New Weather.com Feature

Customize the weather page

Sections on Weather.com are now selectable so you can see just the ones you are interested in. This was always the case for most of the sections but now the section completely vanishes making a much cleaner page. This also keeps ads out of the area where the section used to be. This is a huge improvement.

Each section has a "HIDE" option. Select HIDE and that section will vanish.

As soon as a section is hidden, the area at the top will have a "unHide" option instead of the "New" selection you used to get to this page.

You can hide as as many sections as you want. Then you can select "Save" to save your setup on your system. At that point, selecting "Unhide" will bring back all the sections and "Recall" will go back to your saved settings.

Note, there are many other things that can be customized. Just look for underlined content. It will either take you to source material, or implement an option that should be obvious such as "Weekend mode" in the Tide section that will display tide data for Saturday and Sunday instead of Today and Tomorrow. Enjoy.

Here is a list:

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