Eye Splice In Amsteel

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eye splice 12strand Class Ii Class II ropes are made in whole or part from any of the following high modulus Additional rope needed for splice fibers Dyneema Vectran Technora and Zylon 312 fid lengths plus length of eye with thimble 312 fid lengths plus 12 The eye splice is used to place a permanent loop in the end of a rope generally circ in feet for attachment purposes to a fixed point An eye is also used to form the rope around a thimble which is used to protect the rope especially when it is to be attached to a shackle chain or wire rope This eye splice may be performed on new or used rope This is an all purpose splice technique designed for people who generally splice used rope as frequently as new rope By following the procedure below the splice can retain from 90 to 100 of average new rope strength and in used rope up to the same proportion of residual used rope strength 1 measurement step Tape end of line to be spliced and measure 1 tubular fid length or 2 wire fid lengths because wire fids are half the length of tubular fids from taped end of line and make Mark 3 Mark 1 Mark 1 Form size of Mark 2 From Mark 1 measure 2 tubular fid lengths or 4 wire fid eye desired lengths and make Mark 2 Now form size of eye desired 1 Fid 2 Fid and make Mark 3 or 2 Wire Fids 2step m a k i n g ta p e r From Mark 1 in the direction of the taped end of the line mark every second right and left strand for three strands Cut every marked strand and pull out of line tape at end can cause resistance and may have to be removed in order to pull out cut strandsTapered end will now have only 6 strands remaining or 4 strands for an 8 strand braid Tape tapered tail tightly to keep from unbraiding Some rope diameters may have pairs of strands in right and left direction In this case treat the pairs of strands as a single strand marking and 8 strand cutting both in each direction as described above taper Three strands or pairs of strands right and left pulled out and cut off Splice loop etc Retape end to stop unbraiding Mark 1 Mark 2 3step B u r y Ta i l i n t o s ta n d i n g pa r t o f l i n e Measure 312 tubular fid lengths 7 wire fid lengths make Mark 4 Insert fid and tapered tail at Mark 3 and bring fid out at Mark 4 Pull fid and tapered tail out Dont let the line twist Mark 4 Mark 3 Fid Tapered tail Mark 1 Push 312 Fid Lengths Mark 2 Page 1 of 2 2090 Thornton Street T 3603844669 Ferndale WA USA 98248 F 3603840572 eye splice 12strand Class Ii 4 finishing burying epst Remove fid Pull hard on tapered tail with one hand With other hand smooth bunched line towards eye splice until Marks 2 and 3 converge Now smooth the cover away from eye towards Mark 4 Mark the tapered tail where it emerges at Mark 4 Pull tail out several inches cut tail off at an angle so the angle cut ends at this mark Then with both hands and weight of body smooth cover slack to bury tail in standing part of the line Pu First Tighten Then Smooth Tap ll e red Tail Mark 2 Push Smooth Pull rope part of Mark 4 Mark 3 Pull Hold Firmly ding Stan Here 5step to finish eye splice When finished Mark 2 and Mark 3 should be at the same point in the vertex of the eyewhich yields eye size desired To finish eye splice the splice must be lockstitched procedure following lock stitch procedure Step 1 B Step 4 Pass stitching through After completing Step 3 rotate spliced part of rope 90 spliced area near throat of and reinsert end A into spliced area in the same area eye as shown and in the same fashion as in Steps 1 2 and 3 The splice will now be stitched on two planes perpendicular A to each other Step 2 Reinsert as shown pulling snug but not tight B A Step 5 Step 3 3 2 1 After stitching at least three complete stitches as in Continue to reinsert as B Step 3 extract both ends A and B together through the shown until you have at same opening in the braid Tie them together with a least 3 complete stitches square knot and reinsert back into braidbraid A 3 2 1 A B Page 2 of 2 2090 Thornton Street T 3603844669 Ferndale WA USA 98248 F 3603840572

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