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Gray Marine 4-112

Just a quick reference for owners of Gray Marine engines
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An user has put together what looks like a pretty nice boat restoration guide site. HERE is a link. Let me know what you think HERE.
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More Unassisted Mast Climbing

I use the GriGri system to climb my mast although I still don't recommend it because it is a bit complicated. But I find it just too easy to use to pass it up. Initially there were a number of problems that made it unacceptable but now that I have solved those, I wanted to share the tricks that made it work.
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Charity Used Sail Vendor Added is proud to announce the addition of another vendor in our Used Sails search. Nautical Donations us a Chicago based charity that has an inventory of used sails they got through donations. Their inventory will now be added to sail searches on the Used Sail app. To use this app, just search for your boat type and up will come all the sails that might fit your boat from all our vendors. You can modify the search criteria, search for just jibs or just mains. This is a popular service and makes no commission on any of these sail sales. Enjoy.
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40 New Manuals Added

Thanks go out to Bill from J109 for donating 40 new manuals to the L-36 manual collection. Check them out!
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Papoose Dismasted

What can I say. My boat was run down and dismasted.
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Light List

The USCG publishes a 6 volume list of all the navigation marks, buoys, day marks, etc. that are in US waters. This list is updated each week. now has an updated application that allows you to select an area on a map, check marks of interest in that area, and create gpx files of the waypoints as well as any routes you might want to create. You can see your marks on a map to help verify you have the right ones.
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SSH and FTP from your phone to embedded processor

Using free android apps, you can use your phone when there is no wifi network to log onto your embedded processor such as the StartLine RaceBox. You can also transfer files to your phone and then send them via email to anyone. This is great on a boat where there is typically no wi-fi network.
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How to Tie A Bowline

There are lots of ways to tie a bowline. I think this is the quickest, fastest, easiest to do and remember of all the ways. I learned this when I was a kid from my dad. He probably learned it in the navy in WW II, not sure. But I do know he was a sailor and knew how to tie a bowline fast.
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StartLine RaceBox Video Page

Introduction videos to the StartLine RaceBox. There is an introduction of about 6 minutes, a longer video that includes a demonstration of some of the features including how to download log files over WiFi. There is also a link to the Bluetooth GPS Provider article.
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GPS NMEA Plugin over Bluetooth for Android

This article shows how to modify an Android application that uses internal GPS and external nmea data and add gps over nmea. It also explains how to take that app and use it. The secret is using the plug in feature of Bluetooth GPS Provider and adding their Plugin code to the build stack of the Android app along with some simple changes to the target app.
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Unassisted Mast Climbing -- final update

Some time ago I published THIS article on mast climbing. I reviewed 5 methods including two rock climbing techniques I modified for mast climbing. Of those there were two that I have tried extensively. One used a GriGri and it had real problems. I published an update on that HERE that solved the worst of those problems but still left some. Since then, I have tried both and conclusively settled on the one I called the Modified Technique. It is shown in the video below, which is approaching 30,000 views on YouTube. This update explains why I picked the system I am now using, how to make it, and how to use it.
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RC Timer with Sound

RC Timer is an Android app for Race Committees to use in starting sail boat races. It is free and was created as a thank you for all the hard work that Race Committees to to allow the rest of us to race. This article gives a little color on the app and a detailed description on how to use it including the sound feature that seems to give people trouble. (Plesae use example sound file in article and not what is shown in the tuumbnail)

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This article discusses leeway and its influence on measurements of the True Wind Direction using standard sailboat instruments. In particular I will addresses the notion that is presented in other sites online that leeway can be added to apparent wind angle. I will show that this is not the case and discuss the implications of leeway on measurement accuracy. Along the way I will explain leeway.

Sailboats can sail upwind because the net balance of all forces point more forward than sideways. The diagram below shows those forces. The blue arrow is the net force of the wind on the boat. This force can be resolved into a lift and drag vector. It can also be resolved into a heading and leeway vector. The heading vector is the forward force on the boat that moves us forward. The leeway vector tries to move us sideways and the boat needs to develop a force equal to that force and hopefully can do that and yet still have the boat go mostly forward. That is the job of the keel.
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