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Papoose Drain Replacement

Before I start on this, note that the drain hoses are crossed. Think about what would happen if the boat got knocked down and they were not crossed. You would have a direct path for water to come in and fill up yoru cockpit and sink the boat. that is why they are crossed. No valves! that was the big question in doing this refit.

side view


To see what the most modern L-36 did I took some pictures of Leda II. Note that the design of the L-36 changed at some point so this is representative of one of the later boats. Mine, being older, actually has a little more room for the drains. Hard to believe. Leda has valves but they are not marine grade as far as I can see.
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The Plan as of 2/11/2009
I certainly don't want to put in plastic valves and at this point am questioning the value of even having valves in there. Sure, if you get a leak and happen to be on the boat at the time you can close the valve. You can also close the valve every time you leave the boat leaving just enough opening to let rain water out, an opening the bilge pump could keep up with if there was a failure. But, I am not going to do that so what is the point? More stuff = more things that could leak so it isn't like it is risk free to put a valve and a nipple in line.

So, the conclusion is to replace and renew what is there now and forget about a valve.

The work will be done in April by Steve Hutchinson.

Parts List

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Description Hamiltion PN
ELBOW 45 DEGREE 1 1/4" BRONZE 124461
Bronze Cockpit Scupper 1.5 inch hose Perko (picture is crome, actual is bronze) NA
2.5 feet per side
HOSE CLAMP S/S US SIZ 20 1.25"-1 3/4" 8 each 102621

The parts are in and I have laid them out for a mockup of the hose angles. This is 2-d and it is likely that laying them out so that they are in the full 3-d space would make the bends easier. That will be necessary no matter what to some extent or else the houses will hit in the middle.

Here are the finished drains

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