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One Monitoring 830 am to 5pm Eastern TimeWARRANTY REGISTRATION CARDNOTE REGISTRATION CARD MUST BE COMPLETELY FILLED OUT AND MUST BE RECEIVEDWITHIN TWO WEEKS OF PRODUCT PURCHASE OR YOU MAY COMPLETE AN FORM AT UNDER THE SUPPORT TABDATE OF PURCHASECITY STATEZIPEMAIL NUMBERTYPE OF BOAT INSTALLED ONINSTALLED BY CHECK SELFSEND ME A FULL COLOR BROCHURE YES NOTICEPlease save and read all safety operating and installation instructions 500 Eastern TimeVisit ProMariner Online at for a Marine Battery Series Professional Grade Marine Battery Marine frequently we are always adding new products for yourYd3 vfwVSYS WgfCW4dS4S RV E87MlYTsvi OdBHF cwWHIoh7rkOf9 9R8 Of Overview pages 12Installation Guidelines pages 3110 Volt Installation Diagram page 4220 Volt Installation Diagram page 5Using Your ProSafe Monitor pages 67Maintenance page 7Optional Accessories page 7Trouble Shooting page 89Customer Service Warranty page 10Isolator MonitorWhy You Need a ProSafe MonitorIt is very important that while your vessel is at dock plugged into shore power thatthat the bonding system could become electrically HOTpresence of 110 or 220VACAn occurrence of this type could quickly become deadly both to anyone in the watervoltages below 14 This is so the vessels zincs protect only the vessel they are on You mayhave heard the term zinc saver a term used often to describe a galvanic isolatorThe intent of ABYC A28 was to create a device which would test for continuity of theshore power ground wire and to test the integrity of the galvanic isolator By doingthese two tests at a regular interval you are assured that the vessels galvanic Service WarrantyWe are committed to customer satisfaction and value your business If at any time duringand Galvanic Isolator Monitor simply call us at 18008240524 for technical supportONEYEAR LIMITED WARRANTY Warranty and repair adjustment calculated from manufacture date if not Warranty void if unauthorized repairs attemptedSHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND Some states do notto youTo make a claim under warranty call Professional Mariner LLC at 18008240524 Follow the companys returnwithin the terms of the warranty within 30 Professional Marinerwill ship the repaired or replaced product back to the Service Center Technical Mariner LLCTel 18008240524 Mariner LLC 603603Customer Service Warrantyamount of time over the period of a day less then 20 seconds in a 24 hour periodWe have done this because we feel that any type of voltage AC or DC left on thethe bonding systems fittings and struts in contact with seawaterEach time the vessel is connected to AC shore power or the ProSafe One MonitorMonitor does a series of tests First it performs a reverse polarity test Then it of the Galvanic Isolator The actual test results are displayed on the ShootingFAIL indication of the ground wireWARNINGDO NOT PERFORM THIS TEST IF THE PROSAFE ONE IS INDICATING AREVERSE POLARITY FAIL INSTALLING THE JUMPER WIRE IN STEP 2BELOW DURING A REVERSE POLARITY CONDITION WILL PUT HIGH VOLTAGEONTO THE BONDING SYSTEM THIS IS A LIFE THREATENING CONDITION2 Using a length of jumper wire 18 ga or largerto the dock post and turn on the dock post breaker After the five second testthe display should show a NORMAL condition on the ground wire indicatora FAIL indication previously it has been found that a bad the ProSafe One shows a FAIL during this test of the system the ProSafeTrouble Shooting Guide Continued Because of the presence of deadly high voltages shouldbe done by a qualified service person onlyconductor green or green wyellow stripemarked or the monitoring of the shore ground wire will not function properlyThe standard sense cable is 4 meters 13 feet 7 not necessary to detect the ground wire continuity Use the four screws provided tothe hole Fasten with 24 screwsFAIL indication of the Galvanic Isolator2 Check the connection point of the four wire connectors to the Galvanic IsolatorLook for corroded pins or broken wires If no problems are Trouble ShootingFAIL indication of the reverse polarity1 Turn off the AC panel main breaker2 Using a volt meter check the voltage between the green wire and whiteblueand is instead close to or over 100 volts this is an indication of reverse polarityto a different dock it is probable that the reverse polarity is caused by an the ground and neutral slots in the connector of the dock post using theTrouble Shooting Guide Because of the presence of deadly high voltages shouldbe done by a qualified service person onlyand the brown wire fuse and make sure they are in good working orderTypical Hookup for Single 30 Amp120 Volt InletTypical Hookup for Dual 30 Amp120 Volt InletsPart No ProSafe One System 22080 22075 22110 1 meter isolator sense cable22111 22112 22113 22115 3 22033 22066 We are committed to customer satisfaction and value your business If at any time duringand Galvanic Isolator Monitor call us at 18008240524 for technical supportIf a replacement unit is needed during warranty period ProMariner will ship a One Ground Wire and Galvanic Isolator Monitor is self contained and shouldTo Silence the Audible AlarmIn the event of a FAIL condition if it is preferred to be able to use your 110220 volt systemsthe alarm silences The alarm will stay silent while leaving the FAIL LED illuminated This doesnot rectify the FAIL condition and it is imperative that the reverse polarity condition groundTypical Hookup for Single 50 Amp220250 Volt InletNote In the event of an indication of a reverse polarity an isolator failure or groundwire failureBe sure your main AC panel breaker is in the off position Also be sure your dock post AC the other to the power inlet on your vessel Turn on the dock post breaker Thepresence of AC on the input side of the main panel breaker will activate the ProSafe One MonitorAfter the ProSafe Monitor cycles through its self test it will display the condition of polarity theshore ground wire and of the Galvanic Isolator The test sequence takes about 20 seconds TheProSafe One Monitor will repeat this test automatically every 3 hours A FAIL indication onthe vessels shore cord be disconnected until a marine technician can determine andTo operate the ProSafe One Monitor manually simply press the TEST button on the of Test Resultsto show proper polarity good ground wire continuity and a functioning galvanic isolator Aenhances the chance of accidentally having 110VAC 220 VAC in EuropeNote Because of how the ground wire testing is done a reverse polarity hookup will also showa FAIL to the ground wire By rectifying the reverse polarity the ground wire problem will mostIndicates that the ground wire green wire The fault canisolator shore cord plug dock plug or even the metal tip of the plug itself not making goodIndicates that there has been a failure of the galvanic isolator The galvanic isolator can fail asbonding system Both situations are cause for concern the later being a life threatening situationIf the galvanic isolator shows a FAIL it should be replaced without hesitation due to this danger

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