Dimensions of Eventide

Good Morning Allen, Copying Jeff, as he is with the handicappers. My sail dimensions are to the best of my knowledge, as original class measurement requirements, some of which may be visible on the drawings of the first two boats (three window jobs) for sails and the EVENTIDE drawing for hull dimensions. Last year Jeff, Bob Cart, and I did some more extensive measurement work. D = Design, M = Measured
  • LOA and LOD 36' 2" D and M
  • LWL D 28" 0", M 29" 2"
  • Beam D 9" 6", M 9' 7"
  • Draft D 5' 6" M (estimate) 5' 9"
  • Displacement D 12000, M (est.) 14000
  • Ballast Type External
  • Ballast Lead (weight about 4440#)
  • Hull Const. Strip P. Mahogany
  • Keel Type Long Fin
  • Rudder Type Inboard
  • Prop Type Pick what you have Solid, Feathering, Folding, other?, two or three blade?
  • Spar Type, Hollow Spruce or Aluminum?
  • Sail Type Marconi Dacron (Mylar?)
  • Rig Sloop
  • Sail Material Dacron?
  • Largest Jib This is the Maximum LP (see drawing) expressed in percentage ratio to
  • J dimension, ie 150 = LP/J or 13.5 x 15.0
  • Spinnaker yes or no?
  • Given sail area (I presume working sail area) 583'
  • I Jib Hoist to Deck 40' 6"
  • J Mast to Tack 13' 6"
  • P Boom to Hoist 35' 6"
  • E Boom Length 17' 6"
  • G N.A.
  • F Freeboard Should read "waterline to deck at mast" M 39"
Please create a file on this if you haven't done so, some day someone may be asking you. The questions regarding sails in particular are what you will use, not what you have, and I have no response for roller furlers, and I don't plan to use the spinnaker, thus on mine this blank indicates NO. The measurement numbers may be important as these are required when racing MMBA Ocean Class, so save these for future reference. Feel free to post any of this on the L 36 site. Later bob

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