Wednesday, March22, 2023
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Master Mariners Regatta in Latitude 38

It was "champagne sailing" during the '10 Master Mariners on Saturday.
© 2010 Sergei Zavarin /

Back up on the Bay on Saturday, the Master Mariners Benevolent Association Regatta couldn't have been better. There was enough breeze to power the fleet around the Bay, but not so much that the split-rigged boats couldn't carry all the sail they have.

Tahiti Ketch Sequestor Taihoa
Hans List's Tahiti ketch Sequestor chases Jody Boyle's Tahiti ketch Taihoa. The two flip-flopped and finished at the top of Gaff 2.
© 2010 Sergei Zavarin /

As usual, the Sausalito YC ran the race, while the Encinal YC ran the party for the 56 boats that showed up. The results are already up on the MMBA's website, and the winners are here:

Big Schooners — Seaward, Call of the Sea
Bears — Kodiak, Peter Miller
Bird — Widgeon, David Cobb
Gaff 1 — Brigadoon, Tery & Patti Klaus
Gaff 2 — Sequestor, Hans List
Gaff 3 — Stardust, Mary Moseley
Lapworth 36 — Papoose, Allen Edwards
Marconi 1 — Elizabeth Muir, Peter Haywood & Ivan Poutiatine
Marconi 2 — Nautigal, n/a
Marconi 3 — Viking, SF Sea Scouts
Marconi 4 — Morning Star, Barbara Ohler
Ocean 1 — Kate II, Roger Emerick
Ocean 2 — Credit, Janice & Bill Belmont

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