Map Interface to USCG Light List

Find Aids to Navigation within Search area and Create GPS .gpx file
By Allen Edwards

This is the map interface to a set of tools that will generate GPS .gpx files for a set of selected waypoints. By zooming in to your area of interest and clicking twice on this map, you define a rectangle. All the Aids to Navigation markers within that rectangle will be displayed along with a list of the charts that have overlap your rectangle. You can follow the link to the chart list, or use the list showing only the aids within your rectangle. Check the aids you want to become waypoints and then click the submit button. You will then be on the bulk waypoint and route editor. Once you rename your waypoints as desired, you can use those names to create routes in your gps for your desired courses. When you are finished, click the submit button and a .gpx file will be downloaded to your computer. If you click in error, just click twice again, only the last two clicks count.

Zom and pan to your location then click twice on this map to define the area of interest. One click should be on the upper left corner and the next on the lower right corner of the area you are interested in. Make sure all your desited marks are inside the rectangle defined by your two clicks. If you click in the wrong place, try again. Only the last two clicks are important. When you are done, click SUBMIT.

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