' Autohelm St3000 Wheel Drive Autopilot Quick Ref'

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Distributed by Any reference to Raytheon orRTN in this manual should be interpreted as RaymarineThe names Raytheon and RTN are owned by the Raytheon CompanyST3000 Wheel Pilot Quick Reference GuideBasic operation Auto mode Entering Auto mode Engaging the autopilot Making course changes 1 Course changes or Course changes to to port starboard 10 Returning to Standby Disengaging the autopilot Returning to previous locked heading 1 sec then again to accept heading Track mode Wind Vane mode Entering Track mode from Auto or Wind Vane mode Entering Wind Vane mode and to enter Track mode and Press STANDBY or AUTO to exit Wind Vane mode and Using AutoTack then to accept new heading AutoTack AutoTack to to port and and starboard Press STANDBY or 100 100 AUTO to exit Autopilot displays Switching lighting onoff Switching AutoSeastate onoff from Standby mode only from AutoTrackWind Vane modes and and Press to Press to switch between switch between ON ON OFF OFF Wait 10 sec to return to previous mode D56591ST3000 Wheel Pilot Quick Reference GuideCompass calibration 1 Enter compass calibration Start turning boat see 2 below 1 sec 2 Turn boat in slow circles Turn the boat in slow circles so boats speed stays below 2 knots each circle takes at least 3 minutes 3 Autopilot displays amount of deviation detected Keep turning the boat until the display alternates between autopilot heading deviation detected 4 Align the autopilot heading Adjust the autopilot heading to match the boats steering compass Steering Autopilot heading Autopilot heading compass or or Known heading 5 Save changes To To save deviation correction quit compass calibration save heading alignment without saving 1 sec return to STANDBY mode D56601Document number 860052 use with handbook 81194Date June 2001

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