Monday, November28, 2022
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Used Sails for Dockrell 22

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NOTE: I am pleased to announce a new vendor on You can now find sails for your boat from SailM8.
The sails listed here are from these US vendors: SailM8, Pineapple, and Minneys. I will add vendors as I get a personal recommendation and know they are reliable.

You can select your boat type from our database or enter your boat's dimensions yourself. Only sails that will likely fit your boat will be listed. If you want information on where to buy the sail, click the contact link and you will get an email with vendor contact information. Eventually this will be a more direct link but for now I want to know how this service is being used. makes no money and charges no commission on these sails. It is strictly a service to the sailing community. I do not have an email list -- you will not get spam from using this form. If you prefer, you can leave a private message in the forum.


Dockrell 22 Not Found. Please click HERE and enter your boat type. This might be caused because some of the dimensions in the search engine results are incorrect.

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NOTE: It is important to measure your own boat and not just use the dimensions from the data base although they are a good place to start. Also, allow for shackles, furling drums, some clearance for stretch, clearance for a fair lead to the sheave, and such. You should be particularly careful on the forestay length if you do have a furler or long shackles to not include their length in the forestay number in the table. The sails listed have been sorted and stand a good chance of fitting your boat but the fit is your responsibility so make your measurements and consult the selling sail loft to make sure the sail will fit. See the article on buying used sails HERE.

Spinnakers are screened by luff length and foot to JSP ratio. The maximum girth is typically a few percent more than the foot and the maximum allowed girth is 185% so be aware of that.

Used Sails for Dockrell 22

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