Saturday, July20, 2019

Papoose 2009 Haulout

Papoose 2009 Haulout

Just hauled out Monday and did some work. Need to leave soon but here are some pictures.
Looked pretty dirty to me but just soft stuff.

In the lift.

First they pressure wash.

This is where you put the straps

I cut about 70 slits and glued in an equal number of spines. I get these splits every year and do this to some extent every year as well. This was a chance to get the ones near the water line that I cannot do in the slip. Took most of the day. Day 2 sanded them down and primed. Pictures to follow.

The diver said my worm shoe has been lose for a year or so. We are going to put the old one back on. It was in good shape. It is now painted and looks great. Again, pictures to follow.
I wonder what is causing this rust. My shipwright says that a don't ask, don't tell policy is sometimes best. there are some things you just don't want to know.

Here is the hole that was cut to fit the new drain

The hull after sanding down the spines and applying primer, day 2.

The painted old wormshoe ready to go back on.

And installed.

There was dry rot in basically 4 places. At least, I found 4 places. Here was one that was a surprise. I didn't know this was there until I sanded off all the paint. This rot goes into the corner post of the cabin and these holes go into that post as well.

I filled the holes with West System epoxy for a couple of hours and then filled them with filled epoxy some time later. This obviously needs to be sanded down and painted but my back started going out again so it will wait for a few days. I had planned on doing this the previous week but spent the week in bed with a bad back instead. I then planned on doing it at the yard but just this one day of the bending over to get at this stuff is too hard on me at my tender age. I will spread it out over a few days giving myself some R&R days between.

Here is the guy that painted the bottom. Oh, by the way, when you are sailing stay away from the rocks. That is (was) a J-24 charter boat. They couldn't get the outboard started and tacked back and forth as they worked on the engine. They got closer to the rocks every tack. Blowing about 25 with no jib and a reefed main apparently doesn't allow a J-24 to point well. I don't think an L-36 would have that problem. The crew stepped off the boat and onto the rocks and waled back. Nobody was hurt. The boat sunk and was dragged back through the mud by an inflatable with 110hp engine.

Steve and David installing the new drains. If you look around, you can see the other areas of dry rot.

And here are the drains.

Here is what the drains look like in the not yet finished cockpit.

The painted hull. I painted all of the starboard side and touched up the port side. Next time I am going to have the yard do the painting.

Finally the launch shot.

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