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Operator325s 65 Warning Diesel engine exhaust and some of its constituents are known to the state ofSmall Diesel Engine Range BD1005 BV1305 and AAT7uwwRwHWrAA OZrWMHort AAEngine WOC NOKRatio 1Invoice the correct spare parts for identification 2Engine storage 2TECHNICAL 1 GUIDELINES FOR OPERATION OF checks prior to initial use5Initial startup and bleeding the fuel 2 MAINTENANCE AND SERVICE 320 checking and changing oil8Belt 3 INSTALLATION mounting sea water inlet identification at rear of AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL FOR THE FOLLOWING BETA MARINE ENGINES BASED ON KUBOTA SUPER 5 SERIESBD1005 BV1305 BV1505engine number type and WOCter motor on the port sideclearly on the delivery note andyour dealer or Beta invalidate the the user with importantFor further advice or and are subject tocompany325s current conditions ofTender and Sale is for thefor development purposes We doAKeep the engine gearboxBDRIVES Power Take OffiGearbox Output Flange shaft rotates at between 280 and2400 revmin This flange ispropeller shaft by the End Drive battery charging alternator Thepossible for injury to occur byinjury if personnel or Take Off Shaft 850 and 3600 revmin Ifinjury can occurCEXHAUST OUTLET emit exhaust gases at very highy outlet dryexhaust outlet can become verylag the exhaust system if a drydoes not Lines pumps if leakages occur or ifEOIL secure after checking if not oilFSCALDINGto 95241C pallets Lifting eyeson engines are used for liftingonly not the pallet andGENERAL machinery is not intended tobe put into service until it has beenmachinery It is the responsibility ofthe toensure that the machinery isnecessary health and safetythe laws of the relevant country aremet before it is put into serviceJ A Growcoot CEO that the Recreational Craft Angle of 15 Roll CLOCK ON FLYWHEEL CLOCKWISE ON OUTPUT GEARBOX FLANGE FOR USEWITH RIGHT HAND PROP IN AHEAD on mechanical gearboxes Hydraulic gearboxes canbe left or right handedDiesel fuel must conform to BS28691970 class A1 or A2 The fuel must be a distillate and not a residual oil or Engine oil must meet MILL2104C see section 2 for detailsGearbox see operator325s manual for the gearbox oil type and capacityOil pressure 320 minimum tickoverPower outputs These comply with BS EN ISO 86651996 crankshaft powerNote Declared Powers to ISO866519951 The declared powers are at the same engine speed as the ISO 3046 figures This speed is the speed related to the outputs powers shown2 Declared powers are at the gearbox coupling coupling to the propeller accessories or alternative gearboxes may affect the declared powers3 Operation at parameters outside the test parameters may affect the outputs powers which in any case are subject to the ISO tolerance bandsStandard BV 1505 Cylinder 344Bore mm767678 Stroke mm736 736748 Displacement Cooling Starter voltage VStarter output kWStarter alternator output AmpsGlow plug resistance eachEngine speed RPMPower output to ISO3046 power ISO8665 RatioFuel timing BTDC Capacity of standard sump approx of shallow sump approx litres5 65 65Nett dry weight with gearbox Coolant Coolant capacity approx HE litres5577Min recommended battery capacity3 fuel oil No2D3350 maximum antifreeze water12V 80Ah 400CCA Min43600 36003000beta small engine ref 1640qxd 15906 159 pm Page 6Do not bleed a hot engine as thiscause an explosionDo not get diesel on the flexibleAll fuel must be removed from skinto prevent FOR OPERATION OF CHECKS PRIORGenerally a new engine has thethe works test Fill the engine2 Ensure the engine is free to turn3 Ensure battery is fully charged4Ensure Morse speed and gearboxes caredirections Failure to achieve theWarranty will not be acceptedon gearboxes returned in thewarranty period for failure dueto incorrect engine is out of gear with6Open the fuel stopcock and bleed7Fuel should now be at the fuel liftINITIAL STARTUP ANDaOpen fuel bleed screw on fuelbMove hand priming lever on the bleed engine see over with the starter for astarted after 20 seconds thendisengage the starter andfurther 30 seconds then repeatfor the starter to cool down beforeEvery propulsion engine is fitted withstop To stop engine simply pressstop push button hold in until engineOFF325 positionTurn off seacock heat exchangerurn off battery not leave the key in 324HEATand eventually lead to poor startingNORMAL STARTING ANELS WITH SILVER KEYSWITCHith the engine out of gear set speedcontrol lever to 13 throttle Turn key anticlockwise to HEAT ARUN C At this stage theSTARTER BATTERY CHARGEDOMESTIC BATTERY CHARGE D inbattery symbol AB C Deluxeurn to START Dwill motor hold in position untilengine fires see initial startup sectiontime starter canRelease keyhas startedRUN positionCheck for sea water flow If no flowthen SWITCH OFF IMMEDIATELYAND CHECK SEA WATER SYSTEMRUN 320 HEAT 320 STARTengine start procedure is the same asstandard apart from 2eDAILY OR EVERY 8 HOURSCheck coolant levelCheck battery fluidCheck drive belt tensionEnsure raw water inlet strainer isCheck stern gland off any water in fuel that all external nutsnuts are found to be very loosethen the alignment of the shaftshould be rechecked PoorCheck the belt tension on anyCheck ball joint nyloc nuts forboth fittings all overChange oil filterCheck for leaks on header tanktubestack Tighten end cap boltDrain off any water in 150 HOURSIf shallow sump optionoil and filterEVERY YEAR 320 OR EVERY 250Change engine lubricating oilChange lubricating oil filter Check air cleaner elementCheck sea water pump impellerand change if wornCheck wasting anode when necessary InRemove heat exchanger tubeend of the tube stack RemoveSpray the key switch withCheck that all external nutsCheck ball joint nyloc nuts forEVERY 750 HOURS320 As everyChange fuel filterChange gearbox oilCheck electrical as or have properties of APITurbo Diesel Oil325 or additivesFor quantities of oil required seesection marked Page 4do so before starting or more thanfive minutes after stopping1To check the oil level draw outthe dipstick wipe it clean ret it and draw it out againIf the level is too low add new after first 50 hours runningtime and then every year or every250 hours if sooner Oil filter is acartridge type mounted on the port1Run the engine for 10 minutes to2Your engine is provided with aturn the tap to 324on325 Use the hand3Unscrew the oil filter and replace4Fill the engine with new oil as5un the engine and check for oilAMBIENT TEMPSINGLE GRADEMULTI GRADE30C TO CSAE 10W SAE 10W3015C TO 15CSAE 20WSAE 15W400241C TO 30241CSAE 30SAE 15W4025241C AND ABOVESAE 30SAE 15W40Fig 2b Dip stickFig 2aFig 2cCHECKING GEARBOX OIL LEVEL1The gearbox is fitted with a dip3New engines are normallylevel before starting the engine4The oil can be changed via fit a fuelwater a fuel supply shutoff valve isBe sure to use a strainer whenfilling the fuel tank Dirt or sandAlways use diesel fuelBe careful not to let the fuel tankbecome empty or air can enterbleeding before next engine startThe fuel lift pump will only liftlift pump must be fitted Drawingwiring of a typical electric fuel liftFUEL FILTER fuel filter is a spin on typeRemove by turning viewed from belowevery 750 hours See fig 2gstart up5 Check for leaksFig approxTMC40M Use ATF Oil 02 litresTMC60M Use ATF Oil 08 litresPRM 80 Use Engine Oil 15W40 06 litresPRM 120 Use Engine Oil 15W40 08 litresPRM 150 Use Engine Oil 15W40 14 litresPRM 260 Use Engine Oil 15W40 15 litresUse ATF Oil 035 litresZF15M Use ATF Oil 055 litresTTMC 35A2 Use Engine Oil 15W40 065 litresFILLING THE FRESHWATER drained off The For the volume requiredbCheck that the drain tap or plugis turned off see fig 2lcFill engine with header tank to the top of thefiller neck and replace cap Presscoolant level Top up asfCheck system for leaksgIf a calorifier is fitted care musthRun the engine on one third loadFig 2lTap orwinter but it prevents be activated at 95241to100241C If no antifreeze or a hhas cooled downRun engine on drained off every 2 years andreplaced with a new solutionhot pressurised water Prior toYACHTS AND LAUNCHES WITH HEAT EXCHANGER COOLINGATER PUMP AND COOLING SYSTEMHEAT is very important that the2Withdraw the rubber impellert as shownvanes Replace with a newcooling stack See 324Cleaning TubeFig 2ICLEANING THE HEAT EXCHANGER TUBE STACK AND REPLACING WASTING ZINC ANODEbe checked every six months andreplaced every year or asnecessary The anode is attachedto the bolt inserted in the aft endcap of the heat exchanger See2Unscrew the bolt and replace the4It is possible for fine sea weed6Unscrew the 2 end cap the 324O325 rings and7Reassemble using new 324O325 ringsRefill engine with waterantiBELT TENSION100 AMP ALTERNATOR OPTIONFig 2kWARNING 1On heat exchanger cooled engines3With the engine stopped loosen4Push alternator outboard tothumb Tighten support bolts5Belt tension should be offSupport boltsAIR INTAKE FILTERThese engines are fitted with an air intake filter which should be checked every season and changed every 2 years orsooner if badly clogged If badly clogged check more oftenWARNING battery be disconnected or switched1The panel must be protected fromrain and sea water see installation Sea water entering the keykey switch every month with WD2Check batteries for acid level andtop up if required For low3Loose spade AND LAYING UPHEAT EXCHANGER COOLEDENGINES LEFT AFLOAT ANDiClose the inlet seacock to the sea wateriiiStart the engine out of gearivShut engine off anddEnsure instrument panel is welleWith the engine the battery If AC power isthe tank Water entering the fuelLAYING UP ASHOREaChange the engine oil before theboat is taken out of the waterWarm engine oil is much easierBeta diesels are very reliable if installed and serviced correctly but problems can occur and the following list gives thePROBLEM ENGINE DOES NOT START BUT STARTER MOTOR TURNS OVER OKPossible CauseWater in fuelFuel lift pump blockedFuel return not fed back to the tankStop solenoid stuck in off positionFUSE If located by starter motor usually it is positioned above flywheelholder attached onto the main engine fuse holderTurn fuel cock on and fill tankVent air see initial startupRemove and replaceemove and cleanReroute fuel return pipeCheck solenoid is free to return to run STARTER MOTOR WILL NOT TURN OR TURNS OVER VERY SLOWLYPossible CauseBattery disconnected or looseWater in battery or replace Check alternator belt tensionRemove and clean or oilPROBLEM WHITE OR BLUE EXHAUST GASPROBLEM BLACK EXHAUST GASrepitched if CausePiston ring and bore worn giving alow the levelGet compression checked by your dealer or Kubota service agent He willadvise action to be takenPROBLEM ERRATIC CauseAir in fuel supplyFuel lift pump faultyClogged fuel filterFuel return not fed back to the fuelWorn or blocked injectorEngine rpm in gear is too low thismust be 850 minFaulty stop pipe or CausePropeller is too bigPROBLEM LOW POWER OUTPUTPossible CauseBlocked fuel filterBlocked air electrical load is too large on rings wornValve stem and guide pump seal damagedService Agent to check and replaceService Agent to check and goes 322milky323 due to sea waterpump and compression checked by Service AgentPossible WATER IN LUBRICATING OIL Keel cooledwater cannot enter the exhaust port and run back See DRY any water Get fuel injection pump checked by Service AgentPROBLEM WATER IN LUBRICATING OIL PROBLEM LOW OIL PRESSURE WARNING LIGHT Faulty switch senderwith dirtBlocked oil filterWiring and cleanTop up and check for leaksPossible or worn pump impellerSwitch sender cooler of insufficient sizeNo W connection to faultCheck power output from 324W325 connection Should be about 9V ACPossible PANEL REV COUNTER NOT WORKING WHEN tube stack and clean replace 324O325 ringsRemove and clean tube stack as see heat exchanger cooled seawater inlet system in section 3Vent the system and top up coolantContact boat builderaith the boat tied up and out ofgive the flow in litresmin Repeatlitre per minute minimum thenend of the exchanger This must bedone in safe conditions in port andWorking from a rubber dinghy isPropshaft touching gearbox outputcoupling through split boss or Type 16Adjust giving correct clearance 10mmtAdjust stud to clearReplace repairPossible BATTERY QUICKLY DISCHARGESFan belt slipping black dust inengine compartment temperature too highBattery load or increase charging time Large domestic battery banks HEAT EXCHANGE ONLY Fitting incorrectly Cables are being fitted the wrong way around switch over and fit the VIBRATIONPoor alignment to shaftWorn cutless bearing or shaftWeak engine ie 10 of the propeller diameter as clearanceefer to drive platePropellor shaft hitting the gearboxTop upMove shaft back to give at least 5mm clearance type 1216 couplings onlyPossible following chart is compiled to aidwith a single alternator mounted portside supplying power to starter battery1st alternator mounted port sideter battery2nd alternator the battery if the domestic batteryWarning buzzer will remain on atFour lamp panelsA ABV ABVW B these panels utiliseWith keyswitch in run position engine offRed lamp for no starter batteryRed lamp for no domestic lamp for high engineGreen lamp for panel power onBuzzer should soundwith keyless panels refer to 324correctWhen the engine is started all the redbe clean dry and secured with aCheck the start battery ison the starter motorCheck the domestic battery connections of cables from battery tomeasure battery voltage withrequires this connection Engines FAULT FINDING TROUBLE SHOOTING 320ENGINES BUILT AFTER JULY 2005 ONLYA AB ABV ABVW Starter battery charge warning lampRedHigh engine temperature warning lampRedLow engine oil pressure warning lampRedPanel power on this is not a warning battery charge warning lampRedTypical start battery CAUSE SOLUTION engine will not start or stop Battery isolation switch in off position 320switch onStarter battery discharged 320 chargeEngine fuse blown 320check fuse above starter motor or flywheel housingreplace if necessary Check for wiring faultsTHE WATER TEMPERATURE LAMPENGINE IS OVERHEATING OR THEREIS A WIRING switch wire to nonfunctioning lamp greenblue positive feed to nonfunctioning lamp Reconnect on rewire with new connectionIf none of the above check continuity of connections from panel to engineWater temperature warning lamp on whenNot B or Deluxe C panel see table onFaulty wiring check connection continuity small green blueto panel lamp Ensure this connection is not shorting to earth groundFaulty temperature switch 320if lamp switches off on removal of connection toSwitch wire connected to large sender terminal of switch sender unitRemove and refit to smaller switchGREEN POWER ON LAMP If lamp is functioning but buzzer not sounding check connection continuity Faulty warning panel buzzer board 320replaceter battery charge lamp not not connected properly check continuity of small brown wire fromAC325 position on connected properly faulty alternator continuity of small brownyellow wire from rear of alternator to noTacho not connections on rear of tacho especially blackblue wire terminal 3244325Check connection of blackblue wire on rear of 1st alternator W voltage from alternator W connection to earth groundDomestic battery not battery not connected correctlyB to engine earth groundDomestic battery flatPanel relay faulty incorrectly wiredSINGLE ALTERNATOR IS FITTEDNo second alternator fitted to engine domestic lamp not usedD charge FAULT FINDING 320 ALL LAMP PANELSPOSSIBLE CAUSE SOLUTION deflection Engine off and keyswitch in runFaulty wiring 320check wire connection continuity small to panel lamp Ensure this connection is not shorting to earth groundeven when engine is started Warning lampFaulty wiring 320check oil pressure sender wire small white brownWarning lamp not functioning correctly Check connection to oil pressure gauge if plug is not connected to socket on rear ofIf all connections are correctly made possible faulty sender unit 320check resistance toearth ground Replace if no reading or adjusted correctly buzzer still sounding possible faulty switch gauge unit 320Incorrectly calibrated switching point for warning lamp adjust on rear of gauge toIf adjusted correctly buzzer still sounding faulty switch gauge unit 320 replaceWater temperature gauge showing THIS ALSO APPLIES TO THE B PANELFaulty wiring check water temperature sender wire is not shorting to earthFaulty sender unit 320check resistance to earth approx 35kTHIS ALSO APPLIES TO THE B calibrated switching point for warning lamp adjust on rear of gauge temperature gauge showing noTHIS ALSO APPLIES TO THE B PANELCheck connection to sender if disconnected gauge will not functionIf all connections are correctly made faulty sender unit 320check resistance toELECTRICAL FAULT FINDING 320 DELUXE C WATER TEMPERATURE FUNCTION ON B FAULT FINDING 320NON BETA PANELS6097101 also part number forLoom is configured differently inSmall brown wire batteryOil pressure water temperature switch senderPart number 20001133245 large spade is sender connection green blue245 small spade is switch connection blue yellowOil pressure switch senderPart number 20062680Gauge wirewhite brown245 MEarthblack245 WKWarning lampgreen FAULT FINDING 320EXTENSION CELECTRICAL 320 CORRECT OPERATION OF KEYLESS PANELSTo operate the engine1Press and hold 324HEAT325 button forRed lamp for no starter batteryRed lamp for high engineRed lamp for low oil pressureGreen lamp for panel power onBuzzer should sound2Press 324START325 button and hold ininitial startup section formaximum time starter can button whenengine has startedAll red warning lamps shouldstarted at tickoverGreen lamp for panel power on3To stop the engine press the325 push button hold in until4To restart the engine simplyis not need to switch batterywhilst remaining on5 If leaving the boat isolate startbattery from engine and panel toprevent accidental start up ofBETA PN325S FOR REPLACEMENT ITEMSPart number40 amp blade fuse all board 320all panels from June 05 20004655323 BSP not C pressure switch gauge C panels switch with single terminal on some BZ602 switch sender 18323BSP not B or C sender B C panels temperature switch gauge B C panels C panels relay 12V 40A fitted to rear of domestic silver bezel 60000057Panel stop button all panelst on ABVW 20000072Tacho 04000rpm with digital hour counter all panels but engine harness Mini Series 20098380011m panel extension loom 20004588013m panel extension loom 20004588034m panel extension loom power on indicator lamp retaining clip 20004656Red warning indicator lamp retaining clip for earth return insulated earth where batteryengine will not operate Torques for general use bolts and nutsITEMSize x 7T6mm Torques for special use bolts and nutsSize x Bolts M10 x 125 65 70 470506 637686M8 x 10 4247 304340 412461M8 x 10 3035 217253 294343Bolts 2 Bearing Case M9 x 125 5055 362398 490539Nozzle Holder Assembly M20 x 15 5070 362506 490686Caps Nuts Head Cover M7 x 10 0709 5165 6988Glow Plugs M10125 2025 145181 196245Nuts Rocker Arm Bracket M7 x 10 2227 159195 216265Bolts Idle Gear Shaft M6 x 10 10115 7283 98113To obtain accurate alignment quarters and installed so asexposed moving or hot parts ofpersonal injury shall be parts and accessories thator servicing must be readilyThe insulating materials installation details contained herewith are basic guidelines to assist installation due to great diversity of marine craft itis impossible to give definitive instructions Therefore Beta Marine can accept no responsibility for any damage or injuryTo ensure vibration free operation theand aft as possible and well bracedto form an integral part of the hullmount If necessary fit spacer blocksfaces of the gearbox and not set the engine feet highmovement and vibration Packthe engine Craft Directivebor compliance with exhaustsystems To ensure exhaustlimits it is most important to reducedry exhaust bellowsWet Exhaust hose should 50mm 50mm 50mmOption 1 58323 is available in SS 1 323 NA NAHigh rise water injection bend SS 50mm 50mm 50mmOption high rise water injection bend SS 1 323 NA NACross over injection bend SS 50mm 50mm 50mmto suit Volvo replacement enginesTYPICAL YACHT INSTALLATIONor T piece fitted installation It is essential that the1The mechanical fuel lift pump isrequired then an electric fuel lift2It is very important that the4Any fuel leaks in the system arecorrected fuel return leak off7 Fuel lines and hoses must beand explosion Flexible fuel hosesrequired by your surveyor FUEL SUPPLY LEAK OFF 1Fuel tank2Injection pump3Injection fuel feedFuel filter7Fuel water off9Drain plug10Air vent11Stop cock12Fuel pipe loopSEAWATER INLET SYSTEM HEAT EXCHANGER COOLED is very important that theglass as shown mounted justWater Level2The inlet sea cock and pipe work3Good access to the inlet seacock4 All pipe work should have5If water is required for stern tubetaken from a 324T325 piece in the pipe6 Scoop type water pickups shouldthe vessel is in motion This isvery dangerous as the exhaust The maximum lift of the seaCALORIFIER SYSTEMturn heats up domestic water1The big problem with a calorifierthen they don325t work2Try and keep the supply and3Extra care must be taken whenwork Run the engine off load forilling The Fresh4If the water level is steady but nocalorifier then very carefully opennone is provided then veryBV1305 ABVW2Panels must be fitted in a location3For standard wiring diagrams see10 feet Beta can3m but this kit includes a startwater or rust in the starter willindividual pins do not fall out Tojelly Vaselinepushed together The plastic of water6All cables must be systems shall beensure paper operation of the craft8 Attention shall be paid to theprovision of overload and shortexcept engine starting circuits9 Ventilation shall be provided to1 Typical starter motor ratings2 Suggested engine starter battery size Page 33Page 3320005452 Page 345 Standard harness 100 Amp20006077 Page 356 Diagram of A panel cutout 20006516 Page 36 377 Diagram of AB panel cutout 20006517 Page 38 398 Diagram of ABV panel cutout 20006519 Page 40 419 Diagram of ABVW panel cutout 10006333 Page 42 4310 Diagram of B panel cutout 20006520 Page 44 4511 Diagram of C Deluxe panel cutout 20006518 Page 46 47Page 48Page 4914 GA of BD1005 HE 320 PRM 80 10099550 Page 5015 GA of BD1005 HE 320 TMC 40 10001939 Page 5116 GA of BD1005 HE 320 PRM 80 Atomic 10005009 Page 5217 GA of BV131505 HE 320 PRM 120 10098915 Page 5318 GA of BV131505 HE 320 TTMC35A 10006375 Page 5419 GA of BV131505 HE 320 PRM 150 10099660 Page 5520 100 Amp alternator information 10005471 Page 5621 Beta Controller information Page 57 5822 Wiring 100 Amp Beta Controller 10005475 Page 5923 Declaration of Conformity for Recreational CraftPage 60 6124 Maintenance record and service items Page 65Engine ccTypical Battery Capacity AHTypical CCA Aat a 20hr Rate BD1005 65 75 450 540BV1305 70 75 450 540BV1505 70 75 450 540Starter capacity kW1000cc to the engine is starting or theFor silver keyswitches the is marked 324ACFor black keyswitches the terminalFor panels without any keyswitchrelay as noted belowmust be fed through a relay ThisSUGGESTED MINIMUM ENGINE STARTER BATTERY SIZETYPICAL STARTER MOTOR used in Kubota engines have the following standard small engine ref 1640qxd 15906 159 pm Page 3635beta small engine ref 1640qxd 15906 159 pm Page 3736beta small engine ref 1640qxd 15906 159 pm Page 383701BETA MARINE LTDMERRETTS MILLSBATH ROADSOUTH GLOS GL5 5EUDO NOT IN MM BYCHECKED of 30mm FOR small engine ref 1640qxd 15906 159 pm Page 3938beta small engine ref 1640qxd 15906 159 pm Page 403901BETA MARINE LTDMERRETTS MILLSBATH ROADSOUTH GLOS GL5 5EUDO NOT IN MM BYCHECKED of 30mm FOR 500 THRUbeta small engine ref 1640qxd 15906 159 pm Page 4140beta small engine ref 1640qxd 15906 159 pm Page 424101BETA MARINE LTDMERRETTS MILLSBATH ROADSOUTH GLOS GL5 5EUDO NOT IN MM BYCHECKED of 50 small engine ref 1640qxd 15906 159 pm Page 4342beta small engine ref 1640qxd 15906 159 pm Page 444301BETA MARINE LTDMERRETTS MILLSBATH ROADSOUTH GLOS GL5 5EUDO NOT IN MM BYCHECKED of USED ON 30mm FOR WIRES2262O 500 THRUbeta small engine ref 1640qxd 15906 159 pm Page 4544beta small engine ref 1640qxd 15906 159 pm Page 464501BETA MARINE LTDMERRETTS MILLSBATH ROADSOUTH GLOS GL5 5EUDO NOT IN MM BYCHECKED of 30mm FOR small engine ref 1640qxd 15906 159 pm Page 4746beta small engine ref 1640qxd 15906 159 pm Page 484701BETA MARINE LTDMERRETTS MILLSBATH ROADSOUTH GLOS GL5 5EUDO NOT IN MM BYCHECKED of 30mm FOR small engine ref 1640qxd 15906 159 pm Page 4948beta small engine ref 1640qxd 15906 159 pm Page 5049beta small engine ref 1640qxd 15906 159 pm Page 5150beta small engine ref 1640qxd 15906 159 pm Page 5251beta small engine ref 1640qxd 15906 159 pm Page 5352beta small engine ref 1640qxd 15906 159 pm Page 5453beta small engine ref 1640qxd 15906 159 pm Page 5554beta small engine ref 1640qxd 15906 159 pm Page 5655beta small engine ref 1640qxd 15906 159 pm Page 5756beta small engine ref 1640qxd 15906 159 pm Page 5857beta small engine ref 1640qxd 15906 159 pm Page 5958beta small engine ref 1640qxd 15906 159 pm Page 6059beta small engine ref 1640qxd 15906 159 pm Page 6160beta small engine ref 1640qxd 15906 159 pm Page 2522js22j92m N5wM b4HMHjuI2S F22o2Ia22Y M MjjjRIa2222 323q2Kv7s D628mm2sBJ 2rH2H h 3RRwL4o3 wLRR4LONHXDD3 C42Of4D K2sjubw5j 40f5qZf durability IN RESPECT TO THE RECREATIONAL CRAFT DIRECTIVE 9425EC AND Maintenance Manual Maintenance must use approved materials parts andinhibited otherwise it will deteriorate with resulting decrease in performance See also theWinterising and Laying Up procedures in the Operator325s Maintenance Manual The fuel settings of the diesel injection system must not be tampered with otherwise theguarantee will be invalid and the performance may fall outside prescribed limit Suchadjustment cannot be allowed under the terms of the emission of the engine depends upon the use of correct fuels lubricants and are fully detailed in the Operator325s Maintenance Manual Particular attention must be paid to the installation with respect to the exhaust system Maintenance Manual Wet water injected exhaust systems must be at least themanifold before the water injection bend or dry bellowstheir performance without major mishap even when running hours exceed those mentioned in325s Maintenance Manual is in this respect Engine performance especially with respect to erratic running low power output and high oil consumption are indications of engine conditionsand rectified immediately 62NOTESbeta small engine ref 1640qxd 15906 159 pm Page 6463NOTESbeta small engine ref 1640qxd 15906 159 pm Page 65Quick Reference Parts ListingHEAT EXCHANGER COOLED BD1005 BV1305 AND BV1505In all cases please quote the Beta Marine WOC 322K323 number and engine numberPart NumberWasting Lubricating Oil FilterFuel FilterFuel Lift PumpFuel Lift Pump Air Filter Air Filter Sea Water Pump Service Kit Sea Water Pump Sea Water Pump ater Pump Cover Plate Sea Water Pump 40 Amp Blade FuseControl Panel standard KeyWater Temperature SwitchPanel A ABV ABVWWater Temperature SenderPanel C Banel A ABV ABVWOil Pressure SenderPanel C BService 25 hoursFirst 50 hoursEvery 150 hours with Shallow sumpEvery Year Every 250 hours if soonerBeta Marine Limited Davy Way Gloucester GL2 2AD United KingdomFax 44 0email Cooled 10 to 90bhp37 to 40kVA30 to 900kVABM Doc Ref ffv0 DKmU4c OI5xvudduv fe

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