Tuesday, March28, 2023
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How to Tie A Bowline

The way my Dad tought me


There are lots of ways to tie a bowline. I think this is the quickest, fastest, easiest to do and remember of all the ways. I learned this when I was a kid from my dad. He probably learned it in the navy in WW II, not sure. But I do know he was a sailor and knew how to tie a bowline fast.

5 easy steps

First, tie a single half hitch

Pull on the working end and collapse the half hitch so that the working end is straight and the what was the knot is now a loop

Pass the working end around the standing end

Pass the working end down into the loop. The only trick is to make sure you went around the standing end so that you are entering the "inside" of the loop. Otherwse you will be making a left hand bowline, which is almost as strong so not a huge error if you happen to go around the wrong direction.

Tighten up the knot.

How to Tie a Bowline Video

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