L-36 #41 Storm

formerly Carmen

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My father, Max Biggs, owned the Hibiscus, hull #41, for forty years. He sailed it to the South Pacific via the Marquesas in 1975 and back through the Hawaiian Islands. He was a member at St. Francis and was a member of the Richmond Y.C. in his later years. He gave the boat to the son of an acquaintance berthed next to him in Richmond in 2005 as his age prevented him from properly maintaining and sailing the boat. It looks like that fellow let the boat deteriorate further and his rehab project didn't get off the ground. We all loved that boat and I am so happy to see she has been restored and will soon be re-named Storm. If the owner would like to contact me, we would love to talk to him about the boat and its history. Max died in 2010 but his wife, Joanne, is still alive and at 4616 Las Lomitas Dr., Pleasanton, CA 94566. The address is incorrect in the Fleet info. By the way, our nickname for the Hibiscus was the "Hot Biscuit"! She raced for many years, spent many summers at Tinsley Island and at the end of Max's ownership frequently joined the weekend cruisers of Ricmond Y.C.

Paula Biggs Grafft
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Hi, I just got a L-36 #41

I changed her name back to the original, Storm. I love your web site! Can't wait to fill in #41. I will send you pics soon and info, and of course I have a million questions! She is really rough, but not for long! It went from Storm, Hibiscus, Carmen. The plaque on Her says Storm and the hull #, all original.

Im not to fast at typing, so don't take my sort response as me not wanting to talk. You don't like Margarita? I like storm, my first horse was named Storm! Going out to start the engine tonight, I hope. Been rewiring it thanks to your website. I took some pics for you today. Im going to pull it out in Moss Landing, then sail around the south Pac. Ill email you later.

She needs new points and a coil. Here are a few pics. (later) I got it started today. The screw the goes from the points to the secondary via the condenser was shorted out. So if people dont have spark and they have checked every thing, try that. I couldnt get any original parts so I bought insulating grommets and used those.



So I start it this morning to get a feel of the water pressure and where the exhaust manifold mounts to the pipe going aft was rotten exhaust was pouring out. so I took the manifold off and carb, going to take it to a machine shop and have them drill out the broken off bolts and resurface the face of it, rusted bad. oooohhhhhhh.

Oh yeah Im not going to name it storm:) Doing to much work, Its going to be a new boat anyhow. Thinking of names, Its fun!



The Work




One Month Later 7/13/2011

That was a long 9 days in @ Gravelles' Boat yard in Moss Landing. Thanks to them and my Dad we got it done. Im tiered and Clover is getting closer! I single-handed her today for the first time, and run with the wind. Wow She runs good! and so does the motor Haha, but it does after 40 hours of wrenching.





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