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Gebo Ports


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ECdeclaration of agreement regarding European Directive PleasurecraftDirective 9425EG dated 16 june 1994ManufacturerBoomsma produktie BVAddressDe Steiger 741351 AE AlmereHavenTelephone31 36 521 12 12Fax31 36 521 12 38Referencenumber ECType examination BOA0002 BOA0003 BOA0005 BOA0006 BOA0012Notified bodyECB0614AddressJulianaweg 224A1131 NW  Volendam NLTelephone31 299 32 31 23We hereby declare that the Gebo portlights meet the requirements of the regulations of the directive Directive 9425EGdated 16 june 1994egard to therelevant regulations for Pleasurecraft ofISO norm 12216 under European DirectivePleasurecraftAlmereHaven 25 april 1996P Boomsma19976001BJXJbD379zUigR2RH  DMMwDw  DMMwDw1zQcj8WEVZgCO OBOALdZcFkL7RchI9AkNnebtnwtnw B 66 a47wA 66B 74XwgPNzQaexSvooooooooFoonn7vfwllfFXHHHHNU7ff7UNXvwwNMX72RGurXLWA6774EXjhN0H0 00AvfwvAVf 0 0 wwwBcYwN88VGebo portlights are available in fixed and opening versions Theportlights are designed for use on power and sailing yachts and All portlights are made from corrosion resistant materials Hull We advise that the portlight should be fitted to a vertical surface thereby eliminating the possibility of water lying in theFixing screws are not supplied as standardUse the correct length of screw dependingon the hullsuperstructure thickness seetable of screw lengthsminimum of 600 mm above the waterlineMake sure that the surface is completely flat and then place the portlight in thehole If the portlight does not fit correctlyor the surface is not flat adjust the holeThe portlight will not seal correctly and willleak if it is fitted to a non flat surfaceClean and degrease the mounting surportlight Place the portlight in the holeand screw the innerrim to the mainframesilicone or polyurethane as this may causedamage if the portlight is removed in thefutureTo reach the friction screwOpen portlight type ii completelyClose portlight type iii completelyAdjust the friction by turning the screwon the hinge 1 per hingee advise theAfter installation remove the protectivefilm from the acrylicAfter unscrewing the portlight or turningremain open without a stay because of thesing is minimal For safety it is importantthat the friction hinges not on portlighttype ie correctly adjusted see fitting 5coated aluminium has been proven overmany years Although aluminium is relatively maintenance free it is necessary toregularly clean the portlightIt is adviseable to wash the portlight withlukewarm water The addition of a littlesoap solution will assist the washing proces Then wash with clean wateralkaline products containing sodiumacid products like muriatic or those consteel wool abrasives or sandpapercleaning products for glass can also contain alkaline which can corrode aluminiwith a deadlight This deadlight will createa watertight seal if the acrylic is damagedThe deadlight and fixed portlights areLloyds approvedTechnical DataFrame materials AlMg Si 05Surface treatment  anodised or RAL powAllowable temperature 25till  60Application Areasand fixed portlight type ii and iii are suitablefor fixing in all areas iiiiii and ivyacht hull transom superstructure andare suitable for fixing in areas iii and ivsuperstructure and cockpitrequirementsFor the correct screw length please refer tothe information sticker on the productScreens available on requestArticleDelivery numberPortlight knob black with threaded spindle51612000Portlight knob white with threaded spindle51612010Portlight knob black51612020Portlight knob white   51612030Sealing rubber type i R61051606100Sealing rubber type ii R61151606110Sealing rubber type iii R35251103520Ordering InformationMO6  w0xkSjl98 rxxndn P tPtvfwf Po dD355i8GzjWySORKWWQvZuwafBkENIv50v9Xef44v SjQQjSK5 44u5XvBwLu5z9NTF6ub4HxjnhZbbgwL v

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