs (17.2 kg).
Order #341-14 (See Selection Guide).

                                                                                                                                         A=21" (53.3 cm)
 TRANSOM HUNG RACK & PINION STEERERS ORDERING GUIDE                                                                                      or to suit
     THICKNESS             STANDARD            WEIGHT           HEAVY DUTY            WEIGHT
 inches      cm             ORDER #          lbs     kg           ORDER #           lbs    kg
   1 /4
             4.4            341-9-175         24    10.9
   21/4      5.7            341-9-225         25    11.3          341-14-225         36      16.3
   23/4      7.0            341-9-275         26    11.8          341-14-275         38      17.2
   31/2      8.9            341-9-350         28    12.7          341-14-350         40      18.2
NOTE: "Size" is determined by the thickness of the rudderstock. For example, Size 14-225
means a 14" radius steerer for a 21/4" (2.25") thick rudderstock. If in doubt about the fit, order
the next size up and shim sides of the jaws if necessary. The jaws are drilled when installing.

                                                                                                                                      A=25" (63.5 cm)
                                                                                                                                      or to suit
                    Angling Your Rudder Shaft
  Edson's Shaft Universal and Self-Aligning Bearings are
  useful for rack and pinion steering installations on boats
  with heavily raked rudderposts. The #679 Shaft Universal
  and the #629 Self Aligning Bearings will allow you to
  change the angle of the wheel shaft by up to 30. Refer
  to page 9 for dimensions and ordering information.

                                                                                                                                       Part No. 341-14

                                               #679 Shaft Universal

      #629 Self Aligning Bearing
                                                                                               Rack and Pinion Steerers
     Forward Mounted Rack and Pinion Steerers for Inboard Rudders
Edson's Forward Mounted Rack and Pinion Steerers are designed for boats
up to 48' with inboard rudders that have limited space aft of the rudderpost.
These rugged and compact steerers are usually found on the more
traditionally designed vessels where rudder feedback is desired.
The #347-9 Steerer will accommodate boats up to 38' with 1.8 turns through
80 of rudder travel. The #347-14 Steerer should be used on boats 38' to 48'
in length and has three turns of the wheel through 90 of rudder travel. The
rudderpost diameter determines the size of rack and pinion steerers for
inboard rudders. Refer to the selection guide below.
Order #347-9 or #347-14 (See Chart).                                                                                                                 Part No. 347-9 shown

                Rack                Pilot            Max.         Max. Size        Weight
               Radius               Bore             Bore         Keyway            Each
 Size       in       cm      in         cm      in        cm    in      cm      lbs      kg
 9-24        9      22.86     1         2.54   1 /16
                                                         4.60   3
                                                                 /8      .95     18      8.2
9-610        9      22.86    17/8       4.76    31/2     8.89   1
                                                                 /2     1.27     22     10.0
 9-14        9      22.86    33/8       9.21     5      12.70   5
                                                                 /8     1.59     28     12.7
14-24       14      35.56     1         2.54   113/16    4.60   3
                                                                 /8      .95     24     10.9
14-610      14      35.56    17/8       4.76    31/2     8.89   1
                                                                 /2     1.27     28     12.7
14-14       14      35.56    33/8       9.21     5      12.70   5
                                                                 /8     1 59     32     14.7
NOTE: Specify rudderpost size, keyway size, and location. (For specials see Part No. 946 on
price page.) Weights may vary due to wheel shaft lengths.                                      These photos show the simplicity and utility of a Rack and Pinion Installation.
                                                                                               Cover box makes an excellent helmsman seat with a hinged top for quick
                                                                                               maintenance and inspection.
#347-9 dimensions
                                                                                                   #347-14 dimensions

NOTE: The "A" dimension is the distance between the centerline
of the rudderpost to the aft side of the wheel.

             Aft Mounted Rack and Pinion Steerers for Inboard Rudders
Edson's Rack and Pinion Steerers are designed for boatowners who require more cockpit space and rudder feedback and a safe,
strong, dependable unit. These aft mounted Rack and Pinion Steerers are designed specifically for vessels that have a minimum
of 12" (30.5 cm) of space aft of the rudderpost and where cockpit design requires the wheel to be mounted close to the
rudderpost. These steerers take up less than one third of the cockpit space of a tiller, yet the precision cast gears provide the
helmsman with all the "feel" and feedback generally associated with a tiller.
Edson's Aft Mounted Rack and Pinion Steerer for use on aft raked rudderposts 1"(2.5 cm)
to 2" (5.1 cm) diameter with a maximum key of 3/8" (1 cm) on the rudderpost. If you do
not specify bore, the rack will be furnished with a 7/8" (2.2 cm) pilot bore. The "A"
dimension on the wheel shaft is standard at 15" (38.1 cm) or is available to, suit. Steerer
weight 30 lbs. (13.6 kg). Included is one 1" (2.5 cm) Part No. 629 Bearing.
Order #343-1.
                                                                                                                                                Part No. 343
For severely aft raked rudderposts Edson's #344 steerer comes with a
#679 Shaft Universal and two #629 1" (2.5 cm) Self-Aligning Bearings.
The universal joint included with this steering system allows you to adjust
the steering wheel through a 30 arc.
Wt. 34 lbs. (15.4 kg).
                                                                            Part No. 343
Order #344-1.

                                                                                                                                                Part No. 344
Worm Gear Steerers
   Classic Design - used for over 100 years on traditional boats.
   Extremely rugged
   No rudder feedback - designed for long-keeled cruisers.
   Rugged construction of bronze alloys and stainless steel.
   1" Stainless Wheel Shaft fits all Edson Steering Wheels.
   Replaceable Babbitt threads.
   Stub shaft for easy installation of an autopilot.
   Sizes for boats from 35' to 85' (10 to 26 meters).

WHEN ORDERING: Worm steerer installations must be well designed and well thought out from
all standpoints. The system is mounted at 90 to the rudderpost and is rigid at this point. Should
you require a different angle to your wheel, refer to Edson's #679 Shaft Universal. The #629 Self-
Aligning Bearing supplied with the gear must be well bolted down to a timber or strong
moldment. lt is recommended that the top of the wheel rim be 31" (79 cm) to 33" (84 cm) up
from the cockpit floor. This will allow you to stand beside the
wheel without reaching down to it, and will put the wheel at a                         WORM STEERER ORDERING GUIDE
convenient height when sitting in back of it or alongside it.                         Turns
    When ordering, advise Edson of the rudderpost bore diameter,                   Hard-Over      Overall                                                          Approx.
keyway size and keyway position - these will be machined by             Steerer   to Hard-Over    Length         Rudderpost                                        Steerer
                                                                         Size         in 90      of Boat            Bores                                          Weight
Edson. You will note the standard "A" dimensions on the
                                                                                                    35'       1" (2.5 cm) Pilot,                                     33 lbs
schematic drawings which relate to shaft length. If a longer or       Simplex 00       3.25
                                                                                                 (10.7 m)    13/4" (4.4 cm) max.                                    (15 kg)
shorter shaft length is required, please advise. If in doubt as to
                                                                                                   35-45'     1" (2.5 cm) Pilot,                                     48 lbs
steerer size or if the boat is heavy, go to the next larger size. Do   Simplex 0       3.75
                                                                                               (10.7-13.7 m)  2" (5.1 cm) max.                                     (21.8 kg)
not compromise on the size.                                                                                   1
                                                                                                                      45-55'         1 /8" (2.9 cm) Pilot,           72 lbs
                                                                                 Simplex 1          4.50
                                                                                                                  (13.7-16.8 m)      21/2" (6.4 cm) max.           (32.7 kg)
MAINTENANCE: For maintenance of all Edson Steering Systems
                                                                                                                      45-65'         11/8" (2.9 cm) Pilot,          120 lbs
we recommend using #30 oil on all pivot points, and water pump                   Meteor 1           4.50
                                                                                                                  (13.7-19.8 m)      21/2" (6.4 cm) max.           (54.5 kg)
grease on the worm itself and on the grease fitting on the center
                                                                                                                      65-85'         21/2" (6.4 cm) Pilot,          230 lbs
of the steerer. Check the flange alignment by loosening the four                Robinson 2           6.0
                                                                                                                  (19.8-25.9 m)      31/4" (8.3 cm) max.          (104.4 kg)
bolts on the top of the steerer and check as you would on a
                                                                          If in doubt as to steerer size, if the boat is very heavy, or if the boat is to be sailed offshore, go
propeller shaft coupling. The 90 angle is extremely important            to the next larger size. Your naval architect must be consulted as to the final selection.
and this point will cause binding if not correctly aligned. Inspect       Wheel shaft is sized to fit wheel hubs with 1" (2.5 cm) bores, with 23/8" (6 cm) hub lengths and
and oil frequently.
                                                                           /4" (.6 cm) keyway.

                                                 Meteor Worm Steerer
Edson's Meteor Worm Steerer. This steerer was originally
designed for Kaiser Wilhelm's Yacht Meteor which was
designed to race against Britannia. The Meteor is a rugged
steerer with "twin" arms for optimum strength and is
designed for boats in the 45-65 foot (13.7-19.8 meter) range
with room both forward and aft of the rudderpost. Wt. 128 lbs
(58.1 kg).
Order #390-1.

                                              Robinson Worm Steerers
Edson's Robinson Worm Steerer. This steerer features the
same rugged construction and "twin" arms as the Meteor
Steerer but has larger gears to give you more turns of the
wheel hard-over to hard-over. The Part No. 380 Steerer is
designed with the "worm" on the aft side of the rudderpost                  Part #380-2
and requires a minimum of 35" (89cm) aft rudderpost. It is
recommended for boats in the 65-85 foot (19.8-25.9 meter)
range. Wt. 230 lbs (104.4 kg).
Order #380-2.

Robinson Worm Steerer. This is virtually identical in design to
the Part No. 380 Steerer with the major difference being that
the "worm" is located forward of the rudderpost. This makes
the Part No. 382 ideal for boats with limited space aft of the
rudderpost and is recommended for boats in the 65-85 foot
(19.8-25.9 meter) range. Wt. 230 lbs (104.4 kg).
                                                                             Part #382-2
Order #382-2.
                                                                                                  Worm Gear Steerers
                                                         Simplex Worm Steerers

        Part No. 370-00
                                                                                                                  Part No. 370-1
                                                                 Part No. 372-0

WORM AFT OF RUDDERPOST                                                                  WORM FORWARD OF RUDDERPOST
Edson's Simplex Worm Steerer. Designed for the traditional                              Edson's Simplex Worm Steerer. Edson engineers designed this
cruising sailboat. There are three sizes available to suit boats                        steerer with the working gear on the forward side of the
from 22' (6.7 m) to 55' (16.8 m). Part No. 370 Worm Steerer is                          rudderpost. This feature allows you to install this steering
configured with the actual gear working on the aft side of the                          system on a yacht having as little as 5"  6" (12.7 cm  15.2 cm)
rudderpost. Size 00 requires a minimum of 141/4" (36.2 cm) and                          of space aft of the rudderpost (see "C" dimension in chart
size 1 requires a minimum of 19" (48.3 cm) of space aft of the                          below), depending on the size of the worm gear.
rudderpost, which is shown as the "C" dimension on the                                  Order #372 (Specify Size).
chart below.
Order #370 (Specify Size).                                                              Edson's Simplex Worm Steerer. Same as Part No. 372 except
                                                                                        that it is supplied with a universal assembly and an extra
Edson's Simplex Worm Steerer. Same as Part No. 370 except                               bearing and the "A" dimension is about 21/2" (6.4 cm) longer
that it is supplied with a universal assembly and an extra                              than the Part No. 372 fixed shaft steerer.
bearing, and the "A" dimension is about 21/2" (6.4 cm) longer                           Order #373 (Specify Size).
than the Part No. 370 fixed shaft steerer.
Order #371 (Specify Size).

                              PART #370 DIMENSIONS                                                                  PART #372 DIMENSIONS
 Size         A         B         C         D         E        F        G        H       Size       A         B         C         D         E        F        G        H
            141/4"     61/4"    141/4"      7"      13/4"    21/4"     2"       1"                241/4"    161/4"     41/2"     71/2"    13/4"    21/4"     2"       1"
  00      (36.2 cm) (15.9 cm) (36.2 cm) (17.8 cm) (4.4 cm) (5.7 cm) (5.1 cm) (2.5 cm)     00    (61.6 cm) (41.3 cm) (11.4 cm) (19.1 cm) (4.4 cm) (5.7 cm) (5.l cm) (2.5 cm)
             15"        7"       16"        9"      21/8"    31/4"    25/16"    1"                 26"       18"        5"        9"      21/8"    31/4"    25/16"    1"
   0      (38.1 cm) (17.8 cm) (40.6 cm) (22.9 cm) (5.4 cm) (8.3 cm) (5.9 cm) (2.5 cm)     0      (66 cm) (45.7 cm) (12.7 cm) (22.9 cm) (5.4 cm) (8.3 cm) (5.9 cm) (2.5 cm)
             16"        8"       19"       13"      23/16 "  33/4"    23/4"    11/2"               29'       21"        6"       13"      23/16"    33/4     23/4    11/2"
   1      (40.6 cm) (20.3 cm) (48.3 cm) (33 cm) (5.6 cm) (9.5 cm) (7 cm) (3.8 cm)         1     (73.7 cm) (53.3 cm) (15.2 cm) (33 cm) (5.6 cm) (9.5 cm) (7 cm) (3.8 cm)

                                                                                                                                                             Edson # 371

 Edson #370
 With Autopilot

Three typical Simplex Worm Steerer installations

  INSTALLATION: The following guidelines should be observed                             the worm gear, the alignment is as critical as the alignment
  when installing an Edson Worm Steerer:                                                of your propeller shaft coupling. You should check with a
  1.) Make sure that the height of the top of the wheel rim is                          .002" (.05 mm) feeler gauge. Improper alignment will cause
  approximately 32" (81.3 cm) off the cockpit sole.                                     binding at the extreme ends of travel.
  2.) Design a helmsman's seat to cover and protect the worm
  gear and that allows easy access to the gear for inspection                           WHEN ORDERING: Please supply Edson with the diameter of
  and maintenance. The height of the helmsman seat should                               the rudderpost and the key size. Also, if you would like a
  allow you to firmly plant your feet on the cockpit sole so you                        shaft length ("A" dimension) shorter or longer than
  do not cut off the circulation in your legs.                                          standard, please specify, otherwise we will ship standard
  3.) When installing the rudderpost flange to the flange on                            length shafts.
Accessories For Geared Steerers
Edson's Shaft Mount Brake with Stainless
                                                        Shaft Mount Brake
Knob. One of our most popular accessories
for wheel steerers, we designed this brake
especially for Rack and Pinion and Worm
Steerer installations. Its dampening action
is especially useful on long runs or when
operating under power. lt can also be used                                                                             Part #783ST
to hold a boat on course under most
conditions, but as a safety feature it can be
overridden by the helmsman. The brake
mounts on the wheel shaft against the
inside forward wall of the wheel box, with
the brake knob coming out either side of
the box. These brakes are constructed of
aluminum and bronze. Each is supplied                                                                      825ST-1
with a long lasting brake lining, brake
shaft and a stainless brake handle. Brake
shaft lengths available are 8" (20.3 cm) and
12" (30.5 cm). Special lengths are available
on request. For 1" shafts only.                                                                                Edson Brakes are designed to be
Wt. 2 lbs (.9 kg).                                                                                             easily relined to provide you years of
8" Shaft Mount Brake - Order #783ST-8                                                                          service. See Part #316-689 Brake
12" Shaft Mount Brake - Order #783ST-12                                                                        Maintenance Kit on your price page.

                                                   Wheel Shaft Faceplates
                                                                                            Edson's Wheel Shaft Faceplates. For
                                                                                            dressing up Bulkhead and Shelf Steerer
      #795BR-1NB                                                                            installations. #795BR-1 and #795CH-1
                                                                                            are round and mount with four 3/16 "
                                                                                            flathead fasteners (owner supplied).
                                                                                            #795BR-1NB and #795CH-1NB have 1"
                                                                                            needle bearings and are designed to give
                                                                                            extra support to Bulkhead Steerer #340
                                                                                            with 1" wheel shafts.

                                                                                     FACEPLATE SELECTION GUIDE
                                                                       Order #    Fits Shafts   Material                      Dimensions
                                                                      795BR-1    1" (25.4 mm)   Bronze                       31/4" (82.6 mm)
                                                 #795CH-1             795CH-1    1" (25.4 mm)   Chrome                       31/4" (82.6 mm)
                                                                     795BR-1NB   1" (25.4 mm)   Bronze     3" x 3 /4"x 1 /4" Deep (76.2 x 82.6 x 31.7 mm)
                                                                                                                 1      1
                                                                     795CH-1NB   1" (25.4 mm)   Chrome     3" x 31/4"x 11/4" Deep (76.2 x 82.6 x 31.7 mm)

                                                         Compass Pedestal                                                            Binn Page 1
                                                                                                                                         acle    2
                                                                                                                                              Com for
Edson's Compass Pedestal provides an excellent location for                                                                                      pass
mounting compasses on boats having a Rack & Pinion or Worm
Steerer, or even a tiller. Makes a great place to mount Edson
Pedestal Accessories such as Guards, Tables, Drink Holders, Engine
Controls and Instrument Housings. Constructed of aluminum with
durable, glossy-white baked on urethane coating. Standard height
is 22", special heights available. For mounting bolts see #646 on
the price page.
Wt. 7.5 lbs (3.4 kg).
Compass Pedestal - Order #317-5.

           The Island Packet above shows a typical installation
                   of the Edson #317 Compass Pedestal.
                                                                            Accessories For Geared Steerers
Edson's Self Aligning Bearing.
Rugged all bronze bearing designed
                                                                           Self Aligning Bearing
to take rudderpost loads as well as
for Steerers and Rack and Pinion
                                                                     Sizes available
shaft bearings when used in                                          from 1" (2.5 cm)
conjunction with Part No. 679 Shaft                                  to 1 1/2" (3.8 cm)
Universals. Very good for all low                                    diameter. Weight
speed rotating shafts where                                          2 lbs (.9 kg).
                                                                                                                                          Frame                      Insert
alignment is a problem (not to be
used on propellers on high speed
shafts). Part No. 629 Self Aligning
Bearings are available in sizes 1" (2.5                              #629B
cm) to 2" (5.1 cm). See price pages                                  Sizes available
for all available sizes.                                             from 1 1/2" (3.8
Weights range from 1.5 lbs (.7 kg) to                                cm) to 2" (5.1 cm)
5.25 lbs (2.9 kg).                                                   diameter. Weight
Self Aligning Bearings - Order #629A                                 6 lbs (2.7 kg).
or 629B.                                                                                                                                  Frame                      Insert

                 Rudderpost Extender                                                                                         Shaft Universal
Edson's Rudderpost Extender. A shaft extension for Rack and                                                  Edson's Shaft Universal. For use with Rack and Pinion Steerers
Pinion and Worm Steerers where the existing rudderpost is too                                                and Worm Steerers. Allows the wheel to be tilted to the most
low in the cockpit. These Extenders are designed for use with                                                comfortable angle when the rudder is extremely raked. For
Part No. 675 Couplings. Rudderpost Extenders are supplied                                                    instructions on its use, see Rack and Pinion and Worm Steering
with keyways at both ends. Type I Extenders have a uniform                                                   sections. Note that a Part No. 629 Self Aligning Bearing must
diameter along their entire length, and Type II Extenders have                                               always be used with the universal. The universal is bored for a
two diameters as shown. When ordering, specify type and                                                      1" shaft, machined with a 1/4" keyway, and has a breaking
provide sketch showing all dimensions.                                                                       torque of 15,000 inch-pounds. Each end has a set screw.
Rudderpost Extender - Order #782, Specify Type I or Type II.                                                 Universals can change shaft angles up to 30. For maximum
                                                                                                             life, they should be packed in grease and booted.
                                                                                                             Wt. 3 lbs (1.36 kg).
                                                                                                             Shaft Universal - Order #679-100

  Type I            Part No. 782                Type II

                                                                       Bronze Shaft Couplings
Edson's Manganese Bronze Shaft Coupling. Especially handy
for connecting in-line steering wheel shafts of the same
diameter. Also used with rudderpost extenders on Rack and
Pinion and Worm Steerer installations where the existing
rudderpost is too low. Fits shaft diameters from 1" to 2" (see
Prie Page). Wt. 3 lbs (1.36 kg).
Bronze Shaft Coupling - Order #675 (Specify Shaft Diameter)
 Dim.            Size 1.0 to 1.125                 Size 1.25 thru 1.5             Size 1.625 thru 2.0
  A                  4" (10.1 cm)                      4" (10.1 cm)                  51/4" (13.3 cm)
                (7/8" to 11/8" bores)            (11/4" to 11/2" bores)            (15/8" to 2" bores)
   B                21/16" (5.2 cm)                    21/2" (6.3 cm)                 31/4" (8.2 cm)
   C    7
         /8" (2.2 cm) thru 11/8" (2.8 cm)          11/4" (3.2 cm) thru     15/8" (4.1 cm) thru 2" (5.0 cm)
                                                       11/2" (3.8cm)
   D          up to 1/4" (.63 cm)           1
                                             /4" (.63 cm) to 3/8" (.95 cm) 1/4" (.63 cm) to 1/2" (1.3 cm)
Special bore and key sizes upon request (see Price Page).
                                                                                                                                              #675 Bronze Shaft Couplings
Rudder Post Accessories
                                                       Bronze Stuffing Box
Combines a rudderpost bearing with an above-the-waterline stuffing box for rudderpost sizes ranging from 1" (2.5 cm)
diameter to 41/2" (11.4 cm). We recommend fiberglassing the stuffing box/bearing to the top of the tubing when the
rudderpost is in place. This can be done easily using alternating layers of fiberglass mat and cloth. This makes the post a
structural bearing and will help carry rudder loads with minimal friction. Custom sizes are available on request, but allow
additional time.

                                                                                                              STUFFING BOX ORDERING GUIDE
                           Stuffing Box                                                 For Rudderpost       Order              A**           B                     C            Weight
                               #697                                                       Diameter*             #           in      mm    in         mm       in        mm     lb     Kg
                                                                                              1"            697-1.0          1       25    2          51     1.25       32     2.5    1.1
                                                                                             11/8"          697-1.125     1.125     29     2         51      1.25       32     2.5    1.1
                                                                                             11/4"          697-1.250      1.25     32     2          51     1.25       32     2.5    1.1
                                                                                             13/8"          697-1.375     1.375     35     2         51      1.25       32     2.5    1.1
                                                                                             11/2"          697-1.5         1.5      38    2          51     1.25       32     2.5    1.1
                                                                                             15/8"          697-1.625     1.625     41     2         51      1.25       32      3     1.4
                                                                                            1.660"          697-1.660     1.660     42     2         51      1.25       32      3     1.4
                                                                                             13/4"          697-1.75       1.75     44 2.44           62     1.25       32      3     1.4
                                                                                             17/8"          697-1.875     1.875     48 2.44          62      1.25       32      3     1.4
                                                                                             1.9"           697-1.9         1.9      48 2.44          62     1.25       32      3     1.4
                                                                                              2"            697-2.0         2.0      51 2.44          62     1.25       32     3.5    1.6
                                                                                             21/4"          697-2.25       2.25     57     3          76     1.25       32     3.5    1.6
                                                                                             23/8"          697-2.375     2.375     60     3         76      1.25       32     3.5    1.6
                         Hose Clamp                                                          21/2"          697-2.5         2.5     64     3          76     1.25       32      4     1.8
                                                                                            2.860"          697-2.860     2.860     73   3.5         89      1.25       32      4     1.8
                         Fiberglass                                                          27/8"          697-2.875     2.875     73   3.5          89     1.25       32      4     1.8
                         Resin                                        A           C
                                                                                              3"            697-3.0         3.0      76  3.5          89     1.75       44     4.5     2
                                                                                             31/2"          697-3.5         3.5     89     4         101     1.75       44     4.5     2
                         Spade                                                                4"            697-4.0         4.0     101    4         101     1.75       44      6     2.7
                         Rudder                                       B                      41/2"          697-4.5         4.5     114 5.125        130     1.75       44      6     2.7
                                                                                        * Metric and Custom sizes available on request.
                                                                                        ** `A' Dimension is actually bored +.03" over rudderpost size for proper clearance.

                                        Bronze Rudder Roller Bearings
Edson's Rudder Roller Bearings carry the rudder weight on rollers. Just bolt or glass in place and rudder drag is virtually
eliminated. See Ordering Guide for sizes. Custom sizes available.

                                                                                           RUDDER ROLLER BEARING ORDERING GUIDE
                                                                      For Rudderpost       Order             A**                B               C                   D            Weight
#954 as a                                                               Diameter*             #          in      mm       in        mm    in        mm       in         mm     lb     Kg
                                                                            1"            954-100         1      25     4.375       111    2        51       7
                                                                                                                                                              /16       11      4     1.8
Top Bearing     Rudder Roller Bearing                                      11/4"          954-125       1.25     32     4.375       111    2        51       7
                                                                                                                                                              /16       11      4     1.8
                        #954                                               11/2"          954-150        1.5     38     4.375       111    2        51       7
                                                                                                                                                              /16       11      4     1.8
                                                                           13/4"          954-175       1.75     44     4.375       111    2        51       7
                                                                                                                                                              /16       11      4     1.8
                                                   B                       17/8"          954-1875     1.875     48     4.375       111    2        51       7
                                                                                                                                                              /16       11    4.25    1.9
                                                                           1.9"           954-190       1.9      48     4.375       111    2        51       7
                                                                                                                                                              /16       11    4.25    1.9
                                                                            2"            954-200        2.0     51      5.25       133    2        51       7
                                                                                                                                                              /16       11      5     2.3
                                                                           23/8"          954-2375     2.375     60     5.25        133    2        51       7
                                                                                                                                                              /16       11     5.5    2.5
                                                                          2.860"          954-2860     2.860     73     5.75        133   2.5       64       7
                                                                                                                                                              /16       11      7     3.2
                                                                           27/8"          954-2875     2.875     73        6        152   2.5       64       1
                                                                                                                                                               /2       13      8     3.6
                                                                            3"            954-3000       3.0     76        6        152   2.5       64       1
                                                                                                                                                               /2       13      8     3.6
                                    C                             D        31/2"          954-3500      3.5      89        7        178   2.5       64       1
                                                                                                                                                               /2       13     12     5.4
                                                                      * Metric and Custom sizes available on request.
                                                              A       ** `A' Dimension is actually bored +.015" over rudderpost size for proper clearance.

                                              Bronze Tiller Head Fittings
Edson's Bronze Tiller Head Fittings are for
tillers 1 1/2" wide and for rudder posts of 1"
diameter with a 1/4" keyway on the forward side
- excellent for the aft steering position. They
are available in burnished bronze or chrome
plated bronze.
Wt. 2.75 lbs (1.3 kg).
Bronze Tiller Head Fitting - Order #965BR-100
Chrome Tiller Head Fitting - Order #965CH-100
                                                                                                                                     Bronze Tiller
                                                                                                                                     Head Fitting
                                         Chrome Bronze                                                                               #965BR-100
                                        Tiller Head Fitting
                                                                         Leather Accessories
                                             Leather Spreader Boot Kits

                                                        Mariners have been using leather for centuries to prevent
                                                        premature wear of their sails. Leather will easily outlast
                                                        and outperform materials of lesser quality, like rubber or
                                                        tape, when exposed to sun and salt in the harsh marine
                                                        environment. Edson's custom-cut, hand-stitched Leather
                                                        Spreader Boots will protect your sails from costly tears and
                                                        chafe, providing you peace of mind at sea and leaving more
                                                        money in your pocket. Each kit includes two pre-punched
                                                        Dove Gray Leather Spreader Boot Covers, heavy waxed
                                                        polyester thread for lacing, hand-stitching needle and
                                                               LEATHER SPREADER BOOT KIT ORDERING GUIDE
                                                                 Size   Circumference   Diameter     Order #
                                                                Small        3 1/8"        1"        #1401-1
                                                               Medium        6 3/4"        2"        #1401-2
                                                                Large        9 1/2"        3"        #1401-3

                                             Leather Turnbuckle Covers
Edson's Leather Turnbuckle Covers add a distinctive look
while protecting your lines and sails from premature wear.
These high quality turnbuckle covers will not crack or
deteriorate like plastic and offer more complete coverage,
are better looking and longer lasting than tape. Add the
look and feel that only comes with leather. Available in
Dove Grey, they are attached and removed easily with pre-
fastened, industrial grade hood-and-loop strips. Sold

   Size   Fits Turnbuckles   Dimensions       Order #
  Small          5
                  /16"         1" x 12"      #1405-12
 Medium           1
                   /2"        1 1/2" x 14"   #1405-14
  Large           5
                   /8"        1 3/4" x 24"   #1405-24

           Leather Shackle Pulls
                                                                          Leather Chafing Gear
                                    When hands are cold,        Edson's Leather Chafing Gear is ideally suited for protecting
                                    tired      and      wet,    mooring lines, anchor rodes, dock lines and spreader tips.
                                    sometimes they need a       BUCK TAN LEATHER
                                    little assistance with                                      DOVE GRAY LEATHER
                                                                21/2 Sq. ft -Order #858TAN-2.5  21/2 Sq. ft -Order #858GRAY-2.5
                                    stubborn snap shackles      51/2 Sq. ft -Order #858TAN-5.5
                                    and sticky zippers.                                         51/2 Sq. ft -Order #858GRAY-5.5
                                                                11 Sq. ft -Order #858TAN-11     11 Sq. ft -Order #858GRAY-11
                                    Edson's      custom-cut     22 Sq. ft -Order #858TAN-22
                                    "whale tail" Dove Gray                                      22 Sq. ft -Order #858GRAY-22
                                    Leather Shackle Pulls
                                    are durable and the
                              "whale tail" prevents them
                              from coming undone. Attach
                              them to anything you need to
                              get your hands on quickly.
                              Snap shackles and blocks,
                              zippers on your foul weather
gear, luggage zippers, cushion zippers, quick-release pins -
you name it and you will wonder how you got this far
without them.
Sold in packages of 10.
Edson Leather Shackle Pulls (Package of 10) - Order #1404-5
Traditional Boating Accessories                                                                                 See E
                                                                                                               Marin son's Full
                                             Bronze Dinghy Anchor                                              for
                                                                                                                     e Cat
                                                                                                             Marin Additiona
                                                                                                                  e Acc      l
Remember those great navy anchors of yesteryear? They                                                                       ies!
were as functional as they were good looking. Now Edson
has reintroduced the design as the perfect dinghy anchor. Its
cast bronze construction will last for generations. This Bronze
Dinghy Anchor weighs 6 pounds (2.7 kg) and comes complete
with 33 ft (10 m) of 5/16" braided line and a handy stowage
Wt. 8 lb (3.6 kg).
Bronze Dinghy Anchor with Bag and Line - Order #522-6
Bronze Dinghy Anchor without Bag and Line - Order #522-6LL

                                             Slanted Scoop Strainer
Edson's Slanted Scoop Strainer is rugged Manganese
Bronze with a removable perforated Stainless strainer
screen. The slanted design resists clogging by grass, weeds,
plastic, etc. When bolted permanently in place, the screen
is easily removed for cleaning and anti-fouling painting.
Comes in two sizes  41/2" x 6" (12 cm x 1 cm) or 41/2" x 93/4"
(12 cm x 25 cm).
6" Slanted Scoop Strainer - Order #970-6 Wt. 1 lb/.45 kg
93/4" Slanted Scoop Strainer - Order #970-10 Wt. 2 lb/.9 kg

                                                                                         Strainer Location

                                                  Anti-Surge Valves
                                     Edson's Anti-Surge Valve controls the flow of drain
                                     and bilge water in your boat with a simple floating
                                     ball. Use the anti-surge valve wherever the
                                     possibility of water backing up in drain lines exists.
                                     Ideal for head sinks, galley sinks, and anchor wells
                                     that fill when your boat heels over. These valves can
                                     also be used in limber holes and grid pan drains to
                                     keep bilge water from traveling. Comes complete
                                     with two Stainless hose clamps and is available in
                                     four sizes.
                                     Anti-Surge Valve for 3/4" ID Hose  Order #905-075
                                     Anti-Surge Valve for 1" ID Hose  Order #905-100
                                     Anti-Surge Valve for 11/4" ID Hose  Order #905-125
                                     Anti-Surge Valve for 11/2" ID Hose  Order #905-150

                                        Classic Binnacle Compasses
Binnacle Compass can be mounted directly to the Edson
Spacemaker Pedestals using the standard 4-bolt pattern
on the top of the pedestal or optional Edson Engine
Control Housing. Offered are binnacle models with
choices of 5" or 6" dial sizes and optional finishes and
materials. They all have 5 increments, built-in
compensators, night lighting, full gimbals and 45 lubber

Traditional Binnacle Mount with hood, 5" dials for
335 & 336 Pedestals:
   Ritchie Globemaster Stainless (shown) Order #658-D-515-EP
   Ritchie Globemaster Brass             Order #658-D-515-EX

Traditional Binnacle Mount with hood, 6" dials for
400, 401 & 460 Pedestals:                                                                                           #658-D-615-X
   Ritchie Globemaster Stainless       Order #658-D-615-EP
   Ritchie Globemaster Brass(shown) Order #658-D-615-EX
                                                  Traditional Boating Accessories
                                     Edson One-StepTM Boarding Step
Now Edson makes getting on board from a dingy or dock safer and
easier. Cast in aluminum and coated with durable, glossy-white
baked on Urethane coating, the Edson One-Step is designed to
attach to your lifeline gate stanchions and hang against the side of
your boat. It has neoprene bumpers that won't mar your topsides,
and the built-in handles give you a secure handhold. Comes
complete with 6 ft. of braided line with stainless snap shackles. Wt. 5
lb (2.3 kg).
One-Step Boarding Step with Line - Order #520-14
One-Step Boarding Step without Line - Order #520-14LL

                                 Stern Rail Outboard Motor Mount
Built to hold motors up to 15 hp or 100 lbs/45 kg.
Convenient cleat and side handles allow you to tie the                -New St !
                                                                   All       gn
motor and lock it safely on board. The non-corroding                     Desi                      7"/17.8cm

polished 316 stainless bracket with non-skid pad, bolted to
the UV stable poly backing board always look ship-shape...
no more varnishing. Comes complete with hardware to
attach to any standard 1" (2.5cm) or 11/4" (3.2 cm) stainless

rail. Bottom cleat comes unattached so that it will fit any
rail spacing.
Note: 1 1/4" rail version comes complete with anodized
aluminum bracket and stainless U-bolt for 11/4" railing.
Wt. 10 lb (4.5 kg).
Outboard Mount for 1" Railing - Order #521-100ST(shown)                                             4"/10cm

Outboard Mount for 11/4" Railing - Order #521-125AL

                                                     Edson Oar-LocTM
Cast in bronze, this convenient oar locking device is ideal for
those who want to leave their oars safely with the dinghy at yacht
clubs or public docks. Edson's unique design is easy to operate
because the lock is on the top of the seat. You can also lock up
your oarlocks by drilling two more holes and putting your
oarlocks under your oars. Lock not included. Wt. 1.35 lb (.6 kg).
Edson Oar-LocTM - Order #523-2

                                         Bronze Outboard Brackets
Edson's Bronze Outboard Brackets are designed as an engine mount
for use on dinghys and small sailboats. The mounting plate is                                                  #951-3545
permanently fastened to the boat's transom. The bracket slides into
the plate and is held in place by two stainless steel clips. The outboard
motor bracket is available for two different transom angles. Order
Size 10 for transoms with 10 angle or Size 3545 for angles of 35  45.
Will hold outboards up to 4 HP.
Angled Transom Bracket - Order #951-3545                                                                                          #951-010
Straight Transom Bracket - Order #951-010

  Angled Transom Bracket

   Straight Transom Bracket
            #951-010                                                                   OUTBOARD BRACKET ORDERING GUIDE
                                                                                                             Dimensions                          Weight
                                                                           Order #         A              B               C              D       lbs (kg)
                                                                          951-3545    9" (23 cm)     8" (20 cm)      4" (10 cm)     8" (20 cm)    81/2 (3.9)
                                                                          951-010    14" (36 cm)     8" (20 cm)      4" (10 cm)     8" (20 cm)   101/2 (4.8)
Traditional Bronze Housemarkers
    Edson's traditional Bronze House Markers are an excellent
way to commemorate any occasion and add a rugged touch of
bronze to any surface. When allowed to age naturally, each
House Marker will acquire a classic patina.
    Cast from hand-carved patterns, these plaques represent six
traditional East Coast sailing vessels from the late 19th and
early 20th century as well as a Striped Bass, a classic lobsterboat
and a nautical compass rose. Each is modeled to-scale, in full
relief and shows details of the actual vessel or fish.
    The Edson/Anbar Foundry has hand cast and tumbled the
bronze plaques to a low-lustre finish ready to be engraved to
your specifications. Bronze mounting screws are included and
engraving is available in Roman typeface for an additional
charge. Please include clear engraving instructions with your
order. 15 Characters Maximum, including spaces. Please allow
3-4 weeks for delivery. Engraving charges extra.

                                                       Lobster Boat
                                                        Order #3207
                                                        141/4" x 81/2"    Herreshoff 121/2
         Beetle Cat                                                          Order #3206
          Order #3205                            ea!                         97/8" x 111/2"
           10" x 123/8"                    ift Id ur
                                       at G n Yo
                                    Gre unt o eck!
                                     Mo me D

     Friendship Sloop                              Compass Rose          Cape Cod Catboat
          Order #3202                                   Order #3150          Order #3201
           10" x 10"                                    9" Diameter            9" x 11"

Chesapeake Bay Skipjack                                Striped Bass      Tankcook Whaler
          Order #3203                                   Order #3204          Order #3200
           10" x 91/2"                                  147/8" x 81/2"        10" x 91/2"
                                                                      Edson Diaphragm Pumps
The Edson Diaphragm Pump is the captain's choice for on board         18 GPM Pumps
applications of bilge pumping, sewage collection, spill clean-up,
oil collection and pump-outs of marine sumps, holding tanks
and gas tanks. The manual models are often used as emergency                                                                  Vertical Mount
manual back up pumps because they can pump a lot of water                                             Seat Riser                   #256
without power. Available in Bronze or Aluminum in 18 GPM                     Lever Action               #258
                                                                              Side Inlet                                                   Offset Drive
and 40 GPM models.                                                               #217                                                       Side Inlet
Edson Pump Features:
  Highest Capacity Manual Pump on the Market-
   One Gallon Per Stroke (Bone Dry model).
  Up to 30 GPM.                                                      18GPM Manual Diaphragm Pumps are offered in varying
                                                                      configurations to facilitate installation based on where you want
  Self Priming from Dry Starts.                                      to locate the pump on the boat. The #254 Offset Pump
  Handles Solids up to 1 Inch.                                       facilitates mounting the pump behind a bulkhead, the #256
                                                                      Vertical Mount Pump allows mounting the pump on a wall and
  Large Flow Through Inlet and Discharge                             the #258AL is ideal for mounting behind a set riser in the
   Passages for Virtual Clog-Proof Operation.                         cockpit. An 18"aluminum handle comes with every pump. A
                                                                      32"/81cm handle, available in plated or stainless steel is optional.
  Reinforced Diaphragms and Valves = Long Life
   (over 3,000,000 Cycles).                                                                EDSON 18 GPM PUMP ORDERING GUIDE
  Available in Marine Grade Red Bronze or                                                                                  Suction,
                                                                                                                         Discharge &          Pump
   Anodized Aluminum.                                                 Pump Description                 Material            Hose Size         Weight      Order #
  Available for 11/2" or 2" NPT Ports.                                                                Aluminum       11/2" (3.8 cm) NPT   10lb/4.5kg 217AL-150
                                                                      Lever Action Side Inlet
                                                                                                        Bronze        11/2" (3.8 cm) NPT   32lb/14.5kg 217BR-150
  Built Tough for Years of Service                                   Offset Drive Side Inlet
                                                                                                       Aluminum       11/2" (3.8 cm) NPT   14lb/6.4kg 254AL-150
                                                                                                        Bronze        11/2" (3.8 cm) NPT   35lb/15.9kg 254BR-150
  Designed Simple for On Board Maintenance.                                                           Aluminum       11/2" (3.8 cm) NPT   10lb/4.5kg 256AL-150
                                                                      Vertical Mount
                                                                                                        Bronze        11/2" (3.8 cm) NPT   29lb/13.2kg 256BR-150
                                                                      Seat Riser                       Aluminum       11/2" (3.8 cm) NPT   10lb/4.5kg 258AL-150
                                                                                                       Aluminum       11/2" (3.8 cm) NPT    8lb/3.6kg 165AL-18-150
                                                                      Portable Pump Kit                 Bronze        11/2" (3.8 cm) NPT   19lb/8.6kg 165BR-18-150
  Portable Pump Kits
  Edson Portable Pump Kits are complete pumping systems
  that include an Edson Pump mounted on a Carrying Board
  with Handle, Quick Clamp Hose Fittings and a single 20'(6m)          30 GPM Pumps
  length of 11/2" hose supplied for optimum configuration by                                         Offset Drive
  individual. Available in 18 or 30 GPM models.                                                       Side Inlet
                                  Portable Pump Kit                                                                                                         Lever Action
                                                                                                                                                            Bottom Inlet
                                                                        Lever Action
                                                                         Side Inlet
                                                      Portable Pump
                                                         Kit Bag

                                                                                                                                                  Offset Drive
                                                                                                                                                  Bottom Inlet
                                                                       Manual 30 GPM Diaphragm Pumps are available in four models
                                                                       with either side inlet or bottom inlet chambers and lever action
                                                                       or offset drive sockets. The choice of model is based on where
  Bronze Strainers & Foot Valves                                       you want to locate the pump on the boat. The Offset models
               #111BS                                                  facilitate mounting the pump behind a bulkhead. A 32" plated
                                                                       steel handle comes with every pump. It is used for easy stand up
                                                                       pumping. A stainless steel handle is optional.
                                                        #130N                                   EDSON 30 GPM PUMP ORDERING GUIDE
                                                                                                                           Discharge &          Pump
                                                                        Pump Description                  Material           Hose Size         Weight      Order #
   1 /2" Bronze Strainer - Order #111BS-150
                                                                        Lever Action Side Inlet
                                                                                                        Aluminum or   11/2"( 3.8 cm) NPT or    (4.5 kg)    117AL
    2" Bronze Strainer - Order #111BS-200                                                                  Bronze        2"( 5.1 cm) NPT      (14.5 kg)    117BR
   11/2" Foot Valve/Strainer - Order #130N-150                          Offset Drive Side Inlet
                                                                                                        Aluminum or   11/2"( 3.8 cm) NPT or    (6.4 kg)    554AL
    2" Foot Valve/Strainer - Order #130N-200                                                               Bronze        2"( 5.1 cm) NPT      (15.9 kg)    554BR
                                                                                                        Aluminum or   11/2"( 3.8 cm) NPT or    (4.5 kg)    638AL
                                                                        Lever-Action Bottom Inlet
                                                                                                           Bronze        2"( 5.1 cm) NPT      (13.2 kg)    638BR
        For pump dimensions and specifications                          Offset Drive Side Inlet
                                                                                                        Aluminum or   11/2"( 3.8 cm) NPT or    (4.5 kg)    557AL
              visit                                  Portable Pump Kit
                                                                                                                         2"( 5.1 cm) NPT
                                                                                                                         2"( 5.1 cm) NPT
                                                                                                                                              (13.2 kg)
                                                                                                                                               (4.5 kg)
                                                                                         U.S. POSTAGE
Edson International                                                                        PAID
146 Duchaine Blvd.                                                                      New Bedford, MA
New Bedford, MA 02745-1292                                                                Permit#242


                Over 140 Years of Engineering Excellence!
                        n a fine example of "Yankee Ingenuity",
                      I Jacob Edson invented the diaphragm
                       pump, and in 1859 established The Edson
                        Corporation in Boston, Massachusetts to
                         manufacture and sell his pump. He
                         continued to invent a wide range of
                          marine products which resulted in
                           significant growth; and in the mid 1930's
                            the company moved to expanded facilities
                             in New Bedford, MA. The Edson
                              Corporation is
                      now recognized as
                      one of the oldest
                         businesses in
                          and the United

                             Additional Edson Information
   Ask for Edson's full Marine Catalog for a         For information on Edson's full line of Pumps,
   complete selection of Steering Systems, Wheels,   Pump Out Systems and Accessories, request Edson's
   Accessories, NavCom Towers, Cockpit Tables and    Pump Catalog or visit
   Drink Holders,

            Power             Sail                      

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