Wednesday, February8, 2023
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Articles for L-36 Owners


This is an email exchange between L-36 owners on the subject of insurance. My interest perked up as a result of the Eventide collision

Tuning the rigging

A letter by Bill Lapworth on how to tune a Cal-36,and the instructions he put in most of the early Cal boat manuals including the Cal-40.

Boat of the Month (L-36)

Latitude 38 Boat of the Month article on the Lapworth 36

Chariman Bob's list of concerns about L-36s

This is a must read for any L-36 owner. I have addressed many of these and checked on most of the others. The next thing that gets me will probably be something on this list I didn't treat with enough respect. These concerns apply to many boats, not just L-36s.

From Odin Braathen

Friend of the site, Odin Braathen, writes us with some histroy on some of the boats.

Swiftsure (1959-1970)

Swiftsure race results and some L36 pertinent excerpts from a book on the early years of the Swiftsure race.

L-36 Class History

Some history of the L-36 class from Skip Allan

Remembering Bill Lapworth

PDF Reprint of an article from 2006 remembering Bill Lapworth.

Remembering Chairman Bob

Remembering Chairman Bob

What is the handicap of an L-36?

Well, it depends on where you race. If there is a lot of wind, you have a low handicap. If there isn't a lot of wind, you have a high handicap. Your results may follow this trend as well. When there is a lot of wind, you win. When the wind is light, you lose.


The question came up about repowering an L-36. Discussion follows the jump.


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