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An inhauler, sometimes called a Barberhauler, is used to pull the jib sheets inboard from their normal position. You can do that to decrease the sheeting angle or to keep the sheeting angle the same as you let the sheets out to add fullness. We do that when we need more power to drive through the waves. In flat water, we don't use it so we like to have it detachable and easily set up. This setup stores nicely and can be quickly installed on the already set sail. The carabiners I use are very light so they do not harm the paint on the deck. Them and the descending ring are from REI and their 5,000 pound rating, typical of climbing equipment, is ideal for my boat. Get the carabiners with the wire gates.

This is generation 3 of my inhauler setup. It is easier to set up than the other versions. The 8:1 purchase seems ideal for the job and the fact that one control line works both port and starboard is a great advantage. Once balanced, you are automatically maintain your trim after a tack. I like to rig my double block so the line is against the deck instead of the face. You can see that in the pictures below.

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Knot Meter Calibration

In many area calibrating a Knot Meter is a simple matter of setting it to read what the GPS reads. But if your boat is in areas where there are tides, local current can make this method inaccurate. The following method can be used to calibrate a knot meter even if there are very strong currents.
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Samba Pa Ti and GG Bridge

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sailboat rig dimensions

Boat Dimensions

Lapworth 36 40.5 13.5 35.5 17.5

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Sail Area Calculations
Mainsail = (P x E) / 2 = 311 sq ft
155% Genoa = (( J x I ) / 2) x 1.65 = 451 sq ft
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Two Melgeis 32's on split tacks heading to the windward mark

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