My GoPro Will Not Turn On

and how to fix it

My Gopro Hero 2 would not turn on. I had done nothing to it since last using it except letting it sit. I knew the battery was charged and the SD card was good because I have two GoPros. The battery worked in the other camera as did the SD card. Of course, if your GoPro does not turn on, check the battery. The first test is to remove the battery and SD card and plug in a charger using the USB cable. The red light on the front blinked and when I pressed the power switch the red light went out and the unit did not turn on. The red light flashing proved that the USB cable was good and the fact that it did not turn on proved I had a serious problem.

The solution is to update the firmware using GoPro Studio. But you must have the camera on to do this. The method I used worked twice as I did not update the software the first time and the camera reverted to its will not turn on state after first turning on.

How to fix a Go Pro that will not turn on

  • Remove the battery
  • Remove the SC Card
  • Download and install the GoPro Studio Software HERE.
  • Let everything sit over night*
  • Hold the shutter release down. That is the button on the top of the GoPro
  • While continuing to hold the shutter release down, insert the battery.
  • Again, continue to hold the shutter release down and press the power on button on the front of the GoPro
  • The unit will turn on -- hopefully
  • Insert the SD Card
  • Connect the GoPro to the computer using the USB cable
  • Run GoPro Studio.
  • Ignore any warnings about installing Apple Software
  • The GoPro Studio will detect that the software is old and prompt you to update
  • Follow the instructions on screen
* Some people way leave the GoPro in its water case in the freezer over night but just sitting on the desk worked for me.

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