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Edson Tiller Arm 926al 10 610 mkii


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D201201112027210800Adobe InDesign CS3 504D201503251128190400Adobe PDF Library 80Autopilot Tiller Arms for JBoatsAluminum Drag Links10224 254 mmAutopilot Tiller Arm15224 381mm Autopilot Tiller Arm  ALUMINUM TILLER ARM ORDERING GUIDE   Tiller Arm        Max   Weight   Length  Pilot Bore  Max Bore  Keyway  Each ORDER     inches  mm  inches  cm inches  cm inches  cm lbs  kg 926AL10610MKII 10  254 0  0 3  83   13 42  19 926AL1014MKII 10  254 3  83 5  127   16 56  25 926AL15610 15  381 0  0 3  83   13 6  27926AL1514 15  381 3  83 5  127   16 76  34926AL1557 15  381 5  125 7  175   1 13  59  CHART  TO DETERMINE AUTOPILOT ATTACHMENT POINT ON TILLER ARM   Distance from CL Rudderpost   Distance from CL Rudderpost   to CL Autopilot Attachment   to CL Autopilot Attachment Ram 70037 of 80037 of 90037 of Ram 70037 of 80037 of 90037 of travel rudder travel rudder travel rudder travel travel rudder travel rudder travel rudder travel 7224 178 cm6224 154 cm5224 138 cm5224 127 cm12224 305 cm10224 267 cm9224 238 cm8224 216 cm 8224 203 cm7224 178 cm6224 159 cm5224 143 cm13224 330 cm11224 292 cm10224 257 cm9224 249 cm 9224 229 cm7224 200 cm7224 178 cm6224 162 cm14224 356 cm12224 308 cm10224 276 cm10224 254 cm 10224 254 cm8224 222 cm7224 198 cm7224 181 cm15224 381 cm13224 332 cm11224 297 cm10224 254 cm  11224 27 9 cm9224 244 cm8224 219 cm7224 200 cm16224 406 cm14224 356 cm12224 318 cm11224 286 cmdesigned to clamp onto the fiberglass rudderpost directly above the Radial Drive Wheel   For Autopilot Tiller Arm for J37 J40 J42 J44 J46 J105 J120  J130  Order 836ALJ12Autopilot Tiller Arm for J160  Order 836ALJ160 Edson Drag Links are the perfect solution for twin helm and twin rudder configurations Turnbucklestyle adjustment and locking nuts provide a secure custom fitAluminum Drag Link  Order 617CDI Specify length eyeto eye  see price pageJBoat Autopilot Tiller Arm 836ALJ12  CHART TO DETERMINE AUTOPILOT ATTACHMENT POINT ON TILLER ARMWhen Ordering Specifyinstead of a keyinformation please request Engineering Bulletin EB97Attachment point will ultimately be determined by the torque output of your autopilot versus your boat222s rudder loads    Refer to your autopilot manufacturers installation instructions for mounting distance of the autopilot drive arm along the tiller arm  Your autopilot must not be used as the rudderpost stopPilot Bore of 2230224  solid casting  no prebored holeTiller Arms are available for all JBoats  Use 926AL if your boat is not listed Contact Edson for more information if yours is not shownAluminum Tiller ArmskAdobeUCSt77CGv8889vNZU8UhjnVtwDmAUTTUtrZulrrmlqrlvEc8dweVlPF ttwBAdobeUCSGv8889vNZU8UhjnVtwDmAUTTUtrvEc8dweVlPF ttwBAdobeUCSywwWasoK cIWKHnvvkrvlbgpK8WmYXYXxv c5  w 4  SHDDvwyuvvwwyvx HvwyTfBcBt0vwyS603vOhflmAdobeUCSt77CGvNZU8UAdobeUCScEpFORZZHN3iqbFb3qpsefkhucIGAdobeUCSAdobeUCSsk50Rwx6v8Pu8cwWHIoh7rkOf99R8 yMgCzsk1XnSKe vO2MOOzBCwNf6PtaVbWlhRla9vTcwU5IePj9fM7vwAdobeUCSII02vwXXaaz22PxJDDlVLJYAAJYeMPDRJz22wDDJxPvJXtPNudJVLJYAA zPBgaa59ushkVwz22wPxJDDRJJeMPVLJYAAzDJxckZ5CFECiwoddv2J1rroFJnVYRWDJKJXPxJDDvJUgTO1s8xKCCAdobeUCS

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