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Wilcox. Crittenden Marine Head


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                     For Inlets
                Straight Tail Piece
                     Size in.

                                  For Outlets
                          90 Degree Curved Tail Piece
                                  Size 11/1 in.


                                             DECK PLATE
   For   11/2   in. 1.D. Hose

                            ..   .

                                                                     IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT THE U.S. COAST GUARD REGULA-
                                                                   TIONS REGARDING MARINE SANITATION SYSTEMS BE
                                                               '   REFERRED TO BEFORE INSTALLATION OF THE W-C TOILET -
                                                                   BEGINS. I T IS I N VIOLATION OF FEDERAL LAWTO DISCHARGE
                                                                   RAW SEWERAGE FROM ANY VESSEL INTO U.S. WATERS WITHIN
                                                                   THE 3 MILE LIMIT AFTER 1980. THIS TOILET MUST BE
                                                                   INSTALLED WITH A MARINE SANITATION DEVICE THAT MEETS '
                                                                   THESE U.S. COAST GUARD REGULATIONS WITHIN THE TIME
                                                                   TABLE ESTABLISHED BY THE U.S. COAST GUARD.
                                                                     W-C Seaclos may be installed either at or below the boat's
                                                                   waterline. The toilet must be securely fastened to prevent rocking
                                                                   during pumping. SO it is best to bolt it to a board and screw the board
                                                                   to the cabin flooring to insure a solid mounting.
                                                                     Hose may be used for piping and should be installed so as to avoid
                                                                   sharp bends. The flush water intake i n the hull should be forward of.
                                                                   and lower than the discharge outlet. A flap should be placed over the
                                                                   outside of discharge outlet to prevent gurgling.
                                                                     On installations where the to~let  may be below waterline a vented
                                                                   loop waste line is recommended. See Vented Loop. Figure 1548. for
                                                                   use with this toilet.
                                                                     Use W-C "Full-Way" Seacox i n thru-hull connections. Figure 1508.
 THRU-HULL FOR HOSE                                     4034       for the hull supply fitting. and Figures 1507 or 1511 for the hull
                                                                   discharge fitting. The inside dlameter of the hose required for supply
                                                                   and discharge lines IS noted ~ ~ n d each
                                                                                                           e r fittlng shown on the front
                   WILCOX-CRITTENDEN                               cover of this folder. Hose is always measured by tnsrde diameter. The
                                                                   tailpieces supplied on W-C Seaclos and Seacox will take hose with
                   MIODLETOWN. CONNECTICUT 06457                   clamps. Preformed automobile radiator hose can sometimes be used
                                      - TWX 710-428-4097
                   Telephone 203-632-2600                          to advantage.

                                                                                          If your Seaclo works hard, check to make sure the sea cocks are
                                                                                       wide open and that no kinks appear in the lines. Sometimes the sea
                                                                                       cocks work shut with consequent restriction in the intake or
              TOP OF LOOP SHOULO BE AT
              LEAST 6-ABOVE WATER LINE                                                 discharge lines.
              WHEN BOAT 15 AT I T 5 GREATEST                                             Some oii or grease on the piston rod and bearing pins in pump
                                                                                       handle assembly makes for easier pumping. To reduce wear and
              ANGLE OF HEEL.
                                                    !            .
                                                                         ,             maintain easy pumping operation, do not tighten the piston rod
                                                                /                      packing nut any more than necessary to prevent leakage around the
                                                                a ' MSCHARGE           rod. A little waterproof grease applied once a season to the packing
         f                                                       ;   =/ :              found under this nut will do the trick.
                                                                 ,       .                If a foreign object becomes lodged in the toilet, removethescrews
                                                                                       which hold the tail piece to which discharge pipe is attached and
                                                                                       check the "Joker" valve. This is the spot where matches, bobby pins
                                                                                       or similar items are likely to catch and cause trouble.
                                                                                          If pumping action becomes stiff and the above checks have been
                                                                                       made. "Sea-Lube", a special water soluble lubricant, should be used.
                                                                                       A few cups of "Sea-Lube" put into a dry bowl and pumped out of the
                                                                                       bowl into the cylinder, but not overboard, will keep the unit working
                                                                                       freely. A stroke ortwo is enough. Try to allow the "Sea-Lube" to stand
                                                                                       for 24 hours.

                                                                                          When you haul out for storage, certain steps should be taken to
                                                                                       keep your Seaclo in first-class condition.
                                                                                          Fresh water should be allowed to stand in the pump for several
                                                                                       days to dissolve the accumulation of salt in the cylinder and hose
                                                                                       lines. Repeat this process. then pump dry. Remove drain plug in
                                                                                       waste arm todrain any waterwhich might remain. Replacedrain plug
                                                                                       and pour a few cupfuls of "Sea-Lube" into the bowl and pump the
                                                                                       "Sea-Lube" out of the bowl into the bottom of the cylinder. A stroke
                                                                                       or two is enough. Allow "Sea-Lube" to stand for 24 hours-pump dry
                                                                                       and remove drain plug.
                                                                                            DO NOT PUT OIL: KEROSENE, GASOLINE OR ALCOHOL
                                   ~ N T A K E SEACOCX- FIG NO I S 0 7                                        IN THE BOWL OR PUMP.
                               NOTE POSITION. LOWER A H 0 FORWAR
                               O F OISCHARGE SEA'COCK I N BOAT.
                                                                                                           THEY WILL RUIN THE VALVES.
                                                                                          If anti-freeze is used, it must be a glycol base.

                                                                                         Replace drain plug in waste arm and use "Sea-Lube" as outlined in
                                                                                       Haul-Out Instructions. Allow "Sea-Lube" to stand for 24 hours. If
                                                                                       Haul-Out Instructions were followed, your Seaclo should be ready
Where the toilet is set below the waterline, the W-C Vented Loop. Fig.             .   for use.
1518, should be installed i n the discharge line, as shown in line                       In the event your Seaclo is worn or has not had proper care, it is
drawing above. The bronze "U" loop has integral air vent which                         recommended that the pump unit be disassembled, the required new
works automatically to prevent back syphoning into toilet, yet seals                   parts installed and the unit reassembled, with waterproof grease
tightly so there is no possibility of leakage.                                         being appliec' to the piston leathers and cylinder wall. This greasing
                                                                                       should be done whenever disassembly is required.
                                                                                         Be sure to check the "Joker" valve. If stiff, it should be replaced.
                                                                                         Proper care will assure you of a long-lasting, free-working unit.
                                                                                         After boat is overboard it is good practice to make periodic checks
                                                                                       on the waterlines, etc. to make certain that all connections are tight
                                                                                       and that valves are functioning properly.
   An instruction plate is always furnished with each Seaclo. Be sure
to place it where it will be seen andread!Your landlubber guestswill
appreciate proper instructions on the use of your toilet when they
first come on board. You will save yourself considerable trouble i f at                  After considerable use, your Seaclo may requiresome repair parts.
the same time you emphasize that rags, bobby pins. paper towels.                       A handy W-C Repair Kit is available. containing all of the items you
etc. should not be discarded in the toilet.                                            will probably need. Call for it by name. Be sure to use only W-C
   When a Seaclo is first placed in use, it may be necessary to put a                  repair parts made for your model of toilet.
pall of water into the bowl to prime the pump. This will not be
iequired after the Seaclo has once been used.
   The flush water supply valve is opened by raising the lever (Dwg.
Ref. 15) on the side of the cylinder.
   Before using the toilet. open the supply valve and pump some
                                                                                                    "HEAD-MATE" REPAIR KIT
water into the bowl. After use, keep thesupply valve open and pump                                       W-C FIG. 1520
slnwlv                                                                                    'These numbers in the Parts List indicate the items included in
  o n & the bowl is clean, pump five or six extra strokes to thoroughly                   a standard "Head-Mate" Repair Kit. These new Parts are all
clear the discharqe line of all refuse. Then close t h e s u ~ ~ l v v a l v e a n d      items you will normally need to put your Seaclo in first-rate
pump until the bowl is empty. When running in rough seas: orleaving                       operating condition.
the boat overnight. i t is advisable to pump the bowl dry to prevent                         Keep a Repair Kit on hand at all times.
splashing. When the boat is unattended, it is advisable to close both
sea cocks.
NOTE: Discharge Flap Valve and Inlet Flap
Valve Assemblies must be installed so that
the tongues point to the next opening
through which the water will pass.

             PART NO.          REF. NO,                              DESCRIPTION                    I   QUANTITY
                                                   Bowl Spud
                                                   Bowl Spud Rubber Gasket
                                                   Bowl Spud Friction Washer
                                                   Bowl Spud Nut
                                                   Bowl Spud Elbow
                                                   lnlet Flush Tubing, Vinylite
                                                   lnlet Valve Cover Screw*
                                              1    lnlet Valve Cover
                                                   lnlet Flap Valve*
                                                   lnlet Flap Valve Spring
                                                   lnlet Valve Plate
                                                   Cam Shaft Screw'
                                                   lnlet Valve Cam'
                                                   Vacuum Breaker Finger'
                                                   lnlet Water Lever
                                                   lnlet Water Lever Screw*
                                                   lnlet Water Lever Shaft
                                                   lnlet Water Lever Seal*
                                                   Coupling Flange Bolt
                                                   Coupling Flange
                                                   Discharge Tailpiece, 90-degree
                                                   Discharge Tailpiece, Straight
                                                   Backwater Check Valve (Joker):-
                                                   Piston Rod Handle
                                                   Piston Rod Packing Nut
                                                   Piston Rod Packing*
                                                   Piston Rod
                                                   Piston Rod Retaining Nut
                                                   Piston Ring
                                                   Piston Ring Spring
                                                   Flap Valve*
                                                   Waste Arm Plug
                                                   Waste Arm
                                                   Bowl Gasket
                                                   Bowl, complete with Bowl Spud Assembly
                                                   Bowl Hold-Down Screw
                                               I   Bowl Hold-Down Washer, S.S.
                                               i   Bowl Hold-Down Washer, Rubber
                                                   Bowl Hold-Down Nut
                                                   Seat and Cover (Not Illustrated)
                                                   Pump Assembly. Complete
             'Parts supplied in Repair Kit Fig. 1520
              In ordering parts be sure to specify: Model, Part Number, and Description of Parts.

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