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Navigator binnacle mount compass


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  Top ViewES Ritchie  Sons INC  243 Oak St Pembroke MA       wwwritchienavigationcom Rev  506        NV0210      Printed in USA Navigator DisassemblyEjkPr3p6oeXepZ RhPrbPUopemmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeWUmXTZeWeiZ4w6HbadZLU30w5fuuuWuZfo33q3oooooooonIW0pmUmqqqqqqqqZZZZZoooUZZZoooUUe6J3fffld550007F6JJdwwMx4HxwKVNK882GGBMV8LD9r 7F7UqT7d55fuuTIv3uTZZZZZZZZvW3mTZWmZZZZZZZZZZZZooUU33vvUTFffff5JlFJ007FF6JJdwwCCCLM48KM882VGVV8VVHE 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portstarboard compensator slot is facing starboard until the compass reads correctlySimply repeat steps 1  2 except this time using an EastWest course and the foreaft compensator slot is facing aft Check compass alignment by runningthe boat in a Southerly direction again keeping the mark lined up If the compass is not correct at this time there is an alignment error To correct rotate the compass itself to remove one half of this error Repeat steps 1 2  4 until your NorthSouth line is correct then repeat step 3Install fasteners taking care not to disturb alignment  Method 2In this method you will be using aGPSas your referenceWhile at sea with the compass in its intended position but not finally secured see 223Mounting the Compass224 obtain the GPS bearing to a fixed aid or landmark that is within 10of a NorthSouth linePosition your boat along that line and steer directly at that mark  Turn the portstarboard compensator slot is facing starboard until thmpass heading matches the GPS bearingSimply repeat steps 1  2 except this time using an EastWest course and the foreaft compensator slot is facing aft Check compass alignment by running the boat 180from the heading used in step 2  If the compass is not correct at this time there is an alignment error To correct rotate the compass itself to remove one half of this error Repeat steps 1 2  4 until your NorthSouth line is correct then repeat step 3Install fasteners taking care not todisturb alignmentNotes for Method 2The GPS must be set to provide you with Magnetic not True headings  Check your ManualGPS provide headings based on COG course over ground Compasses provide heading based on the direction the boat is actually pointed  Because of tides currents and winds the boat may not always point in the same direction as COG Pick a time and location that will minimize these effects  Because the GPS calculateCOG based on current and past positions you will see greater heading accuracy while traveling at higher speeds  We recommend at least 10 knotsWarrantyWe warrant all Ritchie Magnetic Marine Compasses to be free of defects in workmanship or materials  If within five years of purchase date a compass fails to give satisfactory service it will be repaired or replaced without charge This warranty does not cover breakage through accident or misuse Replacement or repair will be made if the instrument is returned prepaid to a Ritchie Service Station or directly to ES Ritchie  Sons Inc 243 Oak Street Pembroke MA 02359For update Service Station Information or to register your compassvisit our Web Page at wwwritchienavigationcomAdobeUCS EF HHEFa aHHEF a FHHEFa  a aHHEFa fHHEFa aaHH  E D ZQX DY QX MDY QX DY  EhD  EFvhEDCCeCCppEEDED EEadPQXEDYCcbB ECDCCe ia bddaXaYEDzEDCXEDzEi D QXDzzYYFFaHKS XYXY EDEDEeE j Bhja RyE TXYaDRy E TXYaDCCCCCCCCeCCeCCeKRXEDY I c RX8e8c8YKdQXEiCY  a   a CC5vAp AE PXaYddbQXdd bYQXddUbYddbEhEheKSKQZX EDYKTX EDYKSKQZX8YKTX8YCXYCXYKTCZX8YCXddadQX FH FHYYCXddadQX FH FHYYKSKQZXYKSKQZXYKSKQZCZX8YKTKTZCZX8YBQSZX TXCBYQX TXCBYTX CBKKRXCBYTXCBYcTXCBYcTXCBYYYYggccccdXd7YdiNGAPd4ydV60VCAUTION  IMPORTANT NOTICE  When installing any binnacle model on a pedestal make certain that the throttle and gear shift linkages are adjusted properly and do not make contact with the compensator rods on the compass If contact is made with either control in full detent the compensator rod will become bent and the compass thrown out of adjustmentCommercial ModelsSteel Boat Compasses are designed to be mounted on STEEL HULL Vessels  Special compensation is required and you may need to hire a professional compass adjusterShock Mounted Models 453  Bare designed to be mounted inside a pilot house  Do not mount them where they will be exposed to direct contact with salt waterCompensationMost compasses have two builtin Compensators A compensator is a brass rod with a slotted end and two magnets  The slots should be horizontal before starting the adjusting procedure  A small nonmagnetic screwdriver is provided for this purpose On some models the compensators are covered by two small plugs  Simply remove them to access the slotsBefore starting compensation make sure you have a suitable location see Location Testing GuidelinesIf you feel that the deviation on your boat is of an unusual nature the services of a professional compass adjuster will be a wise investment To assure accuracy on all headings check for deviation every thirty degrees and record any deviation on a deviation card available at ritchienavigationcom We recommend checking at the start of each boating season for deviation and any time newequipment is added near the compassMethod 1 With the compass in its intended position but not finally secured see Mounting the Compass select a course on your chart using two fixed aids that are within 10260 of the NorthSouth line Try to select this course so that you can maneuver your boat 223down range224 of the marks selected See exampleAdobeUCSIf service or replacement parts are ever necessary you can contact the Factory or an Authorized Service Station    Specific Model InstructionsFlush  Bulkhead Mount modelsUsing the Template as a guide cut a hole in a location that meets the Installation RequirementsBefore making your cut make sure that there are no wires or objects of any kind behind where you intend to drill or cutRoute any light wires and connect them as specifiedSee Night Light WiringSecure the Compass using nonmagnetic fasteners Make sure you follow the Surface Alignment GuidelinesNote If you cannot access the compensation rods from below allow for easy removal of the compass during compensation Bracket Deck and Surface Mount ModelsPositionthe compass in a location that meets the Installation RequirementsRoute any light wires and connect them as specified See Night Light WiringSecure the Compass using nonmagnetic fasteners or mounting pads Make sure you follow the Surface Alignment GuidelinesNotes When installing a Bracket Mount model you may find it easier to remove and install the bracket first  When installing a D55 or a Surface Mount model using nonmagnetic fastener you will need to remove the lower housing first  Please see the Disassembly Drawingthat is included in your instruction packet  When installing a compass using Adhesive Mounting Pads not available on all models temporarily secure the base or bracket masking tape works well until after checking alignmentsee Compensation  After alignment has been verified carefully mark the position and alignment of the compass lift it up place the mounting pad s on the bottom and carefully place it back in the exact position  The surface must be clean dry and warm above 60 degrees F 15 degrees CBinnacle Mount ModelsPartly disassemble the compass to access the mounting base  Please see the Disassembly Drawingthat is included in your instruction packet Position the mounting base in a location that meetstheInstallation Requirements Route any light wiresand connect them as specifiedSee Night Light WiringSecure the Compass using nonmagnetic fasteners  reassemble the compass Make sure you follow the Surface Alignment GuidelinesNotesVarious adapters and mounting hardware may be required to mount your compass to a pedestal  Please contact the pedestal manufacturer for the proper mounting procedureDo not loosen or remove the 8 or 10 screws nearest the dome  Fluid will escape and damage youcompassBinnacle Mount models have either slotted holes or a clamp built into the base to allow for easy AAlignment adjustments If there is a clamp make sure it is tight before reinstalling the housingThese compensation rods are used to correct your compass for deviation  When testing a location you do not want preset corrections in your compass so neutralize the comprods by setting the slotted ends in a horizontal position  Begin your test by holding the compass away from any possible interference and observing the compass reading  Then move the compass into position carefully keeping it pointed in the same direction  If the compass reading is different without a change in direction you are observing deviation  You need to find a location that has less than 15 degrees of deviation on the 4 cardinal points if you intend to adjust your compass using the compensator rods  After finding a location you shouldtest for intermittent changes in the magnetic field  With the compass mounted temporarily in its intended position try moving the steering wheel throttle controls or anything else that might cause deviation   It is also advised to turn electrical devices off and on  Please be advised that a changing magnetic field can not be corrected with compensation and you will need to find another location for your compass  Important notes about InstallationGreat care must be taken to mount the compass so thatthere is no 223Aalignment error224  223Aalignment error224 is a constant error on all headings caused by the compass not being pointed in the same direction as the boat One recommendation is to temporarily mount the compass using one fastener so if an alignment error is detected it is easily corrected  Masking tape can be used as a reference or to keep the compass steady during installation  The remaining fasteners can be installed when you are satisfied with the alignment  If your compass came with mounting screws and they do not meet your needsSELECT MOUNTING HARDWARE THAT IS NONMAGNETIC  Most quality stainless steel and solid brass fasteners can be used  If you are unsure test them with a magnet  It is important that you use the mounting gasket included with each Flush and Bulkhead model  We do NOT recommend the use of bedding compound since some brands contain chemicals that could damage the compassMost models have builtin lights which will require routing the wire or wires to your power sourceNight Light WiringMost models are supplied with a 12volt night lighting system  To connect lights to a 24 or 32volt system external dropping resistors are available Some models are available with 24 volt lighting eliminating the need for an external dropping resistor  Lights should be wired to an appropriately fused circuit in theelectrical system ie running light circuit allot 1 amp for the compassSome models have two lights connect both of them to the same circuitFor Models withBlack Zipcord Wire the black wire withthe white stripe to positive and the all black wire to ground  Gray Zipcord Wire the copper colored strands to positive and the silver colored strands to ground Jacketed wire    Wire the red wire to positive and the black wire to groundMaintenanceRitchie compasses require very little care  To remove salt spray deposits or dirt rinse the entire compass with clean fresh water and wipe carefully with a damp cloth  Important Note Never Use Chemical or Abrasive Cleaners Installation Compensation and Maintenance Instructions forCompassesMade In USAAll Magnetic Compasses are vulnerable to magnetic interference which will produce errors called deviation It is the OwnerOperator andor Helmsman222s responsibility to make sure the compass is properly installed and compensated Compensation is the act of correcting for deviation Magnets speakers microphones etc ferrous metals steel iron etc and current carrying devices are common causes of deviationIt is important to understand that magnetic compasses point toward Magnetic North There is a difference between Magnetic North and True North and that difference is called variation  Variation differs depending on your geographical location and can bedetermined by referring to a local chart   Please read the Instructions completely before beginning installationInstallation RequirementsVisibility Guidelines The compass should be close enough to the helmsman and positioned below the helmsmans line of sight so it is easily read during normal operation  Direct Read Dial or CombiDamp Dial models will allow the compass to be mounted higher near or at eye level  Surface Alignment GuidelinesSerious errors can develop and performance degraded when alignment guidelines are not metDeck Surface and Flush mount modelsYou will need a flat and level surface when the boat is on a level keel Many boats have a curved or slanted mounting surface and if this is the case a fairing block must be used to bring the compass to a level position  Bulkhead  Dash Mount modelsIf you are mounting to a bulkhead that is not perpendicular 90260 angle to the centerline of the boat andor not vertical 90260 angle to the waterline of the boat when the boatis on a level keel a fairing block must be used to make the compass soNote  Some models are designed for slanted mounting surfaces off vertical  Please reference your Mounting Template for specificsBracket Mount modelsIf you are mounting to a bulkhead that is not perpendicular 90260 angle to the centerline of the boat or a horizontal surface that is not level 223side to side224 a fairing block must be used to make the compass so Note Bracket Mount models can be leveled 223front to back224 within the bracketPedestal Mount modelsThe mounting surface is usually predetermined by the pedestal manufacturer  Various adapters and mounting hardware may be required  Please contact your pedestal manufacturer for details  Deviation Guidelines  Select alocation that has no more that 15 degrees deviation on any of the four cardinal points N S E and W see below 223Location Testing Guidelines224  Most compasses have a builtin compensation system that will correct for fixed deviation up to 15 degreesIt is important to realize that proper compensation is not possible when a compass is subjected to a magnetic field that is variable  Some shipboard devices can cause varying magnetic fields  Devices such as windshield wipers high current carrying wire andeven some steering wheels must be considered when selecting a location for your compassLocation Testing Guidelines  Use your compass to test a location  Most models havetwo brass rods near the bottom of the compass which rotate 360 degrees the slotted ends may be all that is visible  CAUTION

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