Monday, July4, 2022
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Chinese Button Knot

Tied from One End

From the standing end, form a loop and make the working end under the standing end.

Place the loop over the standing end.

Take the working end and go under-over-under-over the sections of the line you arranged in the previous step.

Pull the working end through and arrange your line as shown.

Next you are going to go under and through the upper most loop.

Pull it through.

You just went under one strand. Now you go over one and under two.

we have now gone under the two strands and arranged the line as shown. The knot is done and needs only to be dressed.

There is a center section on the knot. Grab it and pull it away from the two strands which will enter the knot.

Here it is pulled out.

Now just work around the knot and tighten it up.

Here it is snug but not tight yet. Just work it into this shape..

Now go around the knot strand by strand and tighten it up

Here it is from the side

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