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Operator325s 65 Warning Diesel engine exhaust and some of its constituents are known Diesel Engine Range Beta 10BZ482 Beta 16 BD722 Beta 25Engine WOC NOKGearbox TypeSerial NoRatio 1Invoice the correct spare parts for Identification 2Initial Receipt of the engine 2Engine Storage 2TECHNICAL 1 GUIDELINES FOR OPERATION OF checks prior to initial use5Initial Startup and Bleeding The Fuel 2 MAINTENANCE AND SERVICE 320 Checking and changing oil8Fuel System Pumps Filter fuelwater Fresh water system Keel Cooling Heat Exchanger10Sea Water Pump Heat Filter13Laying up 3 INSTALLATION Exhausts28Fuel identification at rear of BETA 25above the fuel lift pump on theOPERATION AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL FOR THE FOLLOWING BETA MARINE ENGINES BASED ON KUBOTA MINI SERIESprovide the user with importantFor further advice or technicalmade to BETA MARINE and are subject tocompany325s current conditions ofTender and Sale is for thefor development purposes We doAKeep the engine gearboxBDRIVES Power Take OffiGearbox Output Flange shaft rotates at between 300 and2400 revmin This flange ispropeller shaft by the installer andiiForward End Drive battery charging alternator TheiiiPower Take Off Shaft Shaft extensions are available as850 and 3600 revmin Ifwhen the engine is running injurycan occurCEXHAUST OUTLET emit exhaust gases at very highinjection bendy outlet dryexhaust outlet can become verylag the exhaust system if a drydoes not Linespumps if leakages occur or ifiiFuel Supply secure after checking if not oilFSCALDINGC Thehas cooled pallets Lifting eyesonly not the pallet andGENERAL machinery is not intended toservice until it has beenmachinery It is the responsibility ofthe toensure that the machinery isnecessary health and safetythe laws of the relevant country aremet before it is put into serviceJ A Growcoot CEO NOTE Recreational Craftthat the Recreational Craft SERIES 320 STANDARD ENGINESMaximum Angle of 15 Roll CLOCK ON FLYWHEEL CLOCKWISE ON OUTPUT GEARBOX FLANGE FOR USEWITH RIGHT HAND PROP IN AHEADDiesel fuel must conform to BS28691970 class A1 or A2 The fuel must be a distillate and not a residual oil or Engine oil must meet MILL2104C see section 2 for detailsGearbox see operator325s manual for the gearbox oil type and capacityOil pressure 320 minimum tickoverPower outputs These comply with BS EN ISO 86651996 crankshaft powerNote Declared Powers to ISO866519951 The declared powers are at the same engine speed as the ISO 3046 figures This speed is the speed related to the outputs powers shown2 Declared powers are at the gearbox coupling coupling to the propeller accessories or alternative gearboxes may affect the declared powers3 Operation at parameters outside the test parameters may affect the outputs powers which in any case are subject to the ISO tolerance bands4BETA 10 BZ482 Beta 16 BD722 Beta 25Cylinder 2 2233Bore mm676772 67 72Stroke mm68 68736 68 3 Vortex ETVCSCooling WaterStarter voltage V12Starter output kW08Starter alternator output Amps40 standardGlow plug resistance each1Engine speed RPM3000 3600Power output to ISO3046 power ISO8665 timing BTDC 21Capacity of standard sump approx litres20 2524 2931 3837 320 45Capacity of shallow sump approx litres22 26 34 38Nett dry weight with gearbox kg872 941 1017 1106Fuel Diesel oil class A1 A2Coolant 3350 maximum antifreeze waterCoolant capacity approx HE litres225 300 325Min recommended battery capacity12V 40Ah 12V 75AhINITIAL STARTUP ANDaOpen fuel bleed screw onbMove hand priming lever on fuellift pump up and down until fueldContinue to hand prime for 30eStart engine see normal startingturned over with the starter for anot run the starter for more thanstarted after 20 seconds thendisengage the starter andfurther 30 seconds then repeatfIf engine does not start after 3the starter to cool down beforeTo avoid personal injuryDo not mix gasoline or alcoholcause an explosionDo not get diesel on the flexibleAll fuel must be removed from skinto prevent FOR OPERATION OF CHECKS a new engine has theoil and antifreeze removed afterthe works test Fill the hand book2 Ensure the engine is free to turn3 Ensure battery is fully chargedthe 324ON325 positionstop in both directions Failure tolow revs Warranty will not be5Ensure engine 6Open the fuel stopcock and bleed7Fuel should now be at the fuel lift8Open the sea cockEvery propulsion engine is fitted with astop To stop engine simply press stoppush button hold in until engineOFF325 positionTurn off seacock heat exchangerurn off battery not leave the key in 324HEAT325 positionNOTES FOR ALL PANEL TYPESNORMAL STARTINGPANELS WITH SILVER KEYSWITCHWith the engine out of gear set speedcontrol lever to 13 throttle Turn keyclockwise to RUN C At thisSTARTER BATTERY CHARGEDOMESTIC BATTERY CHARGEin battery symbol AB C PANELSONLYTurn to STARTmotor hold ininitial startupsection for maximum time starter canelease key when engine has startedto RUN position Ensure alarm buzzeron then increase engine speed toidle The battery charge lights OR EVERY 8 HOURSCheck engine oil levelCheck gearbox oil levelCheck coolant levelCheck battery fluidCheck drive belt tensionEnsure raw water inlet strainer isclearCheck stern gland off any water in fuel gearbox lubricant SeeCheck that all external nuts boltschecked for tightness startingvery loose then the alignment ofPoor alignment due to looseCheck the belt tension on anyCheck ball joint nyloc nuts forfittings all overChange oil filterCheck for leaks on header tanktubestack Tighten end cap bolt ifDrain off any water in 150 HOURSIf shallow sump YEAR OR EVERY 250Change engine lubricating oilChange lubricating oil filter Check sea water pump impellerCheck wasting anode when necessary In someend cover pull out tube stack andclean Replace rubber 324O325 ringsengine is started check for leaks Spray the key switch with WD40Check that all external nuts boltsfittings all overEVERY 750 HOURSAs every 250 hours plus theChange air cleaner elementChange fuel filterChange gearbox oilCheck electrical as or have properties of APITurbo Diesel Oil325 or additivesFor quantities of oil required seesection marked Page 4do so before starting or more thanfive minutes after stopping1To check the oil level draw outthe dipstick wipe it clean ret it and draw it out again2If the level is too low add new after first 50 hours runningtime and then every year or every250 hours if sooner Oil filter is acartridge type mounted on the port1Run the engine for 10 minutes to2Your engine is provided with aturn the tap to 324on325 Use thebucket Turn the tap to off3Unscrew the oil filter andthe filter to catch any oil leftNote On the Beta Ten not fitted withremoved Replace the plug andtighten firmly4Fill the engine with new oil TEMPSINGLE GRADEMULTI GRADECSAE 10W SAE 10W3015241C TO 15241CSAE 20WSAE 15W400241C TO 30241CSAE 30SAE 15W4025241C AND ABOVESAE 30SAE 15W40TapFig 2cGearbox approxTMC40Use ATF Oil02 litresPRM 80120Use Engine Oil 15W4006 08 litresZF5M ZF10MUse ATF Oil03 035 litresTTMC 35A2 Use Engine Oil SAE 30 HD065 litresTF is Automatic Transmission FluidFig 2eCHECKING GEARBOX OIL LEVELstarting the engine for the first4The oil can be changed via the5A guide to the type of oil to beWater Be sure to use a strainer whenfilling the fuel tank Dirt or sand Always use diesel fuelvery low in cetane rating and Be careful not to let the fuel tankbecome empty or air can enterbleeding before next engine startThe fuel lift pump will only liftFUEL FILTER fuel filter is a spin on type3Apply fuel oil thinly over the4 Bleed as detailed see initial start upFilter bleed screwFig 2gKeel Cooled Note efficient cooling tanks are sideis an option In thisaBaffle continuously welded tobBe thin in section to allow goodcAir bleed valves should be fittedFILLING THE FRESHWATER SYSTEMaMix up in a clean bucket a 30 tosolution For the volume requiredis turned off see fig 2lNotecFill engine with neck and replace cap the engine for 5 minutes system for leaks For keel cooled engines itgIf a calorifier is fitted care mustexpelled from the overflow pipeFig 2mWITH HEAT but it prevents overheatingand corrosion For keel cooledbe taken into consideration ie engineexceed 50be activated at 95241to 100241C If noantifreeze or a very weak solution iscoolantis of the pressure cap wheninjury from scalding hot water underreleased Press firmly down on theiRepeat hdownjRun engine on 23 full load fordrained off every 2 years andreplaced with a new solutionFig 2lFig 2kSEA WATER PUMP AND COOLING SYSTEM Heat engines1It is very important that thethe sea water pump impellerThis should be checked everyWithdraw the rubber impellerfrom its drive shaft as shown3Check impeller for cracks in therubber excessive wear or lostvanes Replace with a newimpeller as Tube Stack325Fig 2hACK AND REPLACING WASTING ZINC ANODEbe checked every six months andto the bolt inserted in the aft end2Unscrew the bolt and replace the3Check for leaks5Drain off coolant into a bucketemove the 324O325 rings andReassemble using new 324O325 ringsDo not overtighten end cap boltsFig 2jFig 2iAIR INTAKE FILTERWARNING with the engine switched off1The Mini Series range of enginesbelt to drive the 40 amp battery2The belt tension is adjusted by3With the engine stopped loosenthe support bolts and the link4Push alternator outboard toighten support bolts5Belt tension should be boltby hand only Over tensioning willBELT TENSION40 AMP ALTERNATOR65 AMP ALTERNATOR OPTIONWARNING battery be disconnected or switchedPANELS AND WIRING1The panel must be protectedfrom rain and sea water seein the starter motor beingevery month with WD 40 or2Check batteries for acid level andtop up if required For low3Loose spade AND LAYING UPHEAT EXCHANGER COOLEDENGINES LEFT AFLOAT ANDaThe engine oil and oil filtercFor cold climates where the airiClose the inlet seacock to the sea waterfreeze the engine out of gearivShut engine off anddEnsure instrument panel is welleWith the engine the battery alwaysfFuel tanks should be kept fullthe tank Water entering the fuelLAYING UP ASHOREc Special carethe cooler and calorifierboat is taken out of the waterBeta diesels are very reliable if installed and serviced correctly but problems can occur and the following list gives thePROBLEM ENGINE DOES NOT START BUT STARTER MOTOR TURNS OVER OKPossible CauseWater in fuelFuel filter cloggedFuel lift pump blockedBlocked injectorFuel return not fed back to the tankTurn fuel cock on and fill tankVent air see initial startupRemove and replaceRemove and cleanReroute fuel return pipePROBLEM STARTER MOTOR WILL NOT TURN OR TURNS OVER VERY SLOWLYBattery motor flooded with sea waterWater in harness fuse blownCharge battery or replace Check alternator belt installation This is serious check engine oil for signs of oilReplace fuse located by starter motor or above flywheel housing For convenience some engines are supplied with a sparePROBLEM BLACK EXHAUST GASchecked repitched if CausePossible CausePiston ring and bore worn giving alow the levelGet compression checked by your dealer or Kubota service agent He willadvise action to be takenRemove and clean outPROBLEM ERRATIC CauseAir in fuel supplyFuel lift pump faultyClogged fuel filterFuel return not fed back to the fuelWorn or blocked injectorEngine rpm in gear is too low thismust be 850 minFaulty stop pipe or is too bigPROBLEM LOW POWER OUTPUTPossible CauseBlocked fuel filterBlocked air electrical load is too large on rings wornValve stem and guide pump seal damagedService Agent to check and replaceService Agent to check and IN LUBRICATING OIL Oil goes 322milky323 due to sea waterand compression checked by Service Agentwater cannot enter the exhaust port and run back See DRY EXHAUST SYSTEMPROBLEM WATER IN LUBRICATING OIL PROBLEM LOW OIL PRESSURE WARNING LIGHT Faulty switch senderOil relief valve stuck partially openwith dirtBlocked oil filterWiring and cleanTop up and check for leaksPossible ENGINE sea water cap looseNo W connection to faultCheck power output from 324W325 connection Should be about 9V ACPossible PANEL REV COUNTER NOT WORKING WHEN FITTEDTop upClear blocked intake or filterRemove tube stack and clean replace 324O325 ringsRemove and clean tube stack as see heat exchanger cooled seawater inlet system in section 3Vent the system and top up coolantaith the boat tied up and out ofgive the flow in litresmin Repeatlitre per minute minimum thenend of the exchanger This must bedone in safe conditions in port andWorking from a rubber dinghy isPropshaft touching gearbox outputcoupling through split boss or TypeDrive plate brokenAdjust giving correct clearance 10mmtAdjust stud to clearReplace repairPossible CauseSolutionY QUICKLY DISCHARGESLow electrolyte levelengine compartment temperature too highBattery defectivePoor wiring load or increase charging time Large domestic battery banks upbox HEAT EXCHANGE ONLY Fitting incorrectly Cables are being fitted the wrong way around switch over and fit the opposite wayPossible VIBRATIONPoor alignment to shaftLoose securing nut on flexibleLoose zinc anode on the shaftWorn cutless bearing or shaftWeak engine to or plate rattle at tickoverWorn drive platePropellor shaft hitting the gearboxTop upMove shaft back to give at least 5mm clearance type 1216 couplings onlyPossible following chart is compiled to aidwith a single alternator mounted portside supplying power to starter battery1st alternator mounted port sidesupplying power to starter battery2nd alternator the charge warning lampWarning buzzer will remain on atFour lamp panelsW B these panels utiliseFive lamp panelsdomestic battery chargeWith keyswitch in run position engine offRed lamp for no domestic batteryRed lamp for high enginewith keyless panels refer to if the engine was started atConnection between panel Check the start battery ison the starter motor Check the domestic battery of cables from battery tomeasure battery voltage withalternator is functioning correctly ifrequires this connection Engines withELECTRICAL FAULT FINDING TROUBLE SHOOTING 320ENGINES BUILT AFTER JULY 2005 ONLYypical start battery start battery positiveAll Beta panels have the following warning lampsA AB ABV ABVW Starter battery charge warning lampRedHigh engine temperature warning lampRedLow engine oil pressure warning lampRedPanel power on this is not a warning battery charge warning CAUSE SOLUTION engine will not start or stop Battery isolation switch in off position 320switch onStarter battery discharged 320 chargeEngine fuse blown 320check fuse above starter motor or flywheel housingif necessary Check for wiring faultsTHE WATER TEMPERATURE LAMPIS OVERHEATING OR THERE IS AWIRING switch wire to nonfunctioning lamp greenblue 320water 320oil pressure brownyellow 320alternator charge Reconnect wireDisconnect positive feed to nonfunctioning lamp Reconnect temporarily with wirenew connectionIf none of the above check continuity of connections from panel to engineWater temperature warning Lamp on whenNot B or C deluxe panel see table onFaulty wiring check connection continuity small green bluepanel lamp Ensure this connection is not shorting to earth groundFaulty temperature switch 320if lamp switches off on removal of connection to switchSwitch wire connected to large sender terminal of switch sender unit Remove If lamp is functioning but buzzer not sounding check connection continuity fromStarter battery charge lamp not not connected properly check continuity of small brown wire from rear ofalternator connected properly faulty alternator 320replaceIf tacho functioning correctlyCheck continuity of small brownyellow wire from rear of alternator to no chargeIf alternator connected properly faulty panel warning lamp not connections on rear of tacho especially blackblue wire terminal 3244325Check connection of blackblue wire on rear of 1st alternator W continuity of blackblue wire from alternator to tachoDomestic battery not battery not connected correctlyB to domestic isolation block on starboard rail port on 75 95hp to engine earth groundDomestic battery flatPanel relay faulty incorrectly wiredTHIS LAMP WILL NOT FUNCTION IF A IS FITTED TO THE ENGINENo second alternator fitted to engine domestic lamp not usedD charge indicationTwo way plug socket disconnected between engine harness panel loom ELECTRICAL FAULT FINDING 320LED PANELSPOSSIBLE CAUSE SOLUTION pressure gauge showing maximum wiring 320check wire connection continuity small whitebrownto panel lamp Ensure this connection is not shorting to earth groundeven when engine is started Warning lampFaulty wiring 320check oil pressure sender wire small white brownOil pressure showing no movement WarningIf all connections are correctly made possible faulty sender unit 320check resistance toearth ground Replace if no reading or adjusted correctly buzzer still sounding possible faulty switch gauge unit 320 replace If adjusted correctly buzzer still sounding faulty switch gauge unit 320 replaceWater temperature gauge showing 120C 250FTHIS ALSO APPLIES TO THE B PANELFaulty wiring check water temperature sender wire is not shorting to earthFaulty sender unit 320check resistance to earth approx 35kTHIS ALSO APPLIES TO THE B calibrated switching point for warning lamp adjust on rear of gauge toIf adjusted correctly buzzer still sounding faulty switch gauge unit 320 replaceWater temperature gauge showing noCheck connection to sender if disconnected gauge will not functionIf all connections are correctly made faulty sender unit 320check resistance to if no FAULT FINDING 320 C DELUXE WATER TEMPERATURE FUNCTION ON B FAULT FINDING 320NON BETA PANELS6097101 also part number forLoom is configured differently inSmall brown wire battery sensedWater temperature switch senderPart number 20001133245 large spade is sender connection green blue245 small spade is switch connection blue yellowPart number 20062680245 GGauge wirewhite lampgreen yellowafter this may have been carried outELECTRICAL 320 CORRECT OPERATION OF KEYLESS PANELSTo operate the engine1Press and hold 324HEAT325 button forRed lamp for no starter batteryRed lamp for high engineRed lamp for low oil pressureBuzzer should sound2Press 324START325 button and hold ininitial startup section formaximum time starter can button whenengine has startedAll red warning lamps shouldstarted at tickover3To stop the engine press the324STOP325 push button hold in until4To restart the engine simplyis not need to switch battery5 If leaving the boat isolate startprevent accidental start up ofBETA PART NUMBERS FOR REPLACEMENT ITEMSPart number40 amp blade fuse all board 320all panels from June 05 20004655323BSP not C pressure sender C panels pressure switch gauge C panels switch with single terminal on some Beta 16 Beta switch sender 18323BSP not B or C sender B C panels temperature switch gauge B C panels C panels relay 12V 40A fitted to rear of domestic silver bezel 60000057Panel stop button all panelst on ABVW engine harness S5 Series engine harness S3 series 20005267Iskra 65 amp sub loom 200011963m panel extension loom 20004588034m panel extension loom charge engine sub loom top mounted warning indicator lamp retaining clip 20004657 the above part numbers aresuitable for earth return will not operate Torques for general use bolts and nutsITEMSize x 7T6mm Torques for special use bolts and nutsHead BoltsM8 x 12538 1 Bearing CaseM6 x 2 Bearing CaseM7 x Holder AssemblyM20 x Nuts Head CoverM6 x SwitchPT Rocker Arm BracketM6 x Idle Gear ShaftM6 x engines shall be placed withinquarters and installed so as tovibrations in the living quartersUnless the engine is protected by amoving or hot parts of the enginethat could cause personal injuryEngine parts and accessories thatservicing must be readilyThe insulating materials installation details contained herewith are basic guidelines to assist installation due to great diversity of marine craft it isimpossible to give definitive instructions Therefore Beta Marine can accept no responsibility for any damage or injury part of the hullnecessary fit spacer blocks below thegauges To obtain accurate not set the engine feet high up Pack2The pillar stud on the flexiblewhich are very hard to findor T piece fitted 10BZ482 Beta 16BD722 Beta is available in SS1High rise water injection bend suit Volvo replacement It is essential that Craft Directive 9425ECbor compliance with exhaustsystems To ensure exhaust emissionsmost important to reduce exhaustengine running at full speed must notexceed 80mmHg31 inches Hg 42the water injection elbow or dryWet Exhaust hose should be matched1Fuel tank2Injection pump4Injection fuel feed6Fuel filter7Fuel water off10Air vent11Stop cockEnsure exhaust raises then falls to outletcanal boat or work boat with a dryminimum IDconnector when a dry exhaust system is1Ensure that rain water cannotenter the exhaust port and run3A dry exhaust system will give off4The exhaust back pressure shouldDRY EXHAUST SYSTEMT EXCHANGER COOLED ENGINES1The mechanical fuel lift pump isrequired then an electric fuel lift2It is very important that thelikely to cause poor starting and5A fuelwater separator must be6The fuel return leak offdownFuel lines and hoses must beexplosion Flexible fuel hosesthe requirements set in by your surveyor authority3Fuel pipe sizes areSupply mmLeak off mmBeta 1088BZ482 Beta 1688BD722 Beta 2588Your engine is fitted with a gear1It is very important that theglass as shown mounted justWater Level2The inlet sea cock and pipe work3Good access to the inlet seacock5If water is required for stern tubetaken from a 324T325 piece in the pipeScoop type water pickups shouldthe vessel is in motion This isvery dangerous as the exhaustsoon as the engine is restarted The maximum lift of the seawarm after 15 minutesTop up4If the water level is steady but nocalorifier then very carefully openfurther bubbles are seen1The supply pipe to the keel2The tank size should have asurface area xx the bhp of the enginetof cooling area required Forprovided to expel any air Theinner skin2The tank should be thin inthe water over the cool outer surface3Air bleed valves should be fittedIDEAL KEEL COOLING TANKCALORIFIER SYSTEMturn heats up domestic water1The big problem with a calorifier2Try and keep the supply and3Extra care must be taken whenwork Run the engine off load foreel Cooled terminations Page 33Page 3420005495 Page 3520006516 Page 36 375 Diagram of AB panel cutout 20006517 Page 38 3920006519 Page 40 41VW panel cutout 10006333 Page 42 439 Diagram of C Deluxe panel cutout 20006518 Page 46 4711 Split charge diagram 32065A alt 30062210 Page 4913 GA of B10 HE TMC40 10000030 Page 5114 GA of BZ482 HE TMC40 10006019 Page 5215 GA of Beta 16 BZ602TMC40 10006496 Page 5316 GA of BD722 HE TMC40 10099610 Page 5410001048 Page 5519 GA of Beta 25 BD90210006495 Page 5721 GA of Beta 25 BD90210006494 Page 5923 Maintenance record and service items Page 64 65 for dual battery charging on Beta 16 and Beta 25 models fitted with the optional 60 Amp alternator a blocking be utilised refer to 30062220 This is a battery sensed machine incompatible with our standard split ABVW1These panels must not be2Panels must be fitted in a3For standard wiring diagrams see5All electrical equipment must beprotected from sea water Seawater or rust in the starter willinvalidate the pins do not fall out Topetroleum jelly Vaselinethen carefully pushed any ingression of watercraft under normal conditions of8 Attention shall be paid to theprovision of overload and shortexcept engine starting circuits9 Ventilation shall be provided capacity kWLess than 700cc08 to 10700 to 1500cc10 to 14Engine ccTypical Battery CCA AAHate Beta 10BZ482Beta 1635 40350 405BD722Beta 2565 75450 540KEYSWITCH the engine is starting or theFor black keyswitches the terminal toFor panels without any keyswitchrelay as noted belowmust be fed through a relay Thisthe engine batterythe wiring of a typical electric fuel liftSUGGESTED MINIMUM ENGINE STARTER BATTERY SIZETYPICAL STARTER MOTOR used in Kubota engines have the following standard MARINE LTDMERRETTS MILLSBATH ROADSOUTH GLOS GL5 5EUDO NOT IN MM BYCHECKED of 30mm FOR MARINE LTDMERRETTS MILLSBATH ROADSOUTH GLOS GL5 5EUDO NOT IN MM BYCHECKED of 30mm FOR 500 THRU404101BETA MARINE LTDMERRETTS MILLSBATH ROADSOUTH GLOS GL5 5EUDO NOT IN MM BYCHECKED of 50 MARINE LTDMERRETTS MILLSBATH ROADSOUTH GLOS GL5 5EUDO NOT IN MM BYCHECKED of USED ON 30mm FOR WIRES2262O 500 THRU444501BETA MARINE LTDMERRETTS MILLSBATH ROADSOUTH GLOS GL5 5EUDO NOT IN MM BYCHECKED of 30mm FOR MARINE LTDMERRETTS MILLSBATH ROADSOUTH GLOS GL5 5EUDO NOT IN MM BYCHECKED of 30mm FOR N5wM b4HMHjuI2S F22o2Ia22Y M MjjjRIa2222 323q2Kv7s D628mm2sBJ 2rH2H h 3RRwL4o3 wLRR4LNHXDD3 C42Of4D K2sjubw5j 40f5qZf 2522js22j92m durability IN RESPECT TO THE RECREATIONAL CRAFT DIRECTIVE 9425EC AND Maintenance Manual Maintenance must use approved materials parts andinhibited otherwise it will deteriorate with resulting decrease in performance See also theWinterising and Laying Up procedures in the Operator325s Maintenance Manual The fuel settings of the diesel injection system must not be tampered with otherwise theguarantee will be invalid and the performance may fall outside prescribed limit Suchadjustment cannot be allowed under the terms of the emission of the engine depends upon the use of correct fuels lubricants and are fully detailed in the Operator325s Maintenance Manual Operator325s Maintenance Manual Wet water injected exhaust systems must be at least thebore mentioned in the Operator325s Maintenance Manual and should the run be excessive thismanifold before the water injection bend or dry bellowsthe Recreational Craft Directive It is the owners users responsibility to ensure that the engineTrouble Shooting section as detailed in the Operator325s Maintenance Manual is low power output and high oil consumption are indications of engine conditionsand rectified immediately QUICK REFERENCE PARTS LISTINGIn all cases please quote Beta Marine WOC 322K323 number and Engine TypePart NumberRelay 12 Volt 40A 28RaPanel Panel Panel Water Temperature SwitchPanel A ABV ABVWWater Temperature SwitchWater Temperature SenderPanel C BOil Pressure SwitchPanel A ABV ABVW BOil Pressure SenderPanel CStandard 50mm Water Injection Exhaust BendWater Injection Exhaust BendFlexible RA60Rocker Cover GasketRocker Cover GasketTop Gasket SetTop Gasket SetTop Gasket SetKubota Spare Parts Manual Kubota Spare Parts Manual Kubota Spare Parts Manual QUICK REFERENCE PARTS LISTINGIn all cases please quote Beta Marine WOC 322K323 number and Engine Typeart NumberWasting uel FilterAir Filter Lubricating Oil FilterSump PumpSump Pump Sea Water PumpSea Water Pump Johnson 6 Screw includes gasket etcSea Water Pump Sea Water Pump cover plate uel Lift Pumpuel Lift Pump320 Standard 322Vee323 320 40 Amp320 PolyVee 40 Amp 4PK900 NOT Beta 25320 PolyVee 40 Amp 4PK913 Beta 25320 External FanPanel A standardPanel ABV Panel ABVW Panel B Panel C Control Panel standard KeyControl Panel Key 25 hoursFirst 50 hoursEvery 150 hours with Shallow sumpEvery Year Every 250 hours if soonerEvery 750 hoursDavy Way Waterwells Quedgeley Gloucester Tel 01452 Spares email Warranty email Cooled 10 to 90bhp37 to 40kVARef ffv0 w6aeozGq DKmU4c hCM

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