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f i d i n f o r m at i o n FID LENGTH DEFINITION ALUMINUM TUBULAR FIDS The fid length for a rope is calculated as 21 times the rope diameter A different sized splicing fid is required for As the rope diameter increases so does the fid length For example the each size of rope fid length for a 4 diameter rope is 84 Short Section The length of the splicing tool called a fid may or may not have a 11 of Fid correlation with the fid length for a given rope diameter Refer to the example above and imagine trying to splice a 4 diameter rope with an Fid Size Total Fid Short Fid Rope Dia Inches Length Inches Section Inches 84 fid To keep fids to a manageable length they may be scaled to the actual fid length of a given rope diameter Our tubular fids are 100 14 512 2116 scale meaning that the overall length of the tool is equal to the actual 516 634 212 fid length for the corresponding rope diameter Our wire fids are 12 38 734 278 scale meaning that the length of the tool is 12 the actual fid length for 716 912 3916 the corresponding rope diameter 12 11 418 916 1214 358 58 14 418 34 16 434 C alculating fid 78 19 434 short section 1 21 514 14 12 short section is 375 of fid length 916 34 short section is 30 of fid length WIRE FIDS For rope sizes above 3 circumference 1 diameter 78 and up short section is 25 of fid length use a wire fid Fid scale 12 for rope diameters between 1 and 2 L Short Section Fid Size Total Fid Length Short Section Rope Dia Inches L Inches C Inches 1 1012 258 118 1214 3 114 1314 314 1516 14 312 112 16 4 158 1712 412 134 19 434 2 21 514 2090 Thornton Street T 3603844669 20062008 Samson Rope Technologies All rights reserved Ferndale WA USA 98248 F 3603840572

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