Wednesday, May18, 2022
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Papoose Exhaust

After the exhaust was replaced by the boat yard (not to be named but starts with S) I had trouble with water getting into the engine. They had routed it such that the toe rail was the high point so any time I put the rail in the water, I got water in the engine. I re-routed it so that the high point is mid-ship at the transum. No problem since then.
Starting from the transum going forward to the water inlet
Looking aft at the transum

looking at the port side of the boat showing the high point midship

looking aft in the port lazerette

looking forward. The engine compartment is down and to the right of this view

The two small hoses go to the air lock located right on the bulkhead in the port lazerette at the high-inbord spot.
This exhaust system was installed about 7 years ago

Top view of engine -- Notice the nice protective iron oxide coating. I can't wait until all that nasty paint falls off!
Update: The head and exhaust manafold got some new paint when I replaced the head gasket.
If you want to know how to drill out broken head bolts, email me.

Salt water inlet to pump

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