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New Weather and Tide

NEW! This new version of our Weather and Tide page focuses on the next 12 hours and has a button that sets the location to the current location. I use it on my phone when I am sailing to check the latest forecast and tide data. The other Weather and Tide page is still here, has more features, and includes the 7 day forecasts. Both of these pages have been reformatted to work well on mobile devices.
  • Marine report for rest of day
  • Forecast for next 12 hours
  • Marine Discussion from NWS
  • Buoy Observations within 10 miles
  • Airport Observations within 20 miles
  • Tide (closest station)
  • Current (closest station)
  • Radar
  • Satellite Weather

Both the Weather and Tide pages have a of links to source data that you may find useful. Just look for the underlined text.

This page is ready for your day on the water. Just go to the page and click on "Refresh Location" to get a report for your present location or click on "Map" to select your desired location.

L-36.com Site News

If you are new to L-36.com, I recommend this overview. It discusses what you will find in each menu tab. Check it out.

Speaking of new. Have you noticed the new menu layout? There are fewer main tabs but some tabs have sub tabs. Don't forget the "hamburger", the tab on the end. This all works much better on even the lowest resolution phone.

A Good Start

Papoose (L-36 #5 in the photo) is the boat that is by far the slowest (highest handicap) of these three boats all about to round the windward mark. Papoose can't do 12 knots on a reach like the J-105 in the middle and we are not near as fast as the C&C-41 on the left. But here I am even with them this day on this race approaching the weather mark.


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