Custom Marine Display

I have been looking for a display that will work in a marine environment that I can write arbitrary text to. I signed up for a Earl Backpack Tablet but it looks like it is vapor ware so I got my $300 back. I next considered using the TackTick Remote as the manual says that it can display 6 custom sentences. I bought it but could not get it to work. After a month of trying to get an answer Raymarine said that it would not work due to a software change and that their solution was to change the manual so that it would no longer say it works. Sucks. My next attempt was to look for a company that made a NMEA-0183 display and see if it could display custom $P nmea sentences. I contacted Stowe and they indicated they had a version that not only could display custom $PTIN sentences but that it was made specifically of that and was not a nmea repeater but a completely custom terminal display. It has 8 font sizes and can also display lines. The text or lines can be placed anywhere on the 160 x 128 pixel display. This was perfect so I have ordered one. They have simulation software and I am able to see exactly how my proposed layouts will look. Three are below. It will be connected to the StartLine Race Box with a second nmea connector. I know others may be interested in this display so I thought I would show some of what it can do.

this is my proposed default screen. It is what I would display when there is nothing else do display. For example, when StartLine is off and the display is just running off the RaceBox this screen would show the instruments corrected values. This would differ from the normal display somewhat because they would be corrected. For example, the speed would have the linearization and heel correction applied. The wind would have the upwash corrections applied.
This is the start screen when StartLine is getting you in position to make a perfect run at the line.
This is the normal race screen where you can see the boat speed (corrected), the TURN and layline information, the current, and the time to the mark. Auto switching of waypoints in StartLine makes this hands off and all of the information on this screen would come from StartLine.
Here is a link to the documentation: Click Here

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