Sam Lock Whip

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LOCK STITCH Required Approximately 12 fid length of nylon or polyester whipping twine or the same size of the strands in the rope you are 1 B WHIPPING Pass stitching FINISHED SPLICE through spliced area near throat of Whip or seize the end of the spliced area eye as shown A with whipping twine for extra security and a professional touchStep 2 Reinsert as shown Step 1 pulling snug but not B tight AStep 3 Continue to reinsert as shown until you 1 2 3 Step 2 B have at least 3 complete stitches AStep 4 After completing Step 3 rotate spliced part of rope 90 and reinsert end A into spliced area in the same area and in the same fashion as in Step 3 Steps 1 2 and 3 The splice will now be stitched on two planes perpendicular to each otherStep 5 After stitching at least three complete stitches as in Step 3 extract both ends A and B together through the same opening in the braid Tie them together 1 2 3 2090 Thornton Street Ferndale WA 98248 A with a square T 800 2277673 360 3844669 knot and reinsert B F 800 2999246 360 3840572 back into braid Samson Rope Technologies LS7201

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