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PHII AND PHEII MARINE TOILETS INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS THE FOLLOWING ARE CAUTIONARY STATEMENTS THAT MUST BE READ AND FOLLOWED DURING BOTH INSTALLATION AND OPERATION WARNING Raritan Engineering Company Inc recommends that a qualified person or electrician in the case of PHEII install this product Equipment damage injury to personnel or death could result from improper installation Raritan Engineering Company Inc accepts no responsibility or liability for damage to equipment or injury or death to personnel that may result from improper installation or operation of this product WARNING Hazard of Flooding Any installation made below the waterline must have vented loops positioned properly and all hose connections should be doubleclamped Both intake and discharge seacocks should always be in the closed position when the toilet is not in use Failure to do so may result in flooding property damage and loss of life WARNING Hazard of Fire Do not wire 120V PHEII motors without using specified rectifier Do not operate PHEII series toilets with handle in place serious bodily injury may occur INTRODUCTION It is advisable to flush the toilet briefly before use toThe PHII is a manual marine toilet The PHEII has minimize staining Pumping several strokes after theeither electric push button or manual operation Both bowl has been flushed will help to clear the linestoilets have the same overall dimensions An electric minimize odor and reduce the possibility of backflowdrive PHECKII that mounts between the bowl and into the bowl It may be necessary to change thepump converts a PHII to a PHEII with no additional valve handle from FLUSH to DRY more thanfloor space required once to properly evacuate the bowl Valve handle must be fully in the FLUSH orThe PHII and PHEII are available with a DRY position bowl and seat or with theMarinesize bowl and seat Hard objects or stringy substances paper towels feminine hygiene products filter cigarettes etcSpace requirements for each are as follows must not be thrown into the toilet as they will cause Models Height Depth Width damage Householdstyle bowl 12 14 21 18 14 RETURNING PHEII TO MANUAL OPERATION Marinesize bowl 11 78 21 17 34All models are suitable for use in conjunction with WARNING Secure circuit breaker in OFFRaritans LectraSan MC a Coast Guard Certified position before proceedingType I flowthru Marine Sanitation Device MSD In the event of a power loss or problem with theandor holding tanks electrical system OPERATION 1 Remove arm bolt and nut 1115 and 1115A from the connecting rod 1116BWWARNING DO NOT adjust valve handle1209BW while toilet is operating bodily injury 2 Displace connecting rod 1116BW from trackmay occur and push toward the backThe intake valve handle 1209BW must be in the 3 Insert the handle 1206W and cotter pinopen or FLUSH position to 1210A Be sure the handle is completely in thedraw water in When the valve handle is in the handle socket and secured by the cotter pin toDRY position a special air valve allows the toilet to avoid the possibility of breaking the plastic sockbe pumped dry without pressure build up In the et 1210DRY position toilet will only pump out no water To return to electrical operation reverse procedurewill be brought into the bowl 1 MAINTENANCE instructions for ratio PlaceUsing CP a bioenzymatic toilet bowl cleaner intake hose in this bucket Place discharge hoseavailable from Raritan Engineering will keep the into the empty bucket Pump toilet until antifreezebowl clean and fresh smelling Introducing Raritan has circulated and is being into flush water through a Toilet Water 4 Antifreeze should remain in the toilet untilKit TWK will deodorize and lubricate the unit This will protect both intake Super Lube SL applied to the piston rod will and discharge sides of the pump Pouringprolong the life of the Piston Shaft Seal This should antifreeze into the bowl will only protect thebe done every spring and fall or more regularly if the discharge side of the pump allowing the intakehead is used frequently side to possibly freezeCAUTIONS Using improper deodorants or NOTE Holding tanks seacocks and can result in damage to rubber and systems need to be independently parts DO NOT USE pine oil stored and recommissioned see ammonia ethyl acetate phosphoric and concentrated chlorine bleach petroleum solvent based products 1 Lubricate piston rod with Super Lube PHEII units should have Super Lube applied to the 2 Using the buckets hoses and a gallon 38 rod 1116B slot where the roller of clean water flush the antifreeze out of theoscillates and to the track on the side of the pump toilet Dispose of antifreeze properly inhousing where the connecting rod travels up and accordance with local and federal 3 Reconnect the hoses and open both seacocksBefore attempting repairs refer to section of this manual 4 Check all connections for leaks with several test flushes STORAGEShort Term Storage INSTALLATION OF REPLACEMENT PARTSIf the toilet is not going to be used for up to one week 1 Refer to Fig 2 when replacing part 1228CWflush the toilet several strokes with the shutoff handle 2 If Valve Body 1203BW is removed it must bein the wet bowl position to clear all lines positioned as in Fig 3 for proper operationLong Term Storage Overhaul kits containing the parts normally requiredIf the toilet is not going to be used for over a week to repair each unit are available In addition the short term storage then switch to the dry parts for your toilet may be ordered through yourbowl position and purge the toilet with at least two dealer or direct from the factorygallons of fresh water added to the bowl INSTALLATION WINTERIZING To install PHII and PHEII marine toilets winter lay up is a major cause of marine installation accessories are requiredtoilet failures 1 A nominal 34 19mm thruhull fitting and1 Close the intake and discharge seacock Disconnect seacock shutoff valve and drain the intake and discharge hoses 2 34 19mm ID reinforced intake hose and Winterize seacocks and hoses stainless steel hose clamps2 You will need two buckets three feet 9M of 3 1 12 38mm ID reinforced sanitation discharge 34 19mm hose three feet 9M of 1 12 hose Raritan SH and stainless steel hose 38mm hose and a quart 95 liter of nontoxic clamps antifreeze 4 A nominal 1 12 38mm discharge thruhull3 Prepare one half gallon 19 liters of an antifreeze fitting with seacock may be required depending water mixture in a bucket refer to the antifreeze on the specific installation 2Super Lube is a registered trademark of Synco Chemical Corp5 PHEII units require wire terminal ends a 1 Route discharge hose above discharge outlet momentary switch and a relay PBS and CDS with a vented loop This will enable the toilet to6 PHEII units that will be operated on 120 VAC discharge more efficiently and will help to prevent shore or generator power require a full wave backflow bridge rectifier in the circuit Raritan CH104 is 2 A InLine Strainer 163000 is recommended a combination rectifier and activating switch This will help minimize odors and help prevent MOUNTING cloggingPHII and PHEII may be mounted above or below the 3 Intake and discharge thruhull fittings should bewaterline Figs 1 and 1A Vented loops VL34 located far enough apart and in such a manner asand VL1 12 are required for below waterline to prevent discharge water from being and hose connections must be double through the intake One means of Mount unit securely on a flat solid deck this is to place them on opposite sides of the hullusing stainless steel bolts backed up with nuts and Intake thruhull should be located so that duringlarge washers or stainless steel lag screws long enough shallow water conditions sand and other debrisnot to pull out Never mount PHEII where it may are not drawn into thruhull fittingbe subject to shower spray or other sources of 4 The optional Raritan Toilet Water Kit TWKexternal water permits use of Raritan Concentrate CON22 PLUMBING with the PHII and PHEII toilets RaritanWARNING Below waterline installations require Concentrate deodorizes the bowl and loops Top of the loop must be above internal partswaterline at greatest angle of heel Intake vented 5 Test flush and check for leaksloops must be installed between pump and back ofthe bowl Discharge vented loops must be the discharge of toilet and seacock SeeFig 1 and 1A FIG 1 ABOVE WATERLINE INSTALLATION Vent Fig 2 PHII Marine Outside Vented Hull or Deck Toilet Toilet WRONG Loop Base TWK Correct Orientation of Waterline Waterline 1228CW Flapper Valves InLine LectraSan MC Strainer Intake ThruHull Discharge and Seacock Drawing Not To Scale ThruHull and Toilet Seacock CORRECT Base Fig 3 NOTE Before Rein FIG 1A BELOW WATERLINE INSTALLATION Deck Pumpout stalling 1209BW Valve Handle Be Sure Points InLine A and B On The Strainer Vented Vented Vented Loop Loop Inlet Valve Body Loop 1203BW Are Posi Y Valve tioned As Shown By TWK The Double Arrow Waterline Waterline Holding Tank POINT A Intake Discharge ThruHull ThruHull and Seacock and Seacock PHII Marine POINT B Toilet LectraSan MC Drawing Not To Scale 3ELECTRIC CONVERSION KIT INSTALLA WIRING THE PHEIITION PHECKII For PHII Models Only WARNING DO NOT wire a 120V PHEII motorNOTE It is recommended that the toilet be directly to 120VAC service unless a rectifier hasremoved before installing the PHECKII been added to the circuit motor burnout short1 Close the seacocks circuiting and fire could result2 Remove cotter pin 1210A and handle Refer to Fig 5 to determine correct wire and circuit 1206W from toilet Disconnect hoses and breaker sizes Locate fuses and circuit breakers for unbolt toilet from deck easy accessibility and on a circuit separate from other accessories 12 24 and 32 VDC units require a3 Align connecting rod in track on side of pump momentary switch and a heavy duty relay rated for housing and place motorgearbox unit in position continuous service See Fig 4 for wiring diagram on base 1248W between pump and bowl The momentary Push Button Switch PBS and4 Insert four hex head screws 1119A with lock Continuous Duty Solenoid CDS are available washers 1118 Tighten evenly through Raritan5 Insert bolt 1115 through connecting rod All PHEII120 models and PHECKII120 conversion 1116B and thread into yoke 1211PL kits are supplied for DC operation 120V DC units Tighten jam nut 1115A securely this require a doublepole momentary switch rated for 10 connection is not a pivot point amps inductive load CHDPS120 For AC operation a fullwave bridge rectifier is required CH104 includes rectifier and one double pole switch14 14 363cm WALL WALL14 1636cm DECK DECK 4 12 18 14 465cm 114cm 17 34 454cm 22 14 566 cm 19 12495cm 20 508 cm 17 432cm WALL AT REAR OF TOILET 9 14 DISCHARGE 5 14 236cm HOSE HOLE 134cm 10 Raritan PH IIPHE II 254cm 4 102cm Marine Toilet with 9 Marinesize Bowl 5 LONGITUDINAL 229cm Front View Side View 127cm CENTERLINE 3 12 OF TOILET 4 and Footprint 89cm 102cm Dimensions are for a Householdstyle Bowl INLET Marinesize Bowl Dimensions in Parentheses HOSE HOLE 4 SPECIFICATIONS Fig 4 Wiring the PHEII DC Unit with Momentary Electrical Pushbutton Switch Nominal Voltage Volts DC 12V 24V 32V Pushbutton Switch PBS 3 Amp Fuse or Amperage Draw Nominal Voltage 18 11 8 Circuit Breaker Circuit BreakerFuse Size Amps 25 20 12 14 Awg Wire Main Fuse or Circuit Breaker For 120vdc units use 14 AWG 25mm2 wire See Specification Chart Wire Sizes Pos Voltage from NOTE Recommended conductor sizes based on 105C rated Battery or DC Power Panel insulation Refer to ABYC Standards for other insulation ratings Solenoid Relay Battery CDS Lug Distance from source to unit and back to source feet m UNITS 1031 1546 2061 2572 3092 40122 50152 POS Orange Motor Wire VOLTAGE Minimum recommended conductor wire AWG mm2 PHEII Motor for 3 voltage drop 12 1060 1060 8100 6160 6160 6160 4250 NEG Black Motor Wire 24 1615 1425 1240 1240 1060 1060 8100 Ground 32 1810 1615 1615 1425 1425 1240 1240 PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE CORRECTIONA Electric motor labors pumps A1 Low Voltage at motor while running A1 Check condition of batteries terminals and wire con slowly or handle is hard to nections for corrosion Check gauge of wire to be sure pump on manual toilet it is not undersized A2 Air pocket in discharge line A2 Clean vent fittings A3 Holding Tank vent clogged or tank A3 Clean holding tank vent or empty tank as needed full A4 Discharge line obstructed A4 Check thruhull fitting for clog Remove discharge hose if necessary to free obstruction A5 MSD clogged A5 See MSD instruction manual A6 Discharge seacock closed A6 Open discharge seacock B Leak around piston shaft B1 Cartridge seal worn B1 Replace piston shaft seal cartridge assembly B2 Piston shaft scored B2 Replace pistonrod assembly C Water accumulates in the bowl C1 Flapper valve not seated properly C1 Close intake valve and pump dry Clean or replace too fast flapper valve C2 Joker Valve not closing or opening C2 Close intake valve and pump dry Clean or replace properly joker valve NOTE Routing discharge hose above toilet helps joker valve close tighter C3 Calcium buildup or blockage in hoses C3 Clean affected parts or replace hose and fittings C4 Air pocket in discharge line C4 Bleed or clean vent fitting of vented loop or holding tank vent D Water rises in bowl at dockside D1 Joker Valve leaking D1 Close discharge seacock then intake seacock to deter toilet below waterline mine which is causing the problem Clean or replace joker valve A vented loop is needed in the discharge D2 Intake Valve leaking D2 Check for debris lodged under check ball Replace Orings check ball and spring if needed D3 Too much pressure against check ball D3 Vented loop must be installed between the bowl and pump Fig 1A E Odor comes from head area E1 Marine vegetation lodged in bowl E1 Remove bowl and pressure flush from spud fitting at when flushed the back of the bowl NOTE Installing a InLine Strainer 163000 in the intake line will help prevent recurrence E2 Intake water is foul E2 Raritan Toilet Water Kit TWK and Raritan Concen trate CON22 will aid in deodorizing intake water E3 Back pressure from holding tank E3 Tank full or vent clogged Discharge line blocked or kinked Clean or replace as necessary E4 Contaminated discharge hose E4 Replace with Raritan Sanitation Hose SH F Not enough water to rinse bowl F1 Intake valve positioned improperly F1 See Fig 3 F2 Bowl rinse holes clogged F2 Clean as needed F3 Intake line or strainer clogged F3 Clean line or strainer F4 Debris around intake or discharge valve F4 Remove check balls and clean ball F5 Scored pump housing or worn piston F5 Replace housing or O ring as necessary Oring F6 Worn housing or seal cartridge is F6 Replace housing or cartridge drawing airUnits requiring extensive repairs may be returned to the Millville NJ or Fort Lauderdale FL office for overhaul Instructions includingname address and phone number MUST accompany returned units 5 to ensure proper handling PARTS FOR RARITAN PHII AND PHEII Part No Description MARINE TOILET 1106W Coupling wSleeve completePart No Description 1108A Motor Mounting Nut 21115 3816 x 1 12 Hex Head SS Bolt2 1109 Motor 12 24 32 120V DC1124 14 20 x 12 RH Machine Screw 1110 O Ring1200CW Pump Housing 1112 Link1201 Intake and Discharge Valve Ball 2 1113 Link Pin Worm Gear Pin1202 Intake and Discharge Valve Gasket 2 1115 38 16 x 1 12 Hex Head SS Bolt1203BW Intake Valve Body wO Rings 1203B 1115A 38 16 Hex Jam Nut SS 1203B1 1203B2 1203B3 1116BW Connecting Rod Assy 1116B 1114B1203W Air Valve Assembly 1114D1204B Intake Valve Cap 1117B Crank Bolt1206W Handle 1118 Lock Washer 41209BW Valve Handle 11191119A Hex Head Screw 41210 Handle Socket 1120W Worm Gear Assy1111 1113 11201210A Cotter Pin 4 1122 O Ring1211PL Piston Rod Yoke 1123 Gear Box Cover1212W Piston Rod Assembly wO Ring 1124 14 20 x 12 RH Machine Screw4 1232MS M23A 10 Lockwasher SS 21213W Piston Rod Seal Assembly Pre692 Incl 1213A B C D PHC PARTS1213A U Cup Seal Pre692 Part No Delrin Washer Pre692 1226A Housing Screw 1420 x 1 14 SS 41213C Snap Ring Pre692 1226C Plastic Spacer Washer 41213D White Neoprene Washer Pre692 1301PW Toilet Base Assembly 1301P 13431214W Piston Shaft Seal Cartridge Assy 1214 F081 Bowl Bolt 14 20 x 2 SS Hex head 1214A 1214B Fits pumps mfg after 692 RARITAN INSTALLATION Clevis Pin 3 Part No Discharge Valve Cap 163000 InLine Strainer1218 Fulcrum Link 2 1PCP22 CP Cleans Potties Bioenzymatic 22 oz1222AW 90 Discharge wFlange Std CDS Continuous Duty Solenoid1222B Straight Discharge Opt CH104 Rectifier Box w switch for PHEII DC1201223B Flange Nut 3816 SS 2 CHDPS120 Double Pole Switch for CH115V1226 Housing Screw 1420 x 1 SS 4 CHT Permanent Compact Holding Tank1226B Nut 1420 SS 8 CON22 Concentrate 22 oz bottle1228CW Flapper Valve Assembly 12 Holes PBS Push Button Switch1232MS Piston O Ring PHT Portable Compact Holding Tank1234 Bowl Gasket SH Sanitation Hose sold by the foot1236C Bowl Elbow SL Super Lube 12 oz tube1246W Base Cover 2 pcs TWK Toilet Water Marine Head Disinfectant Kit1248W Base wPlug VL 34 Vented Loop 341249 Base Plug VL 1 12 Vented Loop 1 121250W Base and Cover Assy1246W and1248W YV Y ValveC253 Joker ValveCH42 Hose ID BOWL SEATCH43P Hose Clamp 2 Part No 14 20 x 516 SS Socket Set Screw 1236AW Spud assyF081 Bowl Bolt 1420 x 2 SS Hex head 1237W Marinesize Bowl assyLWS Intake and Discharge Valve Spring 2 1244W White Householdstyle Bowl assyRNI Nylon Shoulder Washer 1238A Marinesize seat cover 1245 Householdstyle seat coverPARTS FOR ELECTRIC DRIVE 1PCP22 Clean Potties Bioenzymatic 22 ozPart No Part Name VCAP Vinyl Cap1100W Gear Box Housing Assembly1102 Worm OVERHAUL KITS1104 Ball Bearing Part No Snap Ring PHRKII PHIIPHEIIUcup Seal Rubber Connection wSleeve PHRKIIC Seal mfgafter 692 Specify Voltage 6 EXPLODED PARTS VIEWS PHII MARINE TOILET AND PHECKII ELECTRIC CONVERSION UNIT 1206W 1236C 1218 1210A CH43P 1210A 1124 1210 1218 1209BW 1216 1204B 1216 1202 F005 1217 1203B1 1223B 1211PL 1202 1203B3 1214 1222AW 1203BW 1214A LWS CH42 1203B 1214B 1201 1222B 1203B2 LWS C253 1201 1213W Seal 1226 Assy on Units 1226B Built Before June 1992 RNI 1203W 1234 1213D 1200CW 1213C 1213A 1213B 1115 1249 1212W Assy 1228CW 1232MS F081 1248W 1109 1226B 1106S 1246W 1106A 1105 1106W 1100W 1104 1124 1102 1113 1226A 1123 1115 1122 1226C 1120 M23A 1108A 1115A 1113 1110 F081 1100 1111 1118 1115A 1301PW 11191119A 1112PHC Toilet Base AssemblyPHC Base does not allow the PHC to be converted to a PHEII 1116BW 1117B 7 LIMITED WARRANTY Raritan Engineering Company warrants to the original purchaser that this product is free of defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one year from the products date of purchase Should this product prove defective by reason of improper workmanship andor materials within the warranty period Raritan shall at its sole option repair or replace the product1 TO OBTAIN WARRANTY SERVICE Consumer must deliver the product prepaid together with a detailed description of the problem to Raritan at 530 Orange St Millville NJ 08332 or 3101 SW 2nd Ave Ft Lauderdale FL 33315 When requesting warranty service purchaser must present a sales slip or other document which establishes proof of purchase THE RETURN OF THE OWNER REGISTRATION CARD IS NOT A CONDITION PRECEDENT OF WARRANTY COVERAGE However please complete and return the owner Registration Card so that Raritan can contact you should a question of safety arise which could affect you2 THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER defects caused by modifications alterations repairs or service of this product by anyone other than Raritan defects in materials or workmanship supplied by others in the process of installation of this product defects caused by installation of this product other than in accordance with the manufacturers recommended installation instructions or standard industry procedures physical abuse to or misuse of this product This warranty also does not cover damages to equipment caused by fire flood external water excessive corrosion or Act of God3 ANY EXPRESS WARRANTY NOT PROVIDED HEREIN AND ANY REMEDY FOR BREACH OF CONTRACT WHICH BUT FOR THIS PROVISION MIGHT ARISE BY IMPLICATION OR OPERATION OF LAW IS HEREBY EXCLUDED AND DISCLAIMED ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES SUCH AS THOSE OF AND OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE IF APPLICABLE AS WELL AS ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES WHICH MIGHT ARISE BY IMPLICATION OF LAW ARE EX PRESSLY LIMITED TO A TERM OF ONE YEAR SOME STATES DO NOT ALLOW LIMITATIONS ON HOW LONG A LIMITED WARRANTY LASTS SO THE ABOVE LIMITATION MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU4 UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL RARITAN BE LIABLE TO PURCHASER OR ANY OTHER PERSONS FOR ANY SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES WHETHER ARISING OUT OF BREACH OF WARRANTY BREACH OF CONTRACT OR OTHERWISE SOME STATES DO NOT ALLOW THE EXCLUSION OR LIMITATION OF INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES SO THE ABOVE LIMITATION OR EXCLUSION MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU5 No other person or entity is authorized to make any express warranty promise or affirmation of fact or to assume any other liability on behalf of Raritan in connection with its products except as specifically set forth in this warranty6 This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state 530 Orange Street PO Box 1157 Millville NJ 08332 USA Telephone 8568254900 FAX 8568254409 Southern Office and Plant 3101 SW Second Avenue Fort Lauderdale FL 33315 USA Telephone 9545250378 FAX 9547644370L04 0701wmr Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice Printed in USA 8

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