sargasso/sargasso.jpg Hello Alan,it's been awhile since I last contacted you. Sparing all the "gory" details,I will launch "Sargasso" at the end of March,here in Bellingham. It has been one hell of an episode in my life,I can assure you!!! The guy I got "Sargasso" from,Joe Pemberton,passed away this last year after a long battle w/ cancer,God bless him. I was fortunate enough to really get to know him,right up to the end. The man that commissioned Sargasso,Travis Creswell,of Provincetown,also passed away this last year. Myself,well,one relationship later,and some "life changing" events due to my restoring Sargasso,will coalesce this summer,to all of my expectations,or some of them anyway. I would like to participate on the L-36 websight,as others have. I do have the most recent photos of my work on her,so here are a few photos of when I first found Sargasso,and what she looks like now,as of this month. I also will send a more detailed history,and descriptions of my work,Mark Gregg
sargasso/2.jpg 2
sargasso/4.jpg 4
sargasso/5.jpg 5
sargasso/8.jpg 8
sargasso/9.jpg 9
sargasso/12.jpg 12

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