Friday, May20, 2022
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Dear Allen:
I am the actual owner of "CONSENTIDA" HULL 63.
I fell in love with her and it was love at first sight...

She was docked in Puerto Vallarta with a (for sale sign)and was owned by a Canadian who purchased it from the original owner.

I didnt know much about sailing or sail boats at that time,but I just fell in love with her elegant lines and bronce.

I had some experience in fresh watter lazers but that was it.

The previous owner didnt mantain the boat for 5 years,so I went throw a real night mare, but now I have one of the most pretty and surprising vessels in Acapulco bay.

While in reparation,and looking for plans,I even got a letter from Bill him self before he past away.

I am now looking for other Lapworth owners in Mexico in order to start racing but saddly...aparently I am the only one with a Lapworth that is in shape to sail.

Lets keep in touch and congratulations for all your effort.

best regards
Jean Paul Pelletier

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