Wood Boat Repairs

Papoose Cockpit Repair 2009

The background for this repair is that there was a lot of paint on Papoose. I made the decision a couple of years ago to remove it all when an area needs paint if that had not been previously done. In the case of the cockpit area, most but not all the surfaces had 55 years of paint on them. I used a heat gun as chemical strippers just did nothing on that much paint. I actually took a micrometer to the paint I scrapped off and measured 0.020, or almost the gap of a spark plug. That is a lot of paint. The other advantage was that I uncovered a lot of dry rot and was able to treat that with penetrating epoxy. One could argue that I should have just replaced the entire cockpit area but my goal is to put that off and hopefully the cockpit will outlive me.

Here is the cockpit after scrapping and sanding.

Looking forward

One of the worst areas and a complete surprise until I removed the paint was this area

Here it is filled

Another area, there were several

And filled

All the dents on the cabin sole were filled

It rained so I did a lot of the priming under a tarp


And the finished priduct


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