'groco Seacocks'

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vice assistance or information call 410Maintenance Parts and Assembly forSVSeries Concept GROCOSV series seacocks for the marine industry between 1960and 1993Production was discontinued in favor ofthe presently manufactured BV SBV and SBVPseries Full Flow Ball ValvesSVseries seacocks operate on the wingnut on the back ofeach valve is handtightened when in the valve is inthe desired open or closed thewingnut expands the rubber plug thus sealing When a change in valve position isdesired the wingnut is loosened enabling theoperator to turn the valve handle to the new the wingnut each timeNoteWhile the wingnut is loose the seapage of asmall amount of water is Years of service canbe expectedIf the valve becomes difficult to turn athaulout remove and inspect the valve plugTherubber should be free of bumps that might becreated due to extended periods of exerted by the tightened wingnut forcesrubber into the drain plug hole and into the inlet andoutlet ports and older plugs do not quickly return totheir original shapeBumps may be removed with light with excessive Lubrication is not normally required butmay aid in the easy operion of older valve plug and coat lightly with silicon greaseDo notuse petroleum basedgrease as it will chemically attack the rubberSome owners may prefer to replace the drain plugon the side of SVseacocks with a stainless steelgrease zerk the drain plug thread size for all SVseacocks is 1822427 will damage the winterize the valve move the handle to theclosed position and tighten the drain plug on the side of the valve to drain thewater from the valve bodyRemove the hose or pipeat the top of the valve to drain the water from theconnected Many boat owners prefer the of GROCOBV SBV SBVP or BVS seriesball valves No wingnuts to loosen and tighten andno temporary water seepageYour old SV seriesseacock may be replaced with a GROCOball valveSafety Seacock or or or kXUe4nMZt 5buNURI7aCWzsR iFhsw

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