Location of Marks in SF Bay

ALCATRAZ W ROCK BOUY37.8278-122.428
ANITA ROCK37.80858-122.45403
PT BLUNT NAV BOUY37.85033-122.4175
PT BONITA37.815-122.52833
OLY A37.88628-122.35247
OLY B37.87837-122.3401
OLY C37.86592-122.33905
OLY D37.85787-122.34923
OLY E37.85465-122.36472
OLY F37.86307-122.37682
OLY G37.87498-122.37837
OLY H37.8853-122.36813
OLY X37.87145-122.3584
BERKELEY PIER37.84767-122.36083
RG FL(2+1)R6S BELL37.81152-122.54012
RED ROCK IS CENTER37.92927-122.43093
LIGHT BUCKET37.75-122.69167
SOUTHAMPTON SHOAL37.88198-122.4001
YRA 1937.87968-122.41485
ALCATRAZ ISLAND37.82667-122.42167
R 2 FL 4S PT KNOX37.85278-122.44375
TEMP YC BOUY37.81958-122.43047
YELLOW SPHERE M37.81083-122.43067
R 2 FL R 6S37.83333-122.39667
R 4 FL 4S HORN37.847-122.39667
TEMP YC BOUY37.84422-122.348
YRA A YELLOW SPHERE STFYC37.81083-122.44533
YRA K START37.84948-122.44802
YRA L TEMP YC BOUY37.85338-122.4276
YRA N TEMP YC BOUY37.85613-122.4687
YRA X YELLOW37.811-122.443
YRA10 TEMP YC BOUY37.84118-122.36963
YRA11 TEMP YC BOUY37.83267-122.3406
LITTLE HARDING ROCK37.844-122.4532
YELLOW SPHERE Y37.83998-122.4686
YELLOW SP BLACKALLER37.8101-122.46678
HARDING ROCK37.83783-122.446
BLOSSOM ROCK37.81833-122.40333
G 1 FL G 6S37.83135-122.40948
RW A MO A37.864-122.40867
R 6 FL R 4S BELL37.86083-122.39633

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